Sales force development services

Being a high end Salesforce development company with years of experience Nextbrain Technologies, we tailor all kinds of salesforce development, integration and services in Toronto. Our salesforce developers are well efficient for the initial assessment of your requirements. It will help you to create the best experience design and technical road mapping to system implementation. Our experienced team of developers assures tailored solutions that align with your business goals. Streamline your business, achieve scalability and build customer relationships with our comprehensive salesforce services. Through the seamless salesforce development services we have been helping different business organizations generating profits.
Nextbrain’s salesforce expertise spans across commerce cloud, sales cloud, marketing cloud, community cloud and many more, providing exceptional user experience.

Salesforce Application Domains We Hold Expertise In

Nextbrain’s developers hold expertise in the following Salesforce domains. Our team of experts are well efficient in implementing to optimize customer support-service cloud solutions, for seamless collaboration and building robust community cloud platforms. We can drive targeted and personalized campaigns by harnessing the power of the marketing cloud. 
Sales Cloud

Sales Cloud

Our salesforce cloud service is efficient to help all business needs. By boosting the cloud service it can improve the sales, lead generation and customer support  

Marketing Cloud

Marketing Cloud

Our salesforce marketing cloud can enhance the sales process and increase productivity with automation.  It will help to provide valuable customer insights

Community Cloud

Community Cloud

Our salesforce community cloud provides a common communication platform to interact with customers and business partners. Better communication will enhance business. 

Commerce Cloud

Commerce Cloud

Nextbrain’s salesforce commerce cloud will help you to enhance the  business by increasing the number of sales and offering a highly optimized e-commerce experience. 

Pardot Service

Pardot Service

Our salesforce Pardot implementation service will help you to automate email marketing and reporting on the success of your campaign.

Lightning Service

Lightning Service

To better understand customer needs and preferences, our salesforce lightning services offers you a range of innovative features.

Our Salesforce Services

Salesforce Consulting Services

Our team can help you to resolve Customer Relationship Management (CRM) challenges and improve performance. To help your team resolve the challenges and improve performance with our top salesforce consulting services. Through consulting services you can access critical insights, best practices and expertise.

Salesforce Implementation Services

Our salesforce developers have tailored solutions for your specific business needs. Our salesforce implementation service includes mapping out the specific workflows, automation and setting up all data fields.

Salesforce Customization Services

Our customization service includes ensuring solution specific design which is efficient to fit the needs of your business and industry. Custom solutions will help you to avail full advantages of the features and functionality.

Salesforce Application Development

Our mobile app development service can improve your marketing, sales and customer service processes. You can save money and time by automating these processes.

Salesforce Migration Services

Our salesforce migration service can create a safe and secure migration environment. We can help you for the safe migration of data from your legacy systems or cloud hosting provider. Nexbrain’s certified salesforce developers discuss and collaborate with you to understand the specific needs of your business and ensure migration easily and efficiently.

Salesforce Integration Services

Our team can assist integrating salesforce with other softwares. The other softwares include within their premises such as management system, customer service tools and accounting packages.

Salesforce Upgrade Services

Nextbrain can provide efficient salesforce upgrade services, which will help you in upgrading your business with custom addons that will work with their existing Salesforce system. Our salesforce programmers can incorporate the technical advancements which happened during the upgrades with salesforce services.

Salesforce Support and Maintenance

Nextbrain’s sales and support team can ensure the smooth and efficient working of your business. Our experts can support you in troubleshooting, performance optimization and many more.

Salesforce Managed Services

Our salesforce managed services persons are well efficient and experienced in handling all features and functionality of the salesforce. It will help the business make the most of what salesforce offers.

Our Salesforce Working Models

Our software service is always client centric. Here we are listing out some cooperting models which clients
can settle upon when working with Nextbrain’s team of salesforce developers.


Dedicated Team

Our dedicated team of developers are highly skilled salesforce engineers hand picked in line with your project needs. They will possess comprehensive knowledge of the client’s salesforce ecosystem and existing business ecosystem

Support Packages

You can avail professional salesforce support whenever you need. It is available in a 40, 80, 120 based hours package. You can access service whenever required and quick start and ramp upon request.

Time and Material

Our salesforce development and service are highly flexible on project scope and requirements. We are using an agile development methodology. We are also offering transparent pricing models. 

Fixed Price

Our team can clearly complete the task within the fixed price and time. Precise project cost from day one to day of solution releases. We can define and agree upon deadlines before the project kickoff.

Why choose Nextbrain for your Salesforce Development?

Nextbrain technologies is one of the top salesforce development and service companies in Toronto. We are dedicated to delivering robust salesforce development and service that will add value to your business. Choose our dedicated salesforce service with cost effective and reliable solutions that are tailored to meet all your business requirements.
  • Transparent Solutions
  • Experienced Salesforce Development team
  • IP Right Protection
  • Maintain Oversight and control
  • Flexible Engagement Options
  • Handpicked Vetted Talent
  • Customer Centric Approach
  • No contract Locks in 
  • Best in class security.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I choose Nextbrain for Salesforce development?

Nextbrain provides you comprehensive salesforce development services to harness the CRM platform. Our dedicated team of certified developers has years of experience in salesforce integration on the platforms and custom application development.
Our key features includes:
  • We have a dedicated project manager who can take care of all your project matters. He will take care of every step of the project development. 
  • 24 hours support and service on all days. 
  • We have a team of certified dedicated developers with years of experience who are capable of custom salesforce development and integration on the salesforce development.

How much does it cost to hire dedicated Salesforce developers from Nextbrain Technologies?

The cost of a dedicated salesforce developer is dependent on several factors including the team size, project complexity etc. We offer salesforce service with 60 to 100 CAD per hour.

How much time does it take to create an app using salesforce?

Time of creating an application is purely dependent on the complexity and size of the project. But we can assure that within a limited time we can finish the project

Can you do complex projects on the salesforce platform?

Yes, Nextbrain’s team of salesforce developers are efficient to manage all sorts of projects and software development. To achieve this we follow a few steps. To provide customized solutions on the salesforce platform we use Apex programming language and we use Visualforce for creating sophisticated user interfaces and experience. Along with these programming languages we are also using different tools and frameworks, including Trailhead and Lightning Components.

Nextbrain’s salesforce developers are efficient to provide customized solutions for your business needs. Our salesforce development service will help to leverage the full potential of the salesforce platform and optimize your business processes.

Can you assure the security of our project?

We always assure and give prime concern about the ultimate security and privacy of the clients and their projects. As part of transparency, commitment and ownership, a set of documents we will provide to safeguard the security of your ownership. The documents include source code ownership,  copyright agreements, Non disclosure agreement, and intellectual property right assurance. 

Which programming languages are used to develop salesforce applications?

We will decide the programming language according to the business needs and budget to salesforce platforms and interfaces. Apex, Visualforce,  Javascript and HTML are considered as the most preferred salesforce development languages.

Which is the best tool to develop custom salesforce applications?

For the custom salesforce application development Pipeline and Heroku are the most commonly used tools. For the effective management of deployments in several production environments and effortless staging, Pipeline tool is used worldwide by the certified developers. To deliver ready-to-market applications Heroku offers a pre-setup back end and integration with Github speeds up the process streamlined application development.

How does a salesforce development company help organizations?

Salesforce development companies help organizations to give a more detailed view of their customers information. Salesforce enables companies to have a centralized view of each and every information about the user. This will help the organizations with detailed information before planning any further communication sales and marketing initiatives.

Why should you choose a salesforce development company?

As a leading salesforce development company Nextbrain Technologies will help you to improve your current salesforce development platform architecture with certified developers. In addition to this, salesforce development companies provide consulting, customization development, migration and implementation service to enhance your service ROI and productivity. It also helps the organizations provide their users with tailored offerings and transform their experience.

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