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GraphQL developers from Nextbrain technologies create more efficient and innovative APIs that are easy to understand and implement. To develop more productive business models GraphQL is the ideal system for writing queries. GraphQL is simple and light in weight so it helps simplify data retrieval. In fetching data take advantage of GraphQL api development with our professional GraphQL developers. Nextbrain’s professional developers are capable of providing applications with scalable and real time solutions that deliver high quality results.
We have highly skilled and dedicated GraphQL developers in Toronto who work around the clock to give outstanding products to the client. By giving the proper solution for the project and making it big in the market, Nextbrain Technologies will help the clients to meet the custom needs. GraphQL is a query language used to query data from various sources and it was developed by Facebook to facilitate fast and specific communications with APIs. We are efficient to speedup the development of cost effective modern web and mobile applications with GraphQL.

Our GraphQL expertice

Api Architecture And Its Design

API architecture and its design

Based on business requirements we are adept in designing personalized and custom APIs. Nextbrain’s professional GraphQL developers can ensure each APIs works smoothly and perfectly.

Ux Design Considering Graphql Apis

UI/ UX design considering GraphQL APIs

In innovative formats with GraphQL we are able to create UI/UX interfaces. Hire remote GraphQL developers to handle your product needs with ease.

Migrating Existing Backend To Graphql

Migrating existing backend to GraphQL

We can ensure the migration of existing backgrounds to GraphQL with an easy and simple transition process.

Integrating Graphql To Existing Backend

Integrating GraphQL to existing backend

Nextbrain technology can help you to integrate GraphQL to current projects from start to end.

Why choose GraphQL for web development?

  • Stable and lightweight
  • Auto generation of API documentation
  • Great fit for micro service architecture
  • Better developer experience
  • Prevent over or under fetching of data

Why Choose GraphQL For Web Development

  • Inherently graphical, declarative & strongly typed
  • Fetch specific data with a single API call
  • Easy to use
  • GraphQL is dynamic
  • High speed API generation

Why hire GraphQl developers from Nextbrain?

Global App Quality Standard

Global app quality standard

Our professional team of developers transfers your application developing dreams into reality we maintain global standards.

Flexible Engagement Models

Flexible engagement models

Our development team provides different engagement models which can meet the client’s needs and give them custom solutions.

Experienced Graphql Developers

Experienced GraphQL developers

Our professional team of developers has a proven record of success fully designing and developing high-quality applications with GraphQL.

Client Centric Activities

Client centric activities

Our GraphQL app development process is totally focused on a client centric approach. We work in zero hours to keep them updated on the work process.

Efficient Time Management

Efficient time management

We can deliver the project within the given timeline. Moreover, we ensure to clear all the doubts and concerns from the client side about the project.

Round The Clock Assistance 1

Round the clock assistance

Hire GraphQL web developers to ensure the lifetime quality of the product.  We build the product after getting tech experience from clients’ ideas.

Choose from a variety of flexible hiring models


In a dedicated team model an entire team work will be dedicated for the completion of your project. They work together in one place. Which makes the process much easier and smooth.

  • Accountability and transparency
  • No hidden costs
  • Highly flexible
  • Cost effective

Hire GraphQL developers

Fixed Price Model

This model is suitable for well planned large scale projects and in case of payment is one time settlement.

  • Fixed time frames and budget
  • Clear requirements
  • Monetary risk is very less
  • No hidden cost

Hire GraphQL developers


Hourly concept is well suitable for undefined and ongoing projects. The payment can be fixed according to the hours needed to complete the project.

  • No hidden costs
  • Charged based on working hours
  • Monthly billing
  • Pay only for specific work

Hire GraphQL developers

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the top enterprises using GraphQL?

Many top notch companies are using GraphQL for its efficient development features. Following are some well known companies that use GraphQL.
  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • GitHub
  • The New York Times
  • Shopify

GraphQL is best for front end or back end?

It can improve the functionality of both the front end and back end of the application. As a query language it can be implemented both client side and server side of the application.

Why use graphQL for app development?

GraphQL is a query language for APIs, so it can be used with any type of database or no database at all. By refining the data requested process GraphQL makes efficient, quick and developer friendly APIs.In all sense GraphQL will be a powerful tool for managing data for APIs in web development.

What is the difference between SQL and GraphQL?

As the name suggests SQL function is by querying only a single database. On the other hand GraphQL works with nodes/ edges of a graph versus the tubular style of the relational database. When comparing the efficiency of the two, GraphQL will be first in performance and efficiency.

Where to use GraphQL and why?

As a modern query language it enables the developers to flexibility and efficiently retrieve data from APIs. It allows clients to request what they want and it provides a unified interface for multiple data sources. To meet the needs of different clients and optimize data transmission over the network with GraphQL API can easily scale it.

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