7 min readAI video analytics: The powerful tool transforming security, & safety operations in industries
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With the increasing digitization, people are increasingly adapting to newer ways of living. As more devices are getting connected to the internet, data can be majorly utilized to advance across different industry verticals. It has changed the way security surveillance operates and provides different solutions including video surveillance, access control devices, and other technological advancements. In the current research, it is seen that global video surveillance is estimated to be worth $63 billion in the US. With the help of artificial intelligence and machine learning, digital video surveillance is becoming more prevalent around distinct verticals. In this blog post, we are going to delineate the ways AI video analytics software is transforming security and safety operations.

Introduction to Artificial intelligence analytics & video analytics       

Artificial intelligence analytics is the recent talk of the town utilizing the power of today’s AI and machine learning technology. AI analytics is regarded as a product of automating data analyses. It has the capability to analyze unstructured data by harnessing AI analytics tools including NLP (natural language processing), computer vision and AI-powered speech analytics transcription. In order to accomplish certain tasks, video analytics utilizes artificial intelligence by employing computer vision and deep learning to video surveillance or live video streams. 

In the recent era, AI-powered video analytics technology has been majorly used in varied industry verticals including marketing, security, manufacturing and transportation. It has become popular owing to its effective functionality.  

Why utilize AI-powered video surveillance?

Why Utilize AI Powered Video Surveillance

During primordial times, video surveillance is mostly used for post-event analysis. For instance, if an event occurred law enforcement and security operators would review hours of footage in order to identify a scene or suspect. The process is completely time-consuming. However, this is not the present scenario with AI-enabled video surveillance as security operators can easily receive footage in real-time alerts of potential incidents. It has put an end to several crimes, mitigated dangers and saved lives. 

This context takes us to learn more about AI video analytics and how it is transforming safety and security operations in industries. Here we have curated a few benefits of how AI video analytics is changing the security scenario across industry jargon.

Quicker search opportunity      

One of the major advantages of AI-powered video analytics involves quicker search opportunities assisting security operators to quickly search through piles of data footage for a particular event or a given period. The quick search flexibility has been made possible owing to the use of machine learning enabling systems to learn and remember objects that were previously recognized.               

Object recognition

For recognizing specific objects such as vehicles, people and others, AI video surveillance software can be easily integrated into security operations. In terms of security, it serves power too by identifying potential threats and intruders. For instance, an AI system is trained to identify a person’s appearance, it sends alerts to security operators, who then get alarmed with the same. Coming to alerts, it is relevant to have a look at how AI-powered video analytics can streamline security operations in business & industry sectors. 

Real-time alerts

Real-time alerts can turn out to be an important feature as they enable security personnel to take immediate action to prevent crime and mitigate damages. In case of an intruder’s entry to a restricted area, the AI-enabled video analytics surveillance system is capable of promptly sending alerts to security operators. 

This enables security operators to take prompt action in resolving the situation. The AI-enabled video surveillance system has the potential to detect such objects and send real-time alerts to security.

How AI-enabled video analytics is compatible with existing monitoring networks?

Several AI-enabled video analytics systems can easily integrate with IP surveillance cameras. This implies that one can easily deploy AI-based video analytics without the requirements to replace the entire security infrastructure. Therefore, it can be easily said that AI-enabled video analytics is transforming the security industry in multiple ways. Not only does it streamline the process of security monitoring but also offers a cost-effective option for video surveillance. 

Top applications of AI video analytics

When it comes to protecting property, information and people, security becomes a major factor. AI-enabled video analytics have been widely used across security applications. Let’s take a look at the major applications of AI video analytics. 

Manufacturing & logistics businesses             

Manufacturing Logistics Businesses

Several companies utilize surveillance infrastructure like video cameras for detecting and deterring theft, ensuring the safety of workers and monitoring employee productivity. With the advent of advanced technology, surveillance cameras, smart cameras, and facial recognition technology can be employed for administering a completely distinct way of monitoring security operations. There are times when retailers need to track customer behaviour and prevent theft. AI-powered video analytics can be utilized to count the number of customers in a store and track if needed. 

Forensic investigations

In forensic investigations, the main objective lies in analyzing video footage for extracting evidence. Motion detection technique involves analyzing video footage to identify movement in the scene. By recognizing the motion of people and objects in the scene, investigators can track the motion of objects and people in the scene. Facial recognition is a modern technology that can be harnessed to recognize individuals in video footage. 

City area surveillance

City Area Surveillance

AI video analytics has played a major role in city and area surveillance. Cities are utilizing video analytics for detecting illegal activities, monitoring public areas and tracking traffic jams. One of the best applications of AI video analytics is the utilization of facial recognition technology. It can be used to recognize people who can serve as security threats. 


Nowadays, airlines are using AI-enabled video analytics to prevent any kind of luggage mismanagement or theft. It tracks the time luggage spends at different points in the airport. AI video analytics find massive applications in railways too. It has ensured the safety of passengers by tracking the speed and location of trains. The information can be utilized to recognize any kind of hazardous areas on the railway and prevent accidents from occurring. Transportation companies can use video analytics to track the location of trucks and optimize delivery routes. 

Healthcare verticals

In addition to other industries, healthcare organizations are benefitting from AI video analytics software. Medical industries are harnessing the potential of video analytics software for tracking the motion of patients and staff. The data can be used for detecting abnormalities in patient behavior, searching patient data and many more. Machine learning algorithms are utilized to analyze video footage of patients.

Final thought

AI video analytics is one of the promptly growing fields having a wide range of applications across different fields. It is majorly used in different industries for improving security, operations and safety. AI video analytics have proved a boon in the 21st century. Looking for effective video analytics software for your business? Nextbrain is the leading software development company in Canada having many years of expertise in creating world-class solutions for diverse verticals. The developers have a skilled technical background and knowledge in employing advanced tools and technologies to create artificial intelligence CCTV software for security and safety operations. We have a core team of professionals having many years of proficiency in creating world-class solutions for startups, medium-scale businesses and enterprises.