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Majority of consumers are inclined to shop some part of their requirements in physical retail stores in comparison to online shopping. Footfall traffic is fundamental to advancing store performance as it becomes difficult to accomplish better results without measuring the volume of customers that visit your retail store. With all foot traffic in retail spaces, people counting has become an increasingly important technology. People counting helps to keep track of the total number of people who enter and exit a physical retail space. People counters can do wonders by offering you insights regarding customer responsiveness, staff allocation, optimization, and others.

In this blog post, we will delve deep into the multifaceted ways in which people counting software can impact retail store operations. Footfall counting can seamlessly deliver desired results for retail store operations.

How footfall counting can be used in retail businesses?

How Footfall Counting Can Be Used In Retail Businesses

Several retailers can invest in people counting solutions that comply with data governance and privacy compliance. With video analytics software powered by AI, retailers can gather information relating to footfall data, length of time in-store data, and demographic data. 

Footfall data

Footfall is considered as the number of people who occupy a retail space at one time. It analyzes foot traffic data and finds out the number of people who visited the store at different time intervals. 

Length of time in retail store data

Advanced people counters help retailers acknowledge how long people visit their stores and whether they engage with products and other customer behavior analytics. 

Demographic data

AI-powered people counting technologies can easily unveil demographic data like the age of store visitors. For instance, if a store attracts a younger community of customers, then the retailer should target this audience with marketing materials.

How people counting software can impact retail operations?

Harnessing people counting software can generate insights relating to how many people can enter or exit a door at a retail location. 

People counting sensors

People counting in retail has multiple advantages in measuring how many people can walk through an entrance or exit in a retail environment. The counting sensors can seamlessly connect to a separate system and detect crowds with thermal imagery.        

People counting beams

Laser beams are people counting sensors that harness infrared beams for protecting people frequenting a store. It assists a retailer in counting how many people are visiting the retail store at different periods.                           

People counting cameras

With the help of security cameras, video data can be gathered and analyzed. The video analytics software is capable of detecting bodies under surveillance. AI video analytics software embedded into security cameras can identify patterns and trends in footfall, enabling retailers to learn more about daily operations. AI software can easily generate video analytics for retail stores regarding the type of people who visit the stores. 

If retailers have actionable insights into customer responsiveness to retail stores, then they are equipped with the essential data to make the decisions that can seamlessly improve the bottom line of business. In this context, we can delve deep into the three relevant ways in which using this technology can contribute to advanced results. 

Critical insights into customer behavior

Footfall counting systems have multifaceted benefits. The gathered data enables shop owners to identify customer behavior trends that can potentially lead to a sale. This data comprises the number of people entering the store, how long they can spend in the store, and how much time they spend on the different sections of the store, all are crucial in making changes to increase conversions. For instance, footfall counting technology combined with retail business analytics can easily result in an increased number of customers entering the store. 

Operational performance

People counting technology leverages data that can be used to make relevant decisions for an optimized operational performance. Tracking the ebb and flow of customers at peak times can impact conversion rates. For crowd management, security from the risk of theft, and maximizing sales, most retail owners prefer the usage of people counting solutions. 

Harnessing data for improving customer experience

Consumers are more likely to spend more when they have a positive shopping experience. Footfall data can be utilized to recognize the average number of people standing in line for purchases. Additionally, the technology is influential in identifying the average number of people standing in a queue. The data is relevant for ensuring adequate staff allocation resulting in a better customer experience. People monitoring software will enable retailers to make informed decisions relating to business ultimately improving their bottom line. 

How Nextbrain can help retailers transform their business?

In retail, people counting is becoming more of a necessity generating insights regarding footfall, customer behavior, and queue management. Store owners need to be aware of footfall-counting technologies that can assist them in calculating how many people can visit their physical spaces at specific times. It can result in more insights into their retail operations. 

Retail analytics software can seamlessly recognize patterns in this data and discover more information regarding customers visiting the places. The AI-enabled video surveillance can assist track visitors and learn more about them.      

How Nextbrain AI video analytics can help retailers optimize store operations?

Nextbrain seamlessly integrates into the store’s existing video surveillance system and gathers data associated with customer movement across other connected cameras. Data gathered from customer footfall counting can easily improve store efficiency, embellish customer experience, and increase profitability. 

Heat mapping

Heatmaps technology can be utilized to track the paths taken by customers inside the store and identify the most popular sections. With this data, retailers can easily optimize the store layout and make relevant changes to drive more sales.

Real-time people counting

It gives retailers the opportunity to estimate the number of visitors per day. It can make informed decisions and improve marketing programs. The number of in-store visitors can be counted in real-time with the implementation of a people-counting system.

Pathway analysis

It assists in comprehending the way customers move through the store and identifying the most popular products. With this data, retailers can easily optimize the store layout and make relevant changes to product placement to drive more sales. 

Dwell time analysis

With video analytics powered by AI, it displays how people spend in distinct ways in different areas. It can assist in improving customer requirements and search.

Statistical analysis

Stores can seamlessly determine the impact of promotions and seasonal changes on shoppers’ traffic and adjust marketing strategies all year round. 

Line crossing

It enables store security to focus on a specific area inside the store. Alerts are easily sent to the person entering the sensitive area.


For a long time, AI video analytics has become a relevant tool for retailers to optimize business processes, satisfy customers’ demands, and build marketing strategies. In the recent era, retail businesses are reconsidering how they can meet the growing demand of consumers. Additionally, it can deliver an advanced customer experience. Implementing AI-driven software will help retailers stay ahead of the competitive curve. With Nextbrain’s AI retail analytics software, actionable insights obtained can easily maximize store performance. Connect with our expert individuals to know more about people counting solutions.