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In the days before the internet, marketing involved a one way approach wherein people who had something to sell, would directly approach the customer via print services, television or radio telecommunication. But the internet has made a new type of marketing, called digital marketing to overthrow the previous marketing approaches. The global web index estimated that a little more than 50 percent of people researched the products online before purchasing them in 2018.

Digital marketing has a growth curve that is indistinguishable from that of the technology that it uses to make this process possible. The first clickable banner ad, “You will” developed by AT&T, went live on the internet in 1994 and in the first 4 months, 44 percent of users online who saw the ad clicked on it. This and other digital marketing strategies followed from this point in time.  

The term Digital marketing is now associated with many things. Search engine optimization(SEO) involves the process of increasing organic web traffic to a particular site. search engine marketing(SEM) also known as PPC(pay per click) marketing involves the purchase of ad space important, visible positions on top search results pages and websites. social media marketing, and content marketing. Automotive manufacturing companies that want to increase their sales can now use these strategies. They help in making their product more known to the public and also keep the public engaged enough to find more about the product.

Automotive manufacturing involves a lot of design and analysis. This includes the use of some expensive and high tech software solutions to the industry problems automotive manufacturing industries face. Automotive manufacturing companies also deal with many other industries and this business to business(B2B) interaction is complicated. The original equipment manufacturers(OEMs) can only finalize deals after they have met the array of requirements that are set sometimes by the company and sometimes by the government. Thus knowledge of digital marketing also helps in getting the best services from the required industries.

Following are the digital marketing services that automotive manufacturers use to help themselves to grow their business in their day to day time.

Automotive Search Engine Optimization

NBCanada Automotive Search Engine Optimization

Since automotive manufacturing companies know buyers of all kinds rely on the internet to research their interested piece of automotive, automotive manufacturing companies now invest in getting their employees to research into automotive SEO. These tech employees incorporate the right keywords and meta descriptions on the page. This makes the search engine crawling mechanism to rank the company website on its top results. With the digital marketing tool of SEO, the automotive industry can optimize anything from website copy to ad campaigns, to social media posts.

Social Media Marketing and Management

NBCanada Social Media Marketing

With 70% of marketers reporting an increase in brand awareness on social media platforms, the automotive manufacturing industry can also now join in this trend. Social media platforms Facebook and LinkedIn use hyper-targeting ads on their users. Hyper targeting is a digital marketing tactic that involves the use of private information associated with the users to help target user-specific ads. Google Adsense, has a less aggressive approach but still can be used by many automotive manufacturing companies to effectively market their products. The management of the private data of the company is also a task for the companies. This is handled by data engineers and IT security departments of the company.

Search Engine Marketing

NBCanada Search Engine Marketing

Search engine marketing or PPC(pay per click) digital marketing can be the next step automotive manufacturing industries use to drive sales. Google ads, bing ads, yahoo ads can be the PPC marketing option wherein both the automotive manufacturing industry and the search engine can benefit. These days even duckduckgo has started using digital marketing services of PPC, but there isn’t much customizable control in that site than the others. Since google holds the majority search engine share on the internet, their digital marketing services although expensive compared to the others are to be used to drive sales.

Youtube Marketing

NBCanada Youtube Marketing

The engagement rate for video content is very high on the web. The people who are interested in the product can be made to watch the content of the automotive manufacturing company’s choosing. Youtube has global users that spend at least 3 hours a day. This means there is high user retentivity on the site. By using this type of digital marketing service, automotive manufacturing companies can also educate their customers on the intricate parts of their machines since images and text are bad at doing the same. 

Email Marketing

NBCanada Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the proven and effective methods of digital marketing that exist today. In this method,  advertising email can be sent to groups of target audiences. If the legal requirements that are set by a particular country are met, this digital marketing tool can help the automotive industry to cheaply deliver the important messages of the many companies in it. Email marketing is the cheapest means of digital marketing.   

Content Marketing Through Blogs

NBCanada Blog

The automotive manufacturing industry can market their product information and technical details by using blogging sites and social media sites. These include wordpress, blogger and facebook or vkontakte. These sites are visited by millions of people around the world. Automotive industry blogs themselves can make use of digital marketing strategies like incorporating the right keywords and using effective titles and meta descriptions. The blogs will then rank high when people search for similar keywords on search engines.

The customer engagement rate and loyalty increases when the tool called digital marketing is used systematically, effectively and ethically.  Users can get the information they are interested in because the automotive manufacturing industry can pay attention to how the internet is customized to each individual.


As the importance of digital marketing increases, automotive manufacturing industries that also want to make a powerful impact on the public will incorporate its elements into their web designs. Automotive manufacturing companies that research the market and then make effective digital marketing decisions will simply gain more sales. Nextbrain Technologies, from Toronto, Canada, is one of the best Digital marketing companies that also provide Website design services to its customers using SEO technology.



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