Hire dedicated MERN stack developers in Toronto

Being a leading MERN stack development company, Nextbrain is ready to help global business to build innovative web applications with highly engaging User Interface. We offer a one stop solution for app development with Java script based Reactjs framework. To address all your business needs, hire MERN stack developers from Nextbrain Technologies and  leverage your application with highly customer attention promising UI. Our developers promise dynamic and scalable web applications with this backend framework. Our MERN stack developers are equipped with all prerequisites expertise and skill set to build custom web applications with precision and agility. As a framework which is best suitable for single page applications, it can ensure high performance. We have years of experience in MERN stack web application development, leveraging the potential of the latest technologies to connect now with the best resources that have helped global clients.

Nextbrain provides end to end Mern stack development services with world’s best practices. As an open source technology MERN is the combination of MongoDB, Express.js, React.js and Node.js. We develop apps with competitively less turnaround time. Mern stack includes the combination libraries, frameworks and database. With these combinations we make service on web application development, eCommerce development and content management systems.

MERN uses MongoDB as a non relational database combining other databases. Flexibility and easiness in developing makes MERN stack more popular among developers. It can also assure a straightforward, bug free and well documented application. We are committed to delivering high end products for the customers across the world. Transform your project ideas and requirements and create your own team of Mern developers. Certainly we will be one of the best choices for your Mern stack requirements and business success.

Our MERN stack expertise

Our MERN stack developers focus to develop customer centric applications with high end technologies, which provides top-notch Mern stack development services. We can assure customized and robust applications for your business success.
Enterprises App

Enterprises App

For high intensive workloads as a high grade solution we develop innovative custom grade solutions with enterprise applications.

Custom Web Apps

Custom web apps

Our MERN stack developers are able to develop customized and scalable web applications. MERN stack development is a robust framework for application development and it will help to create a prototype for web pages.

React Js Web Implementation

React.js web implementation

Our Mern stack developers are efficient in building cross platform and highly interactive web applications solutions with React js.

Ecommerce Development

Ecommerce development

We can build engaging online storefronts with amazing UI/UX, trending modules, and admin dashboards, MERN stack will be an ideal choice to deliver world class solutions and reach your business objectives.

Cms Development

CMS development

Our Dedicated MERN stack developer is capable of developing custom CMS systems with module integration and development. We are competent in developing excellent user friendly and interactive CMS in MERN.

Support And Maintenance

Support and maintenance

We offer frequent support and maintenance. This will help the customers to overcome all the technical issues related with this application.

Porting And Migration

Porting and migration

We have expertise in porting business technologies and systems into the Mern stack. With minimal downtime, we offer complete assistance in securely migrating and porting your app into the Mern stack. 

Api Development And Api Services

API development and API services

Hire dedicated Mern stack developers and reach the topmost of your business needs. Our developers are capable of building well structured programming code to create impressive web apps and APIs that provide for all vertical industries.

Why choose MERN stack for application development?

  • Open source
  • Cost Effective
  • NMP Ecosystem
  • MVC Architecture
  • Faster development
  • Scalability and flexibility

Why Choose Mern Stack For Application Development 1

  • Security and Performance
  • Maintainable and highly extensible
  • Easy Collaboration
  • Cost effective and open source
  • Improve code quality
  • Compatible with clouds

Why hire MERN stack developers from Nextbrain?

Being the best MERN stack development company in Toronto, we offer highly skilled developers who can build efficient, unique, scalable and secure applications with MERN stack frameworks. To enhance user experience of your web and mobile applications, we leverage all the inclusiveness of the Mern stack development services. Our full-stack MERN developers are highly experienced with handling all the components of MERN (MongoDB, ExpressJS, React.js, NodeJs). Hire MERN stack developers for building scalable, innovative, futuristic web applications that take your business to the next level.
Proven Mern Stack Expertise

Proven Mern Stack Expertise

Our Mern developers are agile and skilled for faster and quality web development. We ensure customized Mern stack development.

Cost Effective Solution

Cost effective solution

We can provide cost effective applications as per your business needs and budget. We ensure budget friendly services.

Robust And Scalable

Robust and scalable

Nextbrain technologies is a leading Mern stack web application development company, with robust and scalable softwares.

Hands On Experience

Hands on experience

Our developers have years of experience in handling enterprise level as well as small scale projects in different industries.

Daily Reporting To Client

Daily reporting to client

Our developers can communicate efficiently on daily reporting in project status. Even if you are not satisfied you can directly contact the project managers.

Flexible Hiring Models

Flexible hiring models

You can hire our developers as per your requirements on a monthly, hourly, part-time or fixed cost basis.

Choose from a variety of flexible hiring models

In a dedicated team model an entire team work will be dedicated for the completion of your project. They work together in one place which makes the process much easier and smooth.


Within this model, clients get dedicated attention to projects. The entire development team works in one space making the working process easier.

  • Accountability and transparency
  • No hidden costs
  • Highly flexible
  • Cost effective

Hire MERN stack developers

Fixed Price Model

This model is suitable for well planned large scale projects and in case of payment is one time settlement.

  • Fixed time frames and budget
  • Clear requirements
  • Monetary risk is very less
  • No hidden cost

Hire MERN stack developers

Hourly Price Model

Hourly concept is well suitable for undefined and ongoing projects. The payment can be fixed according to the hours needed to complete the project.

  • No hidden Charges
  • Monthly billing
  • Charged based on working hours
  • Pay for specific work

Hire MERN stack developers

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to hire a MERN stack developer from Nextbrain?

We have a simple and transparent pricing system. You can hire an MERN stack developer at a rate of 2000 to 5000 USD per month. However, the cost of a developer may vary according to your project requirements, complexity, technology, framework and our developer’s expertise.

What is the difference between MERN stack and MEAN stack?

Mern stack
  • For front end development it uses React library.
  • Highly recommended for single page application.
  • React uses unidirectional data flow.
  • Quick response time.

MEAN Stack

  • It uses angular for front end development.
  • When it comes to UI rendering, lower level of performance. 
  • Highly recommended for large scale applications. 
  • Two way data binding used in Angular.



What are the advantages of hiring a Mern stack developer Nextbrain?

Nextbrain Technologies have a team of developers with well experience in MERN development, they can ensure on time delivery of the project. Another important advantages are flexibility in hiring models, functional code with scalable solutions and well versed with security and data protections.

Is Mern stack best for web applications development?

Yes, As a technology which combines frameworks, libraries, and databases that ease the web development process, Mern stack is considered the best for web development.

How does MERN stack increase the value of business?

The advanced features of MERN stack which helps fast and easy development of softwares. The reusability of codes helps cost reduction and this will increase the value of your business.

What can our MERN stack developers do for you?

We can deliver high quality web and mobile applications with outstanding performance of Java Script technologies.

How can I choose a developer for my choice?

You can share your project with us. After careful consideration of your project we will assign our skilled developers to work on your project in an established setup. Or you can conduct interviews for the developers and select a developer or team of developers whom you feel comfortable with for your project.

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