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A hospital administrative system is responsible for managing various departments of a hospital under one roof. Whether it is a multi-specialty hospital or a small clinic, they are struggling to manage the high patient volume and their requirements. After the pandemic years hospital management realized the importance of efficient Hospital Management System Software. At the time of covid 19 hospital management understood how decentralized work processes and a lack of patient management systems can slow down the number of available patient appointments. A smart and intelligent software system can easily take this situation. As a leading Hospital Management Software development company in Toronto, Nextbrain Technology can optimize, track and manage the administrative and financial processes of your hospital with our expert software development team. Our software is efficient to automate the workflow, manage storage, and retrieve information from a central secure location. We are capable of developing AI-powered practice management software and specialized dental software development.

What is Hospital Management Software?

It is a kind of software that is specially designed for hospitals, clinics, and other medical facilities to manage and store medical, administrative, and financial data. It will create ease in managing patient appointments and automate the work process. This software can store and manage appointments, patients, prescriptions, doctors’ schedules, etc. Moreover, hospital management software enables doctors to check their schedules and patients to book their appointments.

Key Benefits of Hospital Management Software

Hospital Automation 1

Hospital Automation

HMS can automate different activities of hospitals and clinics. It includes

  • Data entry
  • Manual appointment booking
  • Helping in going paperless. 

Easy Access To Data

Easy Access to Data

HMS can store all documents electronically,  including treatment methods, medical history, and test reports. It can assure all the documents available to the doctor at any time. So a smart hospital management system will help to ensure adequate treatment in minimal time.

Less Chance For Errors

Less chance for errors

Though HMS is reducing the chance of human intervention, the scope of errors or manipulation will be very less. Yearly medical record errors contribute to thousands of deaths in the world. An efficient HMS can greatly help to reduce this kind of error and death. 

Cost Efficient

Cost Efficient

HMS helps to automate most of the administrative tasks in a hospital. It benefits the management to reduce the number of employees and save the amount in salary expenses in the billing and insurance section. This will benefit both employers and employees too. 

Data Security 1

Data Security

HMS can assure the secret and safety of medical records or data. HMS software has access to all electronic medical recordings in a hospital or clinic. But the customized HMS software will allow access to this data for authorized users with adequate credentials. 

Better Patient Experience

Better patient experience

Online Hospital Management System does not mean it is designed only for hospitals and their HR management. It is equally beneficial for the patients too. HRM  gives a better customer experience for patients through online booking,bill payment, signing consent forms digitally, etc. 

Better Staff Interactions

Better Staff Interactions

Hospitals always need better communication between different departments and staff. HRM software always helps this situation with effective communication through software. For eg. a lab technician can share documents easily through the applications to the concerned doctor. 

Core Features of Hospital Management System Software

Electronic Health Record

HMS software uses electronic health records (EHR) to digitally store patients' medical records. It stores all data in one place and will get access at any time. EHR allows the sharing of patient data with different departments. It makes access to the patient's reports for the lab, doctors, and pharmacies.

Appointment and scheduling

HMS makes booking and scheduling doctors' appointments an easy process. It is helpful for both doctors and patients. Patients need this software to check the availability of a doctor's time slot, book an appointment with a doctor, and notify if any other slots are available. In the patient management system, follow-up booking will automatically schedule when the first consultation is over. This feature calendar needs to be incorporated into the software.

Billing and financial management

In HRMS software billing and financial management is an important feature. It can manage and efficiently operate all kinds of financial matters in a hospital or clinic administration. It includes taxes, revenues, costs, and patient bills. This software can automatically track the treatments and calculate patients' bills. The best part of this feature is that, if a patient is booking an appointment he/she can understand how much will be the cost of the expected treatment. Patients can also download and check the bill for each treatment.

Doctor’s Information

Customized HRMS software allows patients access to some features like doctor’s information. With this feature, patients can check the details about the doctors, including doctors' experience and expertise and the details about the clinics or hospitals.

Inventory Management

The inventory management feature of HRMS software helps the hospital management automatically check and take measurements of the stocks of different items in the hospital including the drugs and medicines. Moreover, it helps to check the expiry dates of each medicine and drug.

Laboratory Management

Except for efficient HRMS software no other system can make available lab reports in fast. As soon as the reports are ready the software will generate notifications to the patients and the concerned doctor.

Statistics and reports

HRMS software also helps hospitals and clinics to get statistics and reports about patients, doctors, and finance. In these reports, you can evaluate which clinic, marketing source, and practitioner is the best performer.


This software will also enable hospitals to robustly implement telemedicine services. Among the patients who do not need face-to-face consultation regularly, they can make use of this facility.

Insurance service integration

Insurance service integration helps hospital administration as well as patients. Before coming to the hospital patients can check about their insurance policy. Whether it is acceptable in the corresponding hospital or not. If it is acceptable the hospitals can integrate their service for the patient's benefit.

Treatment Plan Management

HRMS software’s treatment plan management feature helps doctors to identify which treatment plan will be effective for the particular patient. With the help of this software and the ICD (International Classification of Diseases), doctors can easily diagnose diseases and make effective treatment plans.

What is special about Nextbrain’s Hospital Management Software?

Being a leading software developer with many years of experience in HRMS Software development, we can enhance the flexibility and
efficiency of your hospital management. Following are some distinguished specialties of our software services.

Hospital Information management system software

Our HIMS software can optimize the workflow of your hospital or clinic physicians, nurses, and other healthcare staff. It will help you to streamline financial, administrative, and clinical operations. We also incorporated the modules for doctor-patient engagements, patient billing information, patient medical records, and inventory management of medicine supplies and equipment.

Hospital Information System Architecture

Our developers can ensure client-server architecture for web-based server processing and on-site. It also benefits programming relational database management systems and it will handle medical and administrative data.

Practice management software solutions

We have proficiency in designing Medical Management Software. This MM software has different features including registering patients, recording patients’ medical information and demographics, processing insurance, and automating administrative duties. 

HIS and PMS Patient Portal Integration

We can design portals for appointment booking, requesting refills, and personal health record coordination with health care professionals. We are also efficient in developing patient portals and it is integrated with EHR/ EMR/ PHR systems.  

Hospital Case Management Software

For optimizing and customizing inpatient and outpatient workflow we have interoperable case management management software. This will be useful for new patient registration, automatizing SMS notification, assigning rooms and beads, integrating medical records, and tracking and recording treatments and diagnosis. 

Healthcare Reporting Software Integration

Our developers are efficient in developing custom software in healthcare management. This custom software will help you to generate regular reports for administration and stockholders and to measure critical analytics. 

Integrated Hospital Information System

To ensure different aspects of hospital information and doctor practice management software we use the HL7 standard. For e-prescribing, sharing medical images, and Clinical Decision Support System, we enable enterprise-wide integration systems. 

Hospital RCM services

We can integrate features and custom dashboards with revenue cycle management. It helps to automate insurance validation. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is AI in Hospital Management Software?

It refers to the integration of artificial intelligence in Healthcare management software. It includes medical image analysis, speech recognition, etc. AI can also be used to monitor patients’ vital signs and identify potential health issues.

How can AI improve hospital management software?

It can enhance the hospital management software in several ways including optimizing workflows, automating administrative tasks, and delivering personalized patient care.

Is AI in Hospital management secure and private?

Yes, AI in hospital management will give the utmost security and privacy.

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