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As the Jewelry industry is highly competitive, jewelers need to showcase their products and promote their brand through the best jewelry websites. Most of the customers prefer to do online shopping to buy jewelry items rather than spending more time searching for the product in the jewelry store.

Hence, the jewelry websites will be more beneficial where the customers can search for the desired product and purchase the preferred one easily and quickly. Without a proper website, there may be many chances of losing potential customers which greatly affects your business revenue. Hence the jewelry retailers need to approach a top website design and development company that offers exceptionally high-quality websites with visually appealing images to improve your online presence and promote your brand awareness. 

Importance of eCommerce Website Development for Jewelers

Many times customers look at jewelry that is visually more appealing and attractive. The jewelry product which is more eye-catching will surely grab the attention of the customers and make them think of that product. If your website is unorganized with poor quality web designing, there might be chances that customers may feel your brand is not a good quality as visual elements play a huge role in promoting your brand.

In order to promote your jewellery business and attract more users, you need an impressive jewelry eCommerce store. For this purpose, you need to approach the best eCommerce web design company in Toronto that develops professional eCommerce websites with elegant designs and attractive layouts.

Transform your Brand with Advanced Jewelry eCommerce Features

Nbcanada Transform Your Brand With Advanced Jewelry Ecommerce Features

Every eCommerce jewelry retailer wants to have the best jewelry website that creates an outstanding online presence. We offer a robust eCommerce jewellery web development solution with an amalgamation of features that reflect your brand. Below are the most essential features which help improve customer engagement and brand loyalty.

  • 3D Jewelry Viewer

Facilitates the customers to view the jewelry item in a 360-degree view which helps them to have a better clarity about the product. Integration of this 3D jewelry viewer gives the customers to view the jewelry with a better mouse control. 

  • Price Integration

Jewellery website design helps in a seamless and simple-to-use interface that lets you estimate your jewelry price based on the live price of the metal items. You can add weight, purity, and markup to each of the jewelry items.

  • Manage Orders
Nbcanada Manage Orders

Ecommerce website development helps customers to easily order the required jewelry, view the catalog, manage the items, check the prices, track their orders and get the order delivered to their doorsteps directly from the app or the eCommerce store.

  • Advanced Search Filters

Customers can also avail of advanced search options which let them choose the diamond or any stone of their choice. They can use advanced filters for searching which include color, carat, cut, polish, depth, clarity, etc.

  • Jewelry Personalization

This feature allows customers to select the jewelry of their preference. They can choose the stone that exactly fits from various filter options and engraving options through the best jewelry websites. 

  • Secured Access to Catalogs

Customers can access the unique jewelry catalogs that are available to make their online purchases more simple and personalized. This feature saves a lot of time as customers can easily go through the jewelry of their choice.

  • Virtual try-on

The virtual try-on feature lets the customers try their jewelry virtually and then make their selection. It eliminates ambiguity as they can experience their jewelry like earrings, bracelets, etc. virtually which allows them to make a better selection. They can make their jewelry selections more conveniently with the virtual try-on feature.

  • Discounts & Promotions

This helps you in promoting your products to acquire new customers. You can also provide various special offers, discounts, etc. which help in increasing your conversion rate and attracting a lot of customers.

Various eCommerce Platforms for Jewelry Website Development

As every business has its unique features and functionalities, we offer various eCommerce platforms from which you can choose the one that best suits your business needs. Our talented mobile app developers have many years of experience and good knowledge of working with various eCommerce platforms. Let’s have a look at the best eCommerce platforms used for developing the best jewelry websites.

  • Magento Ecommerce
  • WooCommerce
  • Shopify
  • Drupal Ecommerce
  • OpenCart

Jewelers can choose the best eCommerce platform from the above-given platforms to get their website developed. Get in touch with our expert eCommerce website development team who can assist you in building your jewelry website. Contact us today!

The Development Cost of Jewelry eCommerce Website

Nbcanada Development Cost Of Jewelry Ecommerce Website

The cost to develop a high-quality jewelry website may depend on various factors like features and complexity of the website, UX design, a number of hours taken for completion of website development, etc. After making a clear analysis of all these requirements a cost estimate will be given.

In order to build a jewelry eCommerce website on the advanced versions of open-source eCommerce platforms like Magento, WooCommerce, Shopify, Drupal Ecommerce, OpenCart, Prestashop, etc. will range from $8000 – $15000. In case, a module needs to be added like developing a ring or any integration in the existing jewelry website may cost between $1800 – $4000. 

Benefits of Our Custom Jewelry Store Website Design and Development

Our web developers analyze your business requirements to design and develop a professional, custom, and scalable jewelry website with unique features and functionalities that reflect your brand and perfectly fit your business needs. We clearly understand your business goals, target audience, location and other factors that can influence your brand while developing your website.

Our certified website developers will use cutting-edge technologies to create handcrafted custom jewelry websites that are tailored to your business needs. As the best web design company in Toronto, our UI/UX designers create beautifully crafted images that make a great first impression on your audience, strengthening your brand reputation and improving customer credibility. 

Premium design

Make the jewelry in your website appear unique and appealing to your customers by using various custom graphics, images, videos, headers, sliders, etc. As a top web design company in Toronto, we strive hard to capture the attention of your website visitors and make them stay for a long time on your website which helps to drive more traffic to your website and increase your sales.

Clutter-Free UI design

We design an interactive and engaging website that is clutter-free with user-friendly features and robust functionalities. A unique website design plays an important role in developing any eCommerce website. We offer attractive layouts which assist your end-users in navigating seamlessly from the product pages to other pages. 

Responsive Design

Nbcanada Responsive Design

As most customers prefer to shop through their smartphone, we design a mobile-responsive website that works on all the devices like laptops, desktops, tablets, etc. efficiently. Our web developers design a unique and customized website that gives a rich user experience to the target customers.

Unique features & functionalities

We build a custom and secure website with unique features and functionalities in order to win the trust of end-users and enhance your brand loyalty. Unlike other businesses, to earn profits in the jewelry business needs brand promotion and customer loyalty. We offer secure payment gateway integrations to offer hassle-free payments for your customers. 

Manage Jewelry eCommerce Store Seamlessly 

As the jewelry website needs to be updated with the latest items, we offer you an efficient dashboard where you can easily manage your products. You can add or remove the jewelry items, modify prices, discounts, update new images, categories, etc. This helps you to complete your business tasks quickly and efficiently.

Custom SEO and Digital Marketing Services

As the best SEO company in Toronto, along with offering website design and development services, we also promote your website through digital marketing services. We offer SEO-friendly websites which makes your website rank on the top of search engines. We assist you in increasing your website traffic, lead generation and sales.


Every jewelry retailer can get benefits by having their unique and customized website as the jewelry websites help to acquire new customers, improve conversion rate, and enhance sales. It acts as a great platform to promote your products and makes them easily accessible to your target audience.

Looking for your jewelry eCommerce website development from a professional web development company? Nextbrain Technologies is the top website design and development company in Toronto, Canada offering unique and custom web design and development solutions that can increase your sales and business revenue.


Is it essential for the customers to sign in to make a purchase of any product?

Yes. Customers must sign in to the website with their login details to purchase the required jewelry products of their choice.

Will it be possible to rate the product even if the customer has not bought any jewelry from the website?

Yes. Customers can give ratings for any jewelry item even if they have not made any purchases. Along with the ratings, customers can also write the product review. 

What is the procedure that a customer needs to follow to search for a product?

Customers can view the image and required details of the jewelry item by selecting the category and subcategory of the item and search for the required product. Customers can also search for the product through the related keyword.

Will it be possible to know about the authenticity of the jewelry items on the website?

Yes. You can ensure the authenticity of the jewelry items by checking the license information and other details of the product given on the website. This helps to create trust among the target customers and makes them buy the product.

What is the total duration taken to execute a customized jewelry eCommerce store? 

The total time taken to complete a jewelry eCommerce website may depend on various factors like complexity of the website, data migration, features, level of customization, etc. Usually, the time duration will be between 5 to 6 weeks.

Is it possible to upload various pictures of the jewelry items on the website?

Yes. It is possible to upload up to 5 different pictures to showcase your jewelry product and make it more appealing to your customers. Uploading more pictures will give a better clarity about the product which helps in increasing the chances of buying that jewelry item.



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