Most Trusted Microsoft Power BI Consulting Services

As a top Power BI consulting service company in Toronto, Canada, we offer ground-breaking Power BI services by amalgamating various data sources in order to provide robust Power BI solutions which offer intelligent and interactive visual dashboards along with analytical reports. Our Power BI professionals have good experience in offering business intelligence solutions for data storage, data processing, and data analysis. With vast experience in Power BI, we have already worked on converting big organization data sets into efficient dashboards and precise reports offering impressive Power BI solutions for startups, medium-sized organizations as well as many industry giants.


Our Power BI developers are well-versed with Power BI application development and always get updated with all the modern technologies from existing frameworks to advanced Power BI technology stack which includes Power BI Service Setups, Power BI dashboard development, On-Premise Power BI gateways, and many more. As a leading Power BI development company in Toronto, Canada, our in-depth domain knowledge of latest tools will help us in unlocking the data potential in order to identify trends as well as enhance your business efficiency through well-informed decisions. Contact us for more information about our Power BI services and solutions!


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Our Power BI Services

Our expert Power BI developers will provide professional and custom Power BI consulting services. As a top Power BI consulting company in Toronto, Canada, we focus on offering clear insights which can help you in making informed decisions.

Powerbi Consulting Services

Power BI Consulting Services

Our Power BI developers are experts in delivering ultimate business intelligence solutions using well-defined strategies of Power BI. We strive hard in delivering exceptional Power BI consulting solutions and services including creating strategy, reports, and custom Power BI solutions.

Powerbi Zure Services 1

Power BI with Azure Services

Our certified Power BI developers will assist you in creation of data models in the cloud implementing Azure Analysis Services. We utilize our BI-related experience to amalgamate information from various sources to build a single as well as secure data model to meet your business needs.

Custom Powerbi Development Services

Custom Power BI Development Services

We offer custom Power BI dashboards as well as reporting services in order to assist you in obtaining a versatile view of the information of your organization. Our Power BI developers craft personalized elements and visuals for individual departments and roles in your organization.

Powerbi Advanced Analytics

Power BI advanced Analytics

As a top Power BI development company in Toronto, Canada, we are highly experienced in building the total algorithms depending on advanced technologies like R, python in order to obtain the dynamic needs of business and offer you Power BI reporting as well as efficient dashboards.

Custom Visualization

Custom Visualization

Our Business Intelligence experts provide Power BI default custom visuals and also specialized in creation of graph making that makes you operate any type of graphs which are even complex by just clicking. We can make complex information in an organized and understandable way.

Powerbi Embedded

Power BI Embedded

We offer excellent Power BI embedded services by offering efficient dashboards, attractive visuals, and comprehensive reports for all your current websites and applications. We provide seamless data navigation that assists businesses or organizations in making efficient  decisions.

Powerbi Netcore

Power BI with .Net Core or .Net

We offer exceptional Power BI development services including seamless integration in order to offer enterprise Power BI solutions to offer interactive dashboards, detailed KPI reports, analytical plans to amplify the productivity of your business and make you stand out from the crowd.

Integration Powerbi

Integration with Power BI

Our expert Power BI professionals offer comprehensive data migration, data management, and data integration services from various data sources by making use of SQL Server Integration Service. We focus on improving the quality of data in order to get actionable details.

Power BI Consulting Service FAQ

What are the advantages of using Power BI?

As Power BI has a user-friendly interface it is easy to use while compared with many other tools. In Power BI, the data generation and data integration of reports are simple to understand and very quick which will offer detailed insights in less time. Power BI is also considered to be a modest tool.

Why should I hire Power BI developers from Nextbrain Technologies?

Our Power BI developers are experts in providing world-class Power BI consulting services and solutions for all industries that include retail, manufacturing, education, medical sector, finance and many other industry domains. We assist in streamlining your business operations and offer real-time data insights. Hire our dedicated Power BI developers in Toronto to avail ultimate Power BI consulting services for your business!

What are the various Power BI development services you provide?

As a top Power BI development company in Toronto, Canada, we offer Power BI development services including Custom BI software development, Creating Role-Based Customized Dashboards, BI software solution enhancement, OLAP and Data visualization, Mobile BI, Seamless BI Solution Integration, and more. Connect with us to avail custom and professional Power BI development services!

Why Power BI is considered better than excel?

Power BI is better than excel in terms of speed, visualization capabilities, report consumption, and many other factors. It is very simple for creating customized reports in Power BI and hence it is simple to keep everyone on a single page. Also, Power BI is capable of handling huge amounts of data when compared to excel.

How much will you charge for Power BI services?

The price for Power BI Pro will be $9.99/month/user. You can even get a free version of Power BI called Power BI Desktop to develop as well as view reports. But there will not be any option to share or publish with other users. The initial cost for Power BI Premium will be $5000 per month. Reach out to our Power BI consultants in Toronto to know the actual cost for your project!