Effectively count people with accuracy

Do you want to have complete knowledge of the real-time footfall data that visit your retail store? Now it has become easier to comprehend your customer’s behavior, create tailored experiences, and streamline operations driving customer loyalty. People counting software has evolved as a complex systems generating huge amounts of in-store data around customer behavior, store layout, staff performance, and marketing effectiveness.
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Explore the features of people counting software

Seamless Configuration

Seamless configuration

People counting technology is easy to configure & manage by having the software installed. With people counters, users like business owners can view real-time statistics from a centralized location. 

Real Time Alerting

Real-time alerting

It provides real-time alerts so that users can remain informed relating to peak congestion, activity in specified areas, and many others. It can take immediate action & deliver unique visitor experiences. 

Excellent Accuracy

Excellent accuracy

AI-driven people counting systems provide premium accuracy differentiating persons from insignificant objects in the scene. The incorporated algorithms can be easily upgraded for superior accuracy.

Precise Footfall Data

Precise footfall data

People counters are integrated with the ability to refine your operations by effectively alerting during peak congestion and enhancing customer experience. It offers a precise footfall count of a covered zone.

Simple Integration

Simple integration

People counting software is quite easy to install and does not occupy floor space. They are designed to integrate with the infrastructure to diminish obstructions of businesses in the counting zone.

Advanced Safety Security

Advanced safety & security

At Nextbrain, our people counting system administers vital data compliance with occupancy limits, benefits crowd management, and secures potential security threats effectively.

Why choose nextbrain’s people counting solutions?

As a leading development company, Nextbrain helps your business grow with dynamic visitor management solutions. It can help manage crowds entering the premises and alert them to viable situations.

  • Seamless & easy installation
  • Minimizes long queues
  • Real-time reporting & analytics
  • Avoid congested areas

People Counting Solutions

  • Optimizes workforce
  • Highly Accurate data
  • Scalable approaches
  • Automatic alerts as occupancy limits exceed

Industry-based applications

Time to explore our holistic solutions that are tailor-made for optimizing visitor experiences across distinct industries. Our innovative solutions are capable of delivering accurate real-time and predictive footfall data so that users can make data-driven decisions to intelligently automate operations & enhance experiences.


Manage outpatient flows and management for high foot traffic areas in your healthcare industry verticals with effective people counting software. People counters keep a dynamic track of visitors present in surveillance.

Quick Service Restaurants

Quick service restaurants

It is relevant to understand the peak times of restaurants so that owners can have better workforce planning & customer usage of facilities. Restaurants can keep track of the overall business hours when customers remain active.



The flow of passengers through defined areas and points can easily comprise restrooms, doors, and gates. People counting software effectively records passengers checking in & out of airport facilities.

Shopping Malls

Shopping malls

The visitor counting system exactly measures demand periods for supporting tenants, unveils operational efficiencies and creates safer environments for shoppers. People counter improving monitoring systems easily.



Guest experiences can be elevated with data-driven precision. This helps in acquiring a deeper understanding of guest interactions to provide more personalized solutions. Hotels can use people counters for accurate statistics.

Retail Chain

Retail chain

Right from store visitation to better conversion rates, AI-enabled people counting systems help in diminishing the overall operational costs and measure the effectiveness of marketing campaigns. Retailers highly benefit from visitor counting systems.

People counting FAQs

What are people counting sensors?

People counting sensors are defined as devices that monitor and count the numbers and flow of people visiting public spaces such as restaurants, airports, libraries, and many more. The solution collects data by counting the number of people entering & exiting these spaces.

What do you consider the technical features of people counting solutions?

There are several technicalities involved in a people counting system. The technical approaches involve bi-directional counting, large-area monitoring, counting accuracy, and many more.

How is people counting software beneficial for industries?

People counting systems have diverse benefits when it comes to their application across industries. It offers effective traffic patterns, traffic data in real-time, automated analysis of total people flow and many more. It tracks customers entering & exiting the retail store premises.

Does the software include reports and analytics to track foot traffic patterns over time?

The people counting system offers reports & analytics that result after analyzing overall foot traffic as per a given time frame. It keeps track of the foot traffic patterns on time.

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