AR Application Development Company

Augmented reality is the latest transformation in technology that offers the involvement of the objects in real-time where you can easily have complete access to the objects through different sensors. It is very necessary to have augmented reality in your business, without which you may not gain success in your near future. We have hands-on experience in Augmented Reality app development and offer AR app development services and solutions with a complete focus on your business needs. Being a top Augmented Reality company in Toronto, Canada our expert AR development team builds scalable and custom AR applications for an affordable price within the deadline. We develop high quality and unique apps which can work on all the platforms.


As a top Augmented Reality application development company in Toronto, Canada we have built many AR apps in all industries having many satisfied clients all across the globe. Our AR app development team uses the best AR techniques that suit your business needs in order to drive more ROI for your business. As a top Augmented Reality app development company in Toronto, Canada we provide amazing and ultimate Augmented reality solutions and services in various industries like healthcare,  fitness & wellness, on-demand services, real estate, education, enterprise apps, E-commerce, fashion industry, government service agencies, etc. Contact us to get the best Augmented Reality (AR) mobile app development solutions and services in Toronto, Canada!

Our Services

As a top Augmented Reality Development Company in Toronto, Canada we have expertise in providing end-to-end AR app development services in all industries to the clients globally.

iOS ARkit Development

We use iOS ARkit development where there are many development chances for the company. As a top Augmented Reality Development Company in Toronto, Canada we provide multiple face tracking, motion capture, front & back camera usage at a time, and other features.

Location Based AR Development

As a top Augmented Reality Development Company in Toronto, Canada we also provide Location-based AR development services. These services are positioned on a map and geo-based. The major advantages  are that apps built may enhance tourism, education, etc. of the particular sector.

Markerless AR

The AR application has the ability to place virtual furniture or something you require in your home. It also assists you to choose different objects, styles, and locations. The customer is required to choose where to keep the virtual object for their future use, which is called ‘‘AR without markers.’’

ARCore Development

ARCore can easily work with Android and provides better AR experiences and opportunities. ARCore can identify the environments, and can simply check the brightness in the location surrounding it. All these advantages make ARCore provide its consciousness of the world around it.

Marker Based AR

Marker-based AR utilizes visual triggers also known as markers to identify the locations where the animations are required. The marker is a special 2D object which can be easily found  by the camera. Our team has developed many apps in various industries having many happy clients.

Web-Based AR

As a leading Augmented Reality Development Company in Toronto, Canada our AR team will offer unique Web-Based AR services. Augmented Reality Digital Placement (ARDP) assists customers to show web based AR interactions without installing robust applications on their smartphones.

AR app development FAQ

How Augmented Reality helps businesses?

Augmented Reality is completely transforming the scenario of how entrepreneurs promote and interact with their end-users. The chances for amazing and exceptional use cases are offering to be immense. Companies use AR to build strong relationships with their end-users and stand out from the crowd.

What is the total cost that you charge for an AR project?

As a top Augmented Reality company in Toronto, Canada we develop AR apps for a reasonable price. The cost of an AR project depends on various factors like complexity of project, quality, experience of the AR team working on that project, etc. Contact us with your project requirements and get a free quote.

What are the major industries that make use of augmented reality?

As a top Augmented Reality app development company in Toronto, Canada we offer AR services in many industries like education, healthcare, fitness & wellness, E-commerce, enterprise apps, on-demand services, fashion industry, etc.

What is the main advantage of using Augmented Reality?

Augmented Reality can provide many advantages to businesses and startups as AR helps in maximizing the interaction between customers providing a quality rich user experience. It is a known fact that AR helps in maximizing the worth of products or  brands.

How Augmented Reality affects our daily lives?

Augmented Reality assists digital data to be external by integrating into our nearer locations. Augmented Reality plays a key role in assisting us to transform our surroundings into entertainment, work, and  learning places.