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  • Nov 19, 2020
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Mobile App For Ecommerce Business

In today’s digitalized world, competition within the online market for different business niches is higher. In order to thrive and keep ahead of the crowd, you need to reinforce your e-commerce business with efficient mobile apps that can meet your business needs. The incorporation of mobile app for e-commerce business helps the company to develop itself into a unique brand. It also helps in establishing a potential customer base; generate more engagements, leads, and thereby more sales.

Among smartphone users, 90% of users spend time on mobile apps. As per the data of Statista, the global e-commerce business sales will reach $4.2 trillion by the end of 2020, which is 16% of total retail sales. This data gives an overall idea of the competition in the marketplace and why a unique mobile app is needed to tackle the existing situation.

Mobile App For ECommerce

Why are mobile apps mandatory in online e-commerce business?

Speed and convenience

The ambiguity of smartphones in the online e-commerce business has accelerated sales because of the speed and convenience it offers. Mobile apps are more preferred by the customer that 78% of the customers make purchases through mobile apps over websites. You can simply download an app and it is browser efficient, easy to navigate, flexible, responsive, and user-friendly. It eliminates the difficulty associated with remembering the long URLs every time customers visit the website. The chances of conversions are130% higher on mobile apps than mobile websites which is a key factor to be considered.

Customer loyalty program via mobile apps

If a customer is interested in your product/service, the probability of downloading your mobile apps for e-commerce is higher. They visit your website and check all details and products. Potential customers are more likely to spend time on apps. 64% of the retails say that a customer loyalty program is a perfect way to connect to loyal customers. The mobile apps for e-commerce businesses cultivate a stronger brand and help to retain loyal customers. Loyal customers are the assets of a business and offering rewards and incentives helps to gain them. As per Adobe, 42% of smartphone users keep a strong connection with the brand when they make a purchase through mobile apps. Some of the strategies for rewarding mobile app customers are loyalty programs, coupons, discounts, special offers, etc. encourage the customers to experience the service more and keep the users engaged.

Reduced customer service response time

When using a website or mobile app for e-commerce business, its customer service response time should be quick because it enhances the brand credibility. A fast response makes customers feel important that it actually meets their requirements and expectations. Comparing mobile apps and websites, mobile apps are more accepted by the customers because of the less response time and are well designed to suit their personal preferences encouraging them to experience the service again. The feedback section helps to know the honest reviews about the products/services thus the immediate response can be made which is an important attribute of good customer service.

Mobile apps enhance conversion rates

Mobile apps for e-commerce business are remarkable for conversion rates that convert three times higher than mobile websites and one-and-a-half times higher than desktop sites. Moreover, mobile phones are easy to access various options offered by e-commerce apps that motivate customers to stay long on apps. The mobile apps for e-commerce businesses provide better UX, easy navigation, user-friendly experience that naturally leads to more conversion rates.

Design Mobile App For Ecommerce

Enhanced UX experience for better sales

As per the data, 48% of smartphone users are less likely to use mobile apps because of the poor mobile app experience. You might lose potential customers due to the inefficiency of the UX design because the presentation of your e-commerce business matters a lot. An enhanced UX design offers an efficient onboarding experience, minimizes the search efforts, provides security especially in payment transactions. Mobile apps provide better navigation, and responsive features designed to suit all electronic gadgets grab their attention to products and thus more sales.

In-built mobile features increase engagements

Customer engagements are increased when mobile apps are used. Integrating with mobile apps helps the e-commerce business to make use of the in-built features of mobile phones. For example, for a delivery business, the GPS feature of the mobile helps the customers to locate the position of their deliverables in no time. Customers can search for the availability of referred products in nearby stores. Microphones help to verbalize the search to make the business process much simpler. The camera option can be used to take photos and videos of the products, so they can be uploaded to your site or social media to reach out to the target audience.

Lower cart abandonment rate

The shopping cart abandonment rate is comparatively lower in mobile apps, that is, 20% while in desktop sites it’s 68% because of the simplified checkout process. The checkout process can be completed within clicks since all the shipping and payment details are already stored within the system.

Ecommerce Mobile App

Greater average order value

The mobile apps for e-commerce businesses create a great impact on boosting conversion rates. It also promotes a customer loyalty program, lowers cart abandonment rate, and increases the average order value. As I have earlier mentioned, mobile apps generate 140% more revenue than mobile sites and 130% more than desktop sites. The higher enhancement of the average order value is of the overall features offered by mobile apps. The push notification feature of mobile apps helps the e-commerce business. The company can send notification regarding offers, sales, upcoming deals, etc. This is an effective marketing strategy that encourages the customers to your app and a constant connection can be maintained with them. The easy payment methods such as credit/debit cards, Apple Pay, PayPal, Google wallet, and many other options provide secure payment transactions through the mobile app within a few clicks. The one-click ordering feature helps the customer to checkout easier.

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Mobile apps have made tremendous changes in the e-commerce business. The simplicity, adaptability, and convenience encourage the customers to stay on the app that helps the e-commerce business to generate more sales. Choose an efficient e-commerce company that can offer tailor-made mobile apps for your e-commerce business to captivate the attention of the target audience. Nextbrain Technologies is a leading mobile app development company in Toronto, Canada offering end-to-end mobile app development solutions to tackle real-world problems in a competitive e-commerce platform.



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