5 min readHow should doctors clinics hospitals stay ahead of the competition with digital transformation

How should doctors/ clinics/ hospitals stay ahead of the competition with digital transformation?

Digital transformation has elevated the medical industry and brought a revolutionary change by digitizing the healthcare services, ensuring proper medical treatment is accessible to patients in need from anywhere, anytime.

The healthcare delivery apps help the patients to find doctors and hospitals easily. By using this app, patients can also find the doctors according to the specialization. They can check the available slots of the doctor, fees and can schedule an appointment based on the date and time. They can receive the confirmation alert about their appointment. This app also helps the hospitals to maintain patient details and an electronic health record with all the health reports of the patient.

Easy to find the hospital

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As going to the hospitals directly and making an appointment with the doctors is a time taking process, the on-demand healthcare delivery app helps the patients to make the appointments easily. The patients can search the well-experienced doctors within their location and find the doctors according to their specialization and check the available doctors based on the date and time to book an appointment. 

Schedule appointment

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By using the healthcare delivery app, the patients can check the fees, available slots and schedule an appointment at their convenient time or they can make the appointment request immediately. Once the appointment request is confirmed, a well-experienced doctor will arrive at the customer’s doorstep to provide necessary treatment for the patient or the patient can visit the hospital for treatment.

Emergency services

Emergency Services 01

The on-demand healthcare app offers emergency medical services to patients. By using this app, patients can send one-touch alerts to the emergency contacts and also to the hospitals nearby and ambulance services. This healthcare app mainly helps people who stay alone in their houses and who need immediate health support. By using this app, doctors or healthcare professionals can approach immediately to help the patients and provide necessary treatment.

Easy payment options

Easy Payment Options 01

By using mobile apps in the healthcare industry, the payment process becomes much easier as the patients can make payments online through credit, debit cards, e-wallets, net banking, etc. This allows patients to make cashless payments through the mobile app. Patients can receive more secure and hassle-free services by making payments through mobile applications.

Maintain electronic health records

Maintain Electronic Health Records 01

Without having a systematic health record it takes a lot of time to diagnose the patient’s health condition and give proper treatment. The hospitals or clinics can maintain a health record of the patient where the medical history of the patient can be stored. The medical diagnosis apps help to maintain an electronic health record. Medical history contains all the information about the patient, health issues and the treatment given. By using this electronic health record, doctors can easily track the health condition of the patient and diagnose properly.

Responsive web and mobile app

Responsive Web And Mobile App 01

The hospitals or doctors require a responsive web and mobile application to enhance their business. So it is required to launch the iOS and Android applications to customers through which they can log in and make an appointment. The web application with responsive design integration can be accessed from any mobile browser by customers and admin.

Promote your app

Promote Your App 01

The promotion of the app is very essential to let the app reach a huge customer base. So after launching your app, you need to promote it with digital marketing services like SEO, Email marketing, SMM, and Adwords which let your customers find your apps online, install the apps, and place an order.


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The on-demand healthcare app is offering many advantages to patients and the hospitals elevating the healthcare industry. Today most of the hospitals are utilizing digital transformation services to stay ahead of the competition. Nextbrain Technologies is the top mobile app development company in Canada that develops the most responsive and customized healthcare apps to boost your business.



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