5 min readAI video analytics: Make your school premises safe and secure
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Education helps individuals to find out and cultivate their best selves and school is the safe retreat where children learn and socialize, grow and nurture. It is the utmost trust of millions of parents who solely rely on school to enhance their children’s lives through education. Therefore, it remains the sole duty of school authorities to keep the place safe for students. However, the 1999 tragic shooting at a school in the US turned into a nightmare for many. As per the latest report, it seems more than 85% of public schools in the US effectively use video surveillance and security cameras. However, these security cameras can only capture videos, lacking the feature of real-time threat detection. 

With the introduction of AI-enabled video analytics, it has become easier to secure school premises from outside intruders. It is the best method of offering real-time video feeds to higher authorities. AI Video Analytics are utilized to automatically process and analyze vast amounts of data assisting organizations improve efficiency and visibility at scale. With the help of following a complicated series of rules and algorithms, the AI solution can easily detect and notify different activities.

How do AI video analytics assist school authorities?

AI analytics can effectively help schools detect potential threats and proper investigation conflicts. AI-enabled analytics offers effective real-time monitoring and surveillance.

Augmenting incident investigation 

With the implementation of AI video analytics software, smart security cameras can automatically detect and recognize distinct types of activity. Schools can easily utilize AI video analytics for detecting and responding to fights, aggressive actions, unusual behavior, students accessing a faculty-only zone, suspicious activity after hours, break-ins, and vandalism. 

It can check the video timeline and rapidly view all the moments. Additionally, it helps users to jump straight to the relevant footage instead of watching hours overnight. 

Automatic detection of loitering & trespassing

Automatic Detection Of Loitering Trespassing

Having AI-based motion detection will enable security personnel to take immediate action in case of emergencies. Security cameras can easily detect unusual behavior and loitering, trespassers hopping over fences, and send security guards to intervene. 

Object detection

Traditional forms of security cameras cannot detect objects and lack important features. Schools can utilize AI video analytics software to restrict access and inform the concerned law enforcement agencies. Authorities can easily integrate an attendance management system to specifically point out foreign objects and track individuals having guns or any sharp object. 

Proper access management

Proper Access Management

Security Infrastructure 

Nowadays, school authorities are planning to invest in technologies that perform strong monitoring of the campus. The traditional school security evinced many loopholes and needed a power-packed intrusion detection system that could easily integrate with the existing security cameras. It can be seamlessly connected to access management systems for initiating preventive actions with threat detection. Karuppa’s object detection is capable of detecting any dangerous object and reporting it to the security guards. Having the potential to detect humans and objects in real time, it can send alert notifications to security personnel who can take immediate measures. 

Centralized locking security 

With the implementation of AI video analytics solutions, school authorities get the opportunity to limit access to distinct parts of the school premises. It can prevent potential damage by restricting access to protected zones. It enables seamless identification of threats. It restricts suspects from entering areas such as the library, classrooms, and the school teachers’ room.  

Detection of unauthorized vehicles parked on school property           

AI video analytics can easily detect unauthorized vehicles within a school premises. It assists school management to effectively monitor parking lots, pickup zones, and streets along your campus. Having license plate recognition, schools can easily flag specific vehicles with custom tags as authorized or unauthorized. This feature can be used to detect potential suspicious activity on premises, prevent unauthorized persons from picking up students, and enforce campus parking permits.

Fight detection within the campus

AI video surveillance can be used to identify special events, fights, and violence. Having integrated with the right set of surveillance cameras it becomes easier to deliver actionable insights in real-time. Karuppa AI is a next-gen AI video surveillance system that can be configured to perform well with different types of surveillance cameras.


AI technologies have helped in automating different surveillance processes. AI-powered video surveillance is ideal for a school setting as it not only automates threat detection but also diminishes overall costs. School authorities do not have to invest in recurring expenses.


From primordial times, schools have operated with a large number of students and a couple of security guards monitoring across the school premises. With the advent of video analytics, schools are more safe ensuring the security of students. AI video analytics in schools can be easily integrated into existing security systems. Looking for a robust security system for your school? Nextbrain professionals crafted expert AI video surveillance for school and college campuses. We specialize in making AI solutions for multiple industries. Connect with our professionals to learn more about AI video analytics.