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We are a leading software development company creating state-of-the-art solutions for different industry verticals. Our developers have many years of experience in leveraging advanced technologies for creating intelligent AI assistants like ChatGPT with several additional advantages to meet business needs. Our PrivateGPT offers premium support to organizations, teams and individuals by automating conversations and operations. If you are trying to delve deeper into documents, then this AI virtual assistant will assist you in fetching summaries, excerpts, and detailed explanations from your documents.

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Our AI-enabled GPT system offers unparalleled data protection at the time of using our unique platform for seamless document storage and collaboration. Now it’s time to experience the perfect balance between innovative user experience and uncompromised security.    
Customizable Access Controls

Customizable Access Controls

The AI-enabled GPT developed by our experts grants access on a per-chatbot basis, ensuring that the users can access the data only they are authorized to view and provide real-time permission updates.

Advanced Data Defense

Advanced-Data Defense

Our GPT system offers proper security to data with our AI’s assistance and robust AWS encryption and vector database privacy standards. It is important to create a secure environment for users.

Steadfast Commitment To Security

Steadfast commitment to security

Our products comply with complete security standards and work on enhancing security measures offering strong security catering to business needs.

Benefits of Internal AI Assistant PrivateGPT Software

Administer Support & Troubleshoot Issues

Our AI assistant software assists business teams and professionals to help quickly with documentation for troubleshooting problems and discovering hidden features.

Amplify Employee Efficiency

Businesses can use the privateGPT software to accomplish tasks faster such as translating documents, writing professional emails, and producing marketing materials.

Instant Answers To Business Questions

It eliminates the need for manual tracking down of endless documents & analyzes accumulated documents to provide the best answer you need in seconds.

Uploading Data & Building Knowledge Base

It helps in securely uploading anything from PowerPoint to PDFs to instantly integrate data as well as customize the chatbot software for your company.

Administer Sources For All Answers

Our AI virtual assistant software administers the sources used to come up with every answer. One can go through the various sources easily & customize GPT for private business.

Provide Ideas & Suggestions

Nextbrain’s PrivateGPT remembers previous conversations and remarks on contextual history thereby contributing to bringing in new perspectives and insights.

Functions Well in All Languages

Our software development professionals interact with data in different languages empowering users to connect and collaborate quickly.

Potential Integration with Different Tools

The ChatGPT software plays an important role in managing everything that is integrated within the software. Any tools can be integrated with our powerful API.

Our Chatbot Development Services

We are a leading development company creating smart chatbots that are pragmatic and intelligent serving different business needs.
Chatbot solutions are simple and help in strengthening customer experience.

Intelligent Chatbot Architecture Design

Our team of professionals will help in selecting a machine-learning model combined with a library model architect.

NLP Engine Integration

Having the best NLP integration enables chatbots to clearly understand and extract correct information for user experience.

Integration with Existing System

Our professionals have proficiency in integrating chatbots with clients ’ enterprise-wide ERP systems to unveil the potential of chatbots. 

Conversation UI Design

Our professionals have expertise in analyzing the relevant components of UI design and curating the significant aspects of conversational UI design.


We have professional chatbot developers experienced in conducting user acceptance testing and deployment on time.

Future of Growth Consulting

Chatbot professionals utilize chatbot integrations and machine learning applications for seamless interaction with your customers.

Create Secure GPT

Technologies for Developing Chatbot System

We have a dedicated team of professionals having expertise in developing customized GPT
for private businesses by harnessing modern business dynamics.
Botkit Botkit
Microsoft Bot Framework Microsoft bot framework
Dialogflow Dialogflow
IBM Watson IBM Watson

Frequently Asked Questions

What frameworks do you use for chatbot development?

Our professionals harness the power of popular frameworks such as DialogFlow, Botpress, IBM Watson, Amazonlex and so forth to create powerful chatbot systems that are advanced in the software development industry. 

What are the varied requirements of software for chatbots?

We always consider some technical chatbot factors as the primordial constant for chatbot system development. These factors mainly include languages, channels, chatbot’s look and tone of voice, integrations, analytics & dashboards, KPIs & metrics, technologies, accessibility, rich media, security, users and hosting. 

What methods are used for designing chatbots?

Generally, two approaches are utilized for developing a chatbot based on the algorithms as well as techniques adopted. The approaches involve a rule-based approach and a machine learning approach. 

Do you provide support & maintenance services?

Yes, we have dedicated experts and software developers who customize GPT for private businesses. They provide complete support and maintenance as part of post-development services.

Do you sign an NDA?

Yes, we sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement keeping in view our privacy policy and confidentiality of project data.

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