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We are a leading software development company in Canada creating feature-rich solutions for various industry verticals. Nextbrain’s Video Analytics system adds artificial intelligence to cameras by analyzing video content in real time, extracting metadata, and administering actionable intelligence to security matters. Video analytics software is enriched with the functionality of AI-based intelligent surveillance that has the ability to manage and monitor CCTV cameras in real-time.

Our AI video analytics software gathers video footage and monitors efficiently cameras positioned at different locations. The software can be easily accessed by admins and users helping in monitoring remote sites and protecting users’ data and privacy. With agile development strategies and methodologies, we create a robust framework of AI video surveillance software enabling video analytics, detecting any suspicious activity, malicious object, real-time actions, generating alerts and many more. The efficient architecture of the software offers flexible access from anywhere, cloud computing, data paths, and effective management of CCTV surveillance systems.

Custom Solutions Across Varied Industries

As the leading Artificial Intelligence Video Surveillance software development company, we have mastered expertise in smart AI solutions for seamless business operations with effective monitoring.
Smart AI Video Surveillance

Smart AI Video Surveillance

AI video surveillance systems help to analyze video by identifying objects, metadata and rendering intelligence to the security personnel. The video analytics potential combined with AI offers smart surveillance extracting valuable data.

Crowd Analytics

Crowd Analytics

The crowd analytics feature of AI video surveillance management software assists in monitoring crowd motions. It detects different kinds of agile actions in a crowd. In high and low-traffic areas, it can detect crowds in several regions.

Face Recognition

Face Recognition

Our efficient AI video software comes with an excellent feature of automated deep facial recognition solutions. It offers the detection of faces among crowds and has the potential to identify them from an entire database of pictures.

Custom Artificial Intelligence Tools

Custom Artificial Intelligence Tools

We offer custom AI tools that are advanced to keep up with the latest trends. Our developers have assisted organizations in leveraging the power of AI by combining modern technology stacks to create customized video analytics software.

Security And Protection

Security & Protection

With the implementation of security features and an obtrusion detection facility, users receive alerts and notifications as some unrecognized individual makes an entry to your premises. It offers all-round security in organizations and enterprises.

Real Time Monitoring

Real-time Monitoring

Ai video tool Having the automatic alert and signal feature integrated into the software, it offers real-time monitoring of events and crowds so that users and admin can remain alert about recent events and movement.

How AI Video Surveillance Management Software Improves Work Operations?

As the top AI security video analytics software development company, Nextbrain leverages powerful tools and agile development methodologies to create high-end AI video surveillance systems. It enables centralized management of CCTV surveillance enabling viewing both live and recorded video at different locations from different cameras. The AI video analytics management software integrates video analytic capabilities to support manual operators. It sends automated notifications, face, personal detection and many more.

Our Success Lies in Strong Values & Specialities

Premium Performance

Premium Performance

Nextbrain pledges to create high-performance solutions & robust development strategies that harness significant results.

Seamless Communication

Seamless Communication

We always try to maintain smooth communication with our clients so that they remain acknowledged for project progress.

Competent Collaboration

Competent Collaboration

We always strive to achieve excellence with potential collaboration, advanced skills and elements broadening aspects of collaboration among technical teams.

On Time Delivery 1

On-time Delivery

We offer a full range of AI Video Surveillance Software. Our expertise lies in delivering projects on time and maintaining superior quality standards.

Why Select Nextbrain Technologies For Artificial Intelligence Video Surveillance Services?

Nextbrain is the leading provider of AI-based video surveillance software administering important web and mobile app development solutions along with custom AI-based tools and software. It generally focuses on assisting other enterprises and organizations to stand out from the competition with modern technologies and smart AI implementation. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is implied by AI video surveillance software?

AI video surveillance software is considered a system that utilizes software programs for examining effective pictures from video observation cameras to perceive vehicles, objects and occasions.

What are the advantages of Artificial Intelligence video surveillance?

AI-based video surveillance software has multiple benefits. It offers automation of video surveillance operations, cost-effective features, time-saving, restricts the continuous manpower monitoring manually and many more.

Do you offer support & maintenance services?

Yes, our development team provides post-development support and maintenance services to clients. 

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