Serverless Application Development Company

We have emerged as one of the top serverless application development companies in Toronto, Canada creating unique and robust serverless applications which can reduce the operational cost of your business and improve implementation flexibility. Our Serverless consulting and development services will enable you with world-class technology for creating secure, reliable, and stable solutions. Our developers have good experience of creating unique, scalable, and robust applications using serverless architecture services. We offer Serverless Architecture services using advanced programming languages and incredible technology.


Digitalization and migration using serverless infrastructure to a cloud system usually involves risk while processing and managing data. With many years of experience in serverless app development services, Our dedicated serverless app developers in Toronto are specialized in delivering high quality web and mobile applications. We provide various serverless web development services from Serverless architecture integration to Serverless storage management. Reach out to us to know more about our serverless app development services!

Our Serverless application development services

We have a proficient team of serverless app developers in Toronto, Canada delivering end-to-end serverless app development services to minimize operational complexity.
Serverless Architecture Integration 1

Serverless architecture integration

Our serverless app developers craft a high quality and robust strategy in order to integrate all the Serverless network designs and ramp up the architecture of your application through constant monitoring along with efficient reporting.

Seerverless Api Gateway

Serverless API gateway

As a top serverless app development company in Toronto, we deliver in-built APIs that act as an effective communication channel between the serverless logic layer and the frontend without making any use of the load balancers.

Baas Development

Baas development

Our highly skilled serverless application developers enhance the launch speed of the Serverless applications by automatically controlling its backend which will consist of remote management of the containers and the VMs.

Serverless Code Customization

Serverless code customization

With good technical knowledge in serverless app development, we create scalable apps with robust Serverless performance along with built-in and customized features that offer reliable logic execution of the application.

Auto Scaling Development

Auto scaling development

Our team of serverless app developers are specialized in offering auto-scaling configuration to the clients on-demand apps in order to enable unique, automated, and secure functionalities of relational database management.

Serverless Storage Management

Serverless storage management

As a top serverless app development company in Toronto, we handcraft durable and efficient Serverless storage infrastructures by using a simple interface which can easily scale on-demand with compatibility of multi-platforms.

Benefits of Serverless application development

There are many benefits of serverless application development as it provides better scalability, less time to release, and more flexibility all for a minimum cost.
Scalable Application Architecture

Scalable application architecture

Serverless technologies provide more scalability and offer all the required functions to allow applications to run in various instances without any interruption.

Automated Data Processing

Automated data processing

The applications developed using the Serverless tools are more flexible by having the ability to manage ELT tasks and easily deploy cron-type functionalities.

No Server Management

No server management

Serverless functionality usually needs a server, but it can be managed directly by the vendor which helps to eliminate the time needed for server maintenance.

Improved Implementation Flexibility

Improved implementation flexibility

Developing and integrating additional upgrades, future microservices, and any new features can be done very quickly and comfortably with Serverless architecture.

Reduce Application Latency

Reduced application latency

Users of the serverless applications all over the world can be handled efficiently and easily by using the Serverless nodes with no set back in the performance.

No Operational Cost

No operational cost

Serverless apps will take care of the infrastructure thereby developers will focus on the code of server-side code that takes less computing power and reduces cost.


What is serverless application development?

Serverless application development came into existence after launching Amazon Web Services (AWS) Lambda in the year 2014. The process of serverless app development usually involve developing and executing next-gen applications without any need of managing infrastructure

What are the serverless app development services you provide?

As the best serverless app development company in Toronto, Canada, we provide various serverless application development services which includes Serverless architecture integration, Serverless storage management, BaaS development, Serverless code customization, Serverless API gateway, Auto scaling development, and various other services. Contact us to know more about our Serverless app development services!

What are the benefits of AWS serverless application architecture?

AWS serverless application architecture is the secure and flexible cloud computing environment providing reliability and great experience. The AWS core infrastructure is very suitable for military, global banks, and other reputed organizations.

Can you explain about serverless web applications?

In serverless web applications there is no need of managing your infrastructure, however the applications will be still running. The serverless architecture assists businesses in focusing completely on operative tasks with no worry about the administration of server tasks like server scaling, operating system maintenance, patching, databases, and many more usually handled by the service provider of cloud.

How will AWS serverless work?

AWS helps to run code without any need to manage servers. It executes the code only when necessary and scales automatically with a few requests in a day to almost thousands in a second. The code will run without any need to manage servers.

What is AWS Lambda used for?

The most important use cases of AWS Lambda include generating reports and building backups, filtering and transformation of any data easily, operation of serverless websites, and many more.