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As one of the pioneers of software development, Nextbrain has gathered years of experience in creating top ERP solutions for various industry verticals. Having a highly skilled team of ERP developers, we create world-class products leaving no stone unturned with high-end ERP software solutions for your business. The main objective of our ERP software is to produce a highly scalable and business-tailored system that assists in the management of huge amounts of data. We know the ways to match technology to your company objectives administering high-end custom ERP development solutions. The cloud-based, scalable and customizable ERP software solutions undergo business-specific processes in an integrated manner. It enables businesses to have a round-the-clock view and a single point of real-time data reference.
The custom enterprise resource planning software is specifically designed for your company considering all relevant business requirements. It offers potential access to real-time data across the organization including production plants, corporate offices, warehouses, transport cells, delivery points, the fleet and many more. It administers live monitoring, fleet tracking and reporting of the entire dataset. Our developers have many years of experience in creating state-of-the-art solutions and building scalable business-tailored solutions integrating business management processes in addition to building data-driven decision-making.

Key Benefits of ERP System

As the top ERP software development company in India, Nextbrain creates secure systems for customers of diverse industry prospects. Our services optimize distinct modules and processes like HR, inventory, production, sales and distribution, accounts, point of sale and many more. We have been able to extend our services across SMEs, startups, and enterprises, across the globe to enhance all-digital workflow.
  • Ample features & reports of all modules available on mobile apps.
  • Uniform user-friendly interfaces for mobile apps
  • Excellent reports for top-level management for budgeting, forecasting and planning
  • Secured login methods 
  • Tracking user movements graphically on a map            
  • Geofencing for restricting the work area
  • Seamless integration of third-party devices
  • Custom report builder for getting interactive reports in distinct formats. 

Why Choose ERP Software Development Services From Nextbrain?

We have a complete team of technical developers having years of knowledge in building feature-rich
custom enterprise software development solutions. The developers have a number of ERP solutions
for clients across a wide range of industry verticals.
Faster Development

Faster Development

By harnessing the agile business model, our team of developers creates an MVP rendition of an ERP solution usually within some time and enforces faster development.

Comprehensive ER Solutions

Comprehensive ERP Solutions

If you want to build an ERP system from scratch and need improvement in the existing ones, our developers acquire all your requirements without making a compromise on existing business continuity.

Multi Platform ERP Solutions

Multi-platform ERP Solutions

Our ERP solutions are accessible in different modes like mobile apps, web apps, and desktops. For ERP app development, we mainly focus on developing intuitive UI/UX designs.

High End Support

High-End Support

Our developers leverage advanced technologies and industry best practices from design to development, and implementation to post-deployment solutions.

Seamless Integration

Seamless Integration

At Nextbrain, our team ensures easy integration of ERP systems with various platforms including Magento & Salesforce, creating cutting-edge technologies comprising blockchain & IoT.

Higher Transparency

Higher Transparency

We always maintain greater transparency on the development process and pricing. We always try to make the right business decisions and provide cost-effective solutions.

Nextbrain’s ERP Software Development Services

We are a leading enterprise planning software development company having expertise in developing custom ERP web applications with
complete  potential and capabilities. For efficient decision-making processes, we create optimized dashboards for fast
decision-making. Our ERP developers have extensive experience in deploying and designing software
that amalgamates well with your business operations into a custom ERP solution. 

Custom ERP System Development

Our experts customize ERP software development services to meet the requirements of organizations of any size and type. We create robust ERP systems rendering relevant data insights across varied industry verticals.

ERP Development Consulting

Our ERP development experts perform excellent analysis of strategic business objectives and curate desired results. For deploying vital ERP software, our consultants collaborate with you to delineate different strategies.

ERP Implementation Services

For a successful business outcome, it is important to implement robust ERP solutions. Our ERP software developers are well-experienced in handling ERP data management, deployment, and servers and ensure the maintenance of data integrity in the process.

Custom ERP Dashboards

Our developers have proficiency in customizing ERP software development services to meet the needs of organizations of any size. We create robust ERP systems that offer relevant data insights in both web & mobile platforms.

ERP App Development

With the implementation of modern industry technologies and the latest tech trends, our professionals develop feature-rich ERP applications catering to your business needs. Our specializations include effective ERP applications for distinct platforms.

ERP System Support & Maintenance

We have a complete team of ERP experts administering continuous monitoring, support, and management for an effective ERP system. We guarantee the uninterrupted operation of ERP systems for proper system support & maintenance.

Major ERP Technology Stacks We Use

We use advanced technologies and modern strategies to create
exceptional ERP solutions tailor-made for businesses.

For the Back-end we use

Java Java
Node Node

For the Front-end we use

React React
Vue.js Vue.js
Next Js Next.js

For Cloud solutions we use

Azure Azure

Frequently Asked Questions

What is implied by the ERP system?

ERP is the short abbreviation of enterprise resource planning system which can be delineated as software that you can utilize to effectively manage daily functionalities involved with project management, accounting, supply chain management, risk management, and so forth. Based on software development requisites, ERP platforms can assist in managing vital risks involved in critical task planning.

What ERP services do you provide at Nextbrain?

Nextbrain provides a complete set of ERP software services comprising ERP implementation solutions, ERP consulting services, custom ERP solutions, managed services, ERP app development, ERP migration, and support services.

What are the major advantages of AI-based ERP software?

The major benefits of AI-based enterprise resource management ERP systems involve advanced efficiency, minimal costs, better decision-making, increased productivity, automated operations, enhanced data security, automated workflows, and many more.

What pricing models are available at Nextbrain?

At Nextbrain, we provide flexible pricing models for ERP software development which include a timely model, fixed price, hourly, monthly and so forth.

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