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Data science is one of the biggest advancements in global digital technology. We have a core team of data science experts that offers professional data science services transforming valuable information into applications that are useful for data scientists. The positive approach to data science comprises the development of a solution that is aimed at meeting the client’s business requisites. Nextbrain is the leading data science consulting company in Toronto, Canada that comprises optimizing and designing data strategies for leveraging data science for a business process. From providing data science consulting services to data science strategy, data science analysis to data visualization and data advisory services.


The design and implementation of data science, it helps companies to design a plan for its implementation. The data science strategy assists in guiding them to recognize the machine learning strategies and data sources in order to leverage depending on data requirements. Our main objective is to help companies make savvy business determinations. Subsequent to understanding the different business challenges our data science application development experts to help to comprehend critical data analysis and use it to resolve issues. The data science engineers have many years of expertise in developing professional data science consulting solutions for helping businesses to automate and streamline results.

As a top data science consulting firm, we offer the best data science solutions to companies all over the globe. Beginning from providing hands-on data training to following the very data-first approaches, our experts perform robust techniques to develop a complete end-product of data science simulation. With the help of the app platform, clients can visualize the dashboard in real-time and interface with distinct viable information. Additionally, it helps to administer user-specific interactive reports for getting around a clock view of the various business functionalities.


Rantcell assists the mobile operators to test the quality of the network services which they are providing to the customers. We have developed a mobile app for Rantcell by adopting an agile development process and using advanced technologies. Rantcell cloud solution will help to support various actions like RF drive test, QoE monitoring, etc.

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Our Data Science Consulting Services

Data Science Consulting

Data Science Consulting

By adopting different data science tools and strategies, our developers administer excellent data science solutions. It helps enterprises to extract and transform data in an organized format. The data science engineers  have hands-on experience in streamlining business operations by administering business-centric tools to overcome challenges.

Data Science Visualization

Data Visualization

The process administers complete information regarding the business process on receipt of interactive dashboards and graphical reports. It serves as a platform that helps to comprehend the different upgrading trends in the market.

Data Analytics

Data Analytics

The data analytics service enables the user to characterize the data type. It includes a bunch of structured formats including safety logs, server records, data organization, and so forth. Our proficiency lies in proffering SaaS-based solutions under the genre of IT data science.

Data Logging

Data Logging

With a view to supporting the existing business operations and processing more data to form a structural format, our experts strive to produce revolutionary data so that you can begin logging into your consumer’s footprints and have a close watch on insights gained.

Data Science Development

Data Science Development

We administer solutions to different challenges and always seek to develop data science processes as per business requirements. Our data science experts are indulged in streamlining distinct enterprise operations adding advancements to existing procedures.

Data Science SaaS

Data Science SaaS

Our professionals have the expertise to proffer superior-quality IT data science solutions. It seeks to administer the best practices for clients so that their existing processes can get streamlined and results in seamless business processes.

Industries That Benefited From Data Science Consulting

A number of industrial sectors have benefitted from the data science processes.

  • Medicine and Pharmaceuticals uses data science to improve care methods and administer comprehensive information to patients.
  • Retailers can make effective utilization of big data science and analytics to engage their shoppers.
  • Transportation sectors can use data science to map customer journeys and provide real-time insights.
  • Data science is well-utilized by banking and financial services to better decision-making and smart transactions.
  • Several media, entertainment and communication industries use data science to leverage mobile context, social media prospects and measure content performance.
  • Big data analytics plays a relevant role in the education sector where it is used to monitor student’s performance and teachers’ effectiveness.

Why Select Nextbrain For Data Science Consulting Services?

A number of industrial sectors have benefitted from the data science processes.

  • A complete 45+ team of professionals comprising web developers, data science experts and professionals.
  • Since 2016, it is dedicated to providing many data science consulting services.
  • Online free consultation based on data science development products.
  • Three months of free support post project completion.
  • Skilled developers having technical expertise and knowledge of various projects.
  • Proficiency in data science and SaaS-based product development.
  • Complete dedication from beginning to end.

Data Science Consulting FAQs

How much time is needed for data science consulting solutions?

The data science consulting work is generally dependent on the complexity of the platform and the features it is aimed to integrate. On average, it may take 3 to 6 months to complete the data science consulting process.

What is the cost of data science consulting services?

The cost of data science consulting generally depends on the complexity of the platform, features, the time needed, and the platform on which it is consulted. Additionally, it includes data analysis, visualization, data simulation, data logging and so forth.

How do data scientists make the most use of statistics?

Statistics is an integral part of data science. Data scientists use it to administer methods as well as tools to provide deeper insights and analysis to the data. It plays a major role in data  analysis, interactive exploration, data visualization, data acquisition and validation.

What is Data Science?

Data science can be defined as the process that deals with several algorithms and tools for receiving effective insights from raw data and indulges in methods such as data modelling and different data related tasks like data analysis, data visualization, and so forth.

What are the common skills required in a data science engineer?

The fundamental skills that are essential for a data science engineer are statistics, machine learning, big data learning, programming, business comprehension, and communication skills. 

How is data science beneficial to streamlining your business?

From gaining effective dashboards to interactive reports, receiving real-time notifications and alerts to efficient decision making, data science has played a great role in streamlining different existing business processes and enhancing business growth.

How can I hire data science engineers?

One can easily hire data science engineers that are best fit for the business requirements. Data science engineers’ profiles are given to the client and they can directly interact with the engineers for interview and selection.

After completion do you offer solutions for the data science final consulting?

Yes, our professional’s team of the data science consulting company provides 3 months of free support even after the complete data science consulting process in order to make it flawless and proper integration of the required functionalities.

How to communicate with the data science engineers?

Clients can easily communicate with the data science engineers over skype call, phone, email, and so forth.