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We are the leading Chatbot development company in Toronto, Canada offering full-stack chatbot development services using agile methodologies and advanced tools and technologies. Our highly experienced chatbot developers offer sophisticated and intelligent chatbot services and solutions that are easy to implement in various domains like customer support, e-commerce, entertainment, healthcare, delivery services, etc. You can easily interact with your end-users and streamline all the business operations. We offer chatbots and voice bots using IBM Watson, fastText, Amazon Lex, Microsoft Bot Framework, Rasa NLU, Dialoflow, etc. We offer custom Chatbot app development services and solutions by applying advanced technologies to improve engagement and interactivity with your customers driving your business to the next level.


Being a reputed Chatbot development company in Toronto, Canada we offer advanced AI messaging chatbots that offer a new way to work. Chatbots are easy to install and allow you to perform tasks a number of times. Chatbot development processes have a good retention rate when compared with other applications. The main essence of the whole process lies in its swiftness and reliability. As a top Chatbot app development company in Toronto, Canada our expert chatbot developer offers high-quality chatbots that meet your business requirements. We offer well-defined and easy-to-use processes for an affordable cost with rich quality along with precise communication. Contact us today for the best Chatbot development service and solutions to make your business operations smarter!

Our Services

As a top Chatbot development company in Toronto, Canada, we offer end-to-end chatbot development services using the latest technologies on all advanced blockchain trends. Our certified chatbot developers have expertise in offering rich quality chatbots development services to the clients in all industries all over the world.

Conversation Design

Our chatbot developers make a thorough analysis of the crucial elements of UI designing and outline the major aspects of Conversational UI design. We have a team of expert chatbot developers who can create interfaces which can make conversations by merging Natural Language Interfaces with UI elements like menus, buttons and images.

Natural Language Processing

We offer the amazing NLP integration services which allows the chatbot to exactly know and extract proper information for better user experience. As a reputed Chatbot development company in Toronto, Canada, we utilize Natural Language Processing for categories such as Intents, Context and Entities through where we can frame the responses.

Deployment & Integration

After the preprocessing is completed, the chatbot is ready for deployment. Our expert chatbot developers can ensure to make the user acceptance testing and deployment that enhance the Machine Learning (ML). Our team of expert chatbot developers can make on premise deployment or cloud and microservices for reduced downtime.

Chatbot Architecture

Being a leading Chatbot development company in Toronto, Canada, we have developed chatbots for our clients in various industries having many satisfied clients all over the world. Our certified Chatbot developers are specialised and much aware of the priority APIs, frameworks, and plugins which works better for particular use cases.

Processing Pipeline

Our chatbot developers assist in reducing false positives and false negatives with a pre-processing pipeline to tackle common errors with POS-checking, parsing, etc. We have a proven track record of developing unique and robust chatbots that exactly meet your business requirements and help you in making your business smarter.

Chatbot Consultancy

Incase of any query related to Chatbot development services, you can  contact our Chatbot development team for free consulting services and get your queries resolved. Our highly talented chatbot developers have good expertise in using Machine Learning applications and Chatbot Integration for better interaction with your users.

Chatbot development FAQ

What is a chatbot?

Chatbot is an AI-based service that communicates easily with your users in an independent manner without any human involvement. You can use chatbot to tackle all the easy tasks like to schedule a meeting or process an order.

Why should I choose Nextbrain technologies for chatbot development?

With years of experience in Chatbot development services, our expert chatbot development team follows an agile approach to develop high quality chatbots in all industries. As customer satisfaction is our priority, we have many happy customers all over the world.

Is there any hidden cost for developing chatbot?

No. Our team will discuss your Chatbot needs and let you know the estimated price accordingly. Once you sign an agreement to work with us on your project, we make sure that the price is strictly adhered to.

Does the chatbot communicate only in English?

As a top Chatbot development company in Toronto, Canada, we create quality-rich chatbots that support multilingual scenarios. We understand the company requirements and we have the ability to offer multilingual capability. Our Chatbot developers always do human translation and machine translation so that the chatbot utilizes the human translated content as the first preference and if the human translation is not required, we offer machine translation as a back-up mechanism.

I’m not sure what kind of chatbot development service I need. What shall I do?

You can contact our chatbot development team who can guide you based on your particular business requirements. We can clearly offer the technical specifications required for your chatbot development.

Do you extend your assistance to automate invoicing with PDF data extraction?

As a leading Robotic Process Automation Company in Toronto, Canada we make use of OCR technology with Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence capabilities to extract data from the PDF, creating files and sending them to the customers.

How does RPA offer healthcare automation solutions?

As a top Robotic Process Automation Company in Toronto, Canada we offer RPA enables solutions to maintain accuracy to manage patient’s data and assist healthcare companies to automate routine tasks like recording patient’s personal data, scheduling appointments, treatment history, prescription, etc.