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  • Oct 18, 2021
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Gamification is the most effective tool in order to improve workplace culture and employee engagement. A healthy lifestyle of employees in the workplace will certainly improve the productivity of the company. According to a recent report, around 70% of organizations globally are implementing a minimum of one gamified application in their work environment. 

Many powerful strategies of gamification are utilized to attain the desired task and instill the desired behavior in employees. The most important concept of gamification is that employees usually desire to get socialized, prosper in a competitive environment and feel good while earning the recognition and rewards that come because of their achievements.

Gamification is the implementation of game elements even in the non-game environment. Usually, the membership cards in gyms, multiplexes, local shopping malls, etc. will attract people as they will get discounts, reward points, VIP status, etc. due to the advantage of continued purchases. Also, customer loyalty programs will make people feel more valued as esteemed customers and impose a sense of completeness in their minds.

It also motivates customers to repeat a specific behavior like making purchases of the goods and services of particular brands and businesses.

Elements of Gamification 

The theory of gamification is very effective in most business ventures, especially in Fitness and employee wellness management apps. There are certainly important elements that can assist in making gamification more interesting and engaging like competition, leveling up, badges, collaboration, transparency, goals, points, fast feedback, onboarding, community, and many more.

Some users will view gamification to be a certain form of modification of behavior by making use of the technology. For s corporate wellness activity to be implemented in a successful way, all these gamification elements are greatly useful.

Gamification for employee wellness management app development

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There are various gamification techniques that can improve employee wellness and engagement as it enables employers in creating simple wellness activities and challenges which aim to enhance employee health. 


Employee wellness management apps must include a real-time transparent leaderboard. Healthy competition can be made among the employees by displaying who is undertaking what by making use of the in-built leaderboard. This certainly helps in making the corporate wellness activity even more interesting, engaging, and also enhances sportsmanship feeling among the employees.

Create contest

A friendly competition will definitely act as the best motivator in anyone’s life. Also, it is the general nature of humans to feel driven to perform a task when met with some challenges. Employee wellness management apps will offer the best platform by implementing a number of wellness campaigns regardless of your company’s geographical location. The employer will get complete liberty in creating and modifying the health challenges to boost the overall experience of employees.

This employee wellness management platform also offers certain health challenges including walkathons accompanied by daily or weekly targets that are customizable. Group-based employee wellness challenges are one of the best options that the employee wellness management app offers that will take the competition between employees to a higher level.

Customizable badges and trophies

Customizable trophies and badges differentiate our progress clearly. They certainly make all the employees feel that they achieved something. Additionally, it is a fun activity to collect trophies and badges. By using customizable badges and trophies and badges, it is easy to show appreciation to all your employees for accomplishing each and every goal. This will certainly assist to enhance the team spirit among your employees.

Personalized health dairy

The employees may maintain a personalized health diary or daily log regarding their fitness pattern, that may include regular activities as well as meals by utilizing this unique feature. This assists the employees to keep a track of their progress and offers them a clear idea regarding what they need to implement in order to improve their health journey. The employees may feel lost and even feel unmotivated to work hard for a healthier lifestyle without a personalized health dairy.

Gift cards and fitness points

In order to make the transformation to a better and healthy lifestyle more productive, employee wellness management apps will offer a rewarding system based on points. This is a robust and more flexible system that assists employers in saving up on the health care costs of their employees. These fitness points are allocated to the unified wallet of employees once they are done with a certain health task. The employer will also get to select how these fitness points are going to be distributed among each and every employee.

These fitness points can be easily redeemed as gift cards from popular brands by the employees. This unique feature is made available for all the employees globally. They may also redeem any gift cards directly from the employee wellness management app itself in order to purchase various products from any in-store or e-commerce brand.

Employee engagement 

Gamification will be certainly used to manage and bring a healthy change in workplace culture. To set up a challenge that is as simple as activities like running, walking, or even the step-counting challenge for a certain distance and even making your employees into a group of teams will improve in motivating and engaging your employees. In this way, under the healthy pressure of other peers, all the employees will certainly feel encouraged in performing better along with developing team companionship at the same instant.


Gamification is the best way to transform your work environment healthier and make your employees more happy, flexible, and engaged. Nextbrain technologies are the most reputed mobile app development company in Toronto, Canada specialized in developing custom and scalable employee wellness management apps by adopting current market trends and implementing advanced technologies.