5 min readImpact of AI video analytics: Top 10 ways it can improve hospital safety & security standards
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Among the fastest growing industry verticals healthcare has been one of the relevant sectors that is rapidly evolving in terms of facilities and revenue. Every day, healthcare and medical facilities confront different challenges right from securing their premises to patient care actions. Therefore, it became necessary to secure the healthcare facilities. With AI-powered video analytics, healthcare facilities have improved their overall patient experience. AI analytics have automatically analyzed real-time video to recognize a vast array of objects.

In this blog post, we are going to lay emphasis on the major ways AI Video can advance hospital safety and security. It can embellish hospital security, track assets, monitor external buildings, and monitor patient behavior in the room. In order to enhance the efficacy of healthcare facilities for visitors and patients, world-class security and surveillance is of great importance. It streamlines business processes in an effective way.

Let’s take a look at the different ways in which AI video analytics can improve hospital safety measures.   

Monitoring visitors at the healthcare facility

Monitoring Visitors At The Healthcare Facility

AI-enabled video analytics can assist in monitoring hospital visitors by seamlessly automating access control systems utilizing facial and license plate recognition, allowing access to restricted areas. Additionally, it can be used to track and monitor employees for secondary screening. The system is capable of alerting authorities on the absence or presence of surgical gear and PPE.

Detection of intrusion

Today, the best mode of ensuring security is through placing security cameras, guards, and monitors. However, it is relevant to detect suspicious actions, objects & humans across multiple monitors for a given span of time. The AI-based technology eliminates any kind of real-time video feeds that can actively alert on different signs of intrusion within some time. 

Effective assistance with medicine & food delivery

AI-enabled video analytics is capable of monitoring different activities involved within a medical facility. It can track if the patient is eating or taking medicines on time. This kind of monitoring makes delivery more timely and accurate. 

Patient monitoring

Patient Monitoring 1

AI video analytics is capable of monitoring patients and equipment apart from their privacy. With highly accurate monitoring of patients, healthcare authorities can monitor for patients being falling, visitation logs, screens, levels, and equipment. 

Tracking medical equipments

Artificial intelligence can be easily trained to identify objects and monitor general tools in conjunction with physical QR code labels. Video footage can assist with after-the-fact forensic investigation having AI returning search results in seconds. 

Optimization of patient transportation & parking 

AI video surveillance is capable of optimizing patient transportation and tracking vehicle traffic throughout the hospital campus. It can easily log license plates, track arrival & departure times, and many more

Improving staff safety

Improving Staff Safety 1

There are times when hospital and healthcare departments get caught in situations where safety protocols become primordial. Several incidents of verbal spats in medical facilities are caused due to hostile environments within the hospital. AI video analytics is capable of helping in alerting hospital authorities regarding safety breaches and incidents in real-time. 

Diminish liability

When it comes to security and safety for hospitals, AI video technology takes security to another level. It administers additional data, visitor identification, license plate recognition, patient & visitor monitoring, and many others for forensic investigation. AI-enabled analytics have the potential to turn your video record into valuable data for demonstrating privacy and security protocols. 

Video surveillance powered by intelligent vision solutions in hospital premises is relevant right from the reception area to parking lots, blood banks, visitor’s lobby, blood banks, pathology labs to the kitchen. Security systems assist in preventing break-ins and crimes in healthcare verticals. Creating real-time incident notification prevents unauthorized access to restricted areas and negligence of support staff that can alert security personnel.

Managing costs

The automated security monitoring solutions offered by AI video analytics have helped medical facilities in creating centralized access for seamless healthcare operations. It enables medical facilities to reconfigure and redeploy manpower to increase urgent requirements. It results in relevant operational cost savings and return on investment. Most hospital security systems use security cameras enabling you to advance overall safety and performance in facilities in an effective way. By utilizing AI analytics as part of surveillance solutions and security operations within a medical infrastructure will enable you to improve overall safety and performance in facilities management in an effective way. 

Hospital premises security

Video surveillance driven by AI-powered solutions in hospital premises is quite relevant. It streamlines the security systems by improving the efficiency of hospital staff. It prevents any kind of violent actions by preventing crimes, and break-ins within the healthcare facility.


After observing a complete analysis of the AI video analytics software, it becomes clear that video intelligence has been able to spread to a vast array of situations. AI-driven video surveillance and analytics have been a major development in the technology industry. Nextbrain is one of the leading AI software development companies having many years of expertise in creating premium quality solutions for different industry verticals. By harnessing AI analytics as part of surveillance will be able to improve safety measures within the healthcare facility. Connect with our experts to have a brief knowledge of the varied opportunities involved in AI video surveillance.