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  • May 2, 2022
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In-game collectibles have long been a thing in digital games, even going back to the days of console games created by Atari. You would get them if you completed the achievement in the game or paid for them using real money. However, you couldn’t trade them with other players, and they were neither secure nor special as players could simply make copies of such collectibles through means that could be seen as cheating in the game.

However, with the advent of NFT, this is bound to change. In this article, we will see how gaming is changing because of NFT, what factors are responsible for change and whether investing in NFT is a good idea.

What are the possibilities in NFT gaming?

The flow of money in the global gaming business is unidirectional, benefiting mostly game producers and perpetuating itself, whereas in conventional gaming systems, gamers spend extensively but have little or limited opportunities to earn value for themselves. NFT-based games, which are usually delivered via dApps, are distinct in that they place a priority on providing value to users. NFTs in gaming provide users ownership rights over their in-game items, giving the game a more realistic feel and value.

The player can tokenize any kind of in-game item or even achievements into an NFT in NFT-based games. This unique transferable asset is marketable and provides advantages across several games. Players will continue to embrace blockchain games as they find blockchain games powered by NFTs and digital collectibles that provide a whole new, completely immersive gaming experience. Following are the specialties of NFT gaming markets that make it and the games in it popular in the player base.

  • Authenticate original in-game assets
  • provide unrivaled item ownership transparency.
  • Keep track of who owns the asset and how much it’s worth. 
  • NFT products enable players to take on a variety of in-game occupations and yet own assets and even allow the possibility to make money from said assets.

How Exactly do NFTs transform the gaming experience? 

2 How Exactly Do Nfts Transform The Gaming Experience

So far we have talked about what effects NFTs can have on gaming markets and gamers in brief. In this section, we will see how exactly this is achieved. The secret lies in the characteristics of the NFTs themselves. Following are some important characteristics of NFTs that make it special.

Asset ownership

Each object that becomes an NFT will have a unique identity that will be tied to a person’s account for as long as they hold it. This will allow users to safely keep their assets without fear of theft while also ensuring that game collectibles are not lost even if the game is turned off. This is because while such collectibles can be used in the game, once they become an NFT, they also acquire an identity in the NFT markets that are linked to asset ownership and control. 

Provable scarcity

NFTs cannot be recreated by other players, that is they are unique by design. This creates scarcity and thus a demand for them in the market. The developers make the NFTs verifiable and can do things like limiting their creation per a set group of people. This is embedded into the rules of the gameplay. Typically, developers ensure that NFTs do not change over time by embedding basic features on the blockchain. The scarcity cannot be altered by gamers because it will be one of the basic features in the game.


Traditional internet games are hosted on a central server. NFt-based games, on the other hand, are built on their own blockchains that serve as the backbone architecture for other games. But as a consequence of the interoperability of NFTs, game assets represented by NFTs may be created to work in a variety of different games. Two games created on the Ethereum network, for example, might potentially share in-game assets such as cars, armor, or even complete characters.


Because a permanent record of each object on the blockchain is established when it is linked to it, blockchain-enabled game assets become immutable. This is to say they cannot be replicated or tampered with. Because NFTs are based on the blockchain, they are no longer tied to any one gaming platform. Regardless of what happens to the game, in-game purchases may be bought and sold.


Because blockchain technology safeguards a gamer’s wallet with an impenetrable layer of cutting-edge technology, he may be assured that his digital assets are protected. This is because security is built into the design of blockchain. Transaction time, transaction value, and transaction procedures are all merged.

Investment opportunity

Smart investors comprehend the blockchain and crypto industries’ immense earning potential. Because NFTs may be exhibited in numerous NFT markets, they can be utilized to raise brand recognition. They may also be utilized to generate fresh interest and adoption by incorporating new creative features into designs. Venture investors, game creators, and owners are all interested in jumping on the blockchain-based gaming bandwagon.

Popular NFT based games

The NFT games described below have assimilated into the gaming industry gradually after . Gamers enjoy some of their favorite gaming genres while simultaneously partaking at the forefront of the current NFT trend since they’re incredibly interesting and lucrative.

  • Lost relics
  • Sandbox 3D
  • Alien Worlds
  • Blankos Block Party
  • Gods Unchained

How will you create your own NFT based game?

3 How Will You Create Your Own Nft Based Game

Now that you know the advantages of NFT development services in the context of gaming, you may want to create your own NFT-based game. Being experienced NFT game developers, we have a blueprint that you can follow to get your game to succeed.

Choose a game idea

The first and the most important step is game design. Try to create a unique game idea that you think modern-day gamers will be interested in. Once you’ve figured out your game idea, do some research on comparable games that already exist on and off the blockchain, and take inspiration from prior successful games. Following is a list of game genres to choose from.

  • battles 
  • puzzles based 
  • role-playing  
  • Sports
  • adventure
  • Simulator games

You should also bring together a creative team to design your app.

Start your development process

After you have chosen your game idea, it is time to start your development phase. Choose between mobile and web apps for your app idea. Each of them have their own characteristics and specialties.

  • Choose your platform

Mobile applications can have more features and be faster than online apps, but they might be more expensive to design. You may choose between native and non-native apps when developing a mobile app. A native app is designed for a certain operating system (OS) and may access features such as alerts, camera access, and more. Non-native applications will not provide you with the same level of functionality, but they are easier and less expensive to develop because you may just need one version that works across all operating systems.

Web apps have a high availability, can be accessed from anywhere in the world using any browser, and can be used on a variety of devices including desktops, phones, and tablets, making them more accessible to a wider audience. 

PWAs (Progressive Web Apps) is a form of hybrid software that may be used both on the web and on mobile devices. They’re the newest thing in mobile app development, and they don’t require App Store distribution. They’re also available offline and can send push notifications, which were previously only available through native applications, which is a significant advantage.

  • Create a good front end

A good frontend is necessary to attract users to the game and to make sure that they are enjoying them. The front can be written in Typescript or JavaScript, which will force you to be more stringent with your data types and keep you organized, especially in larger teams. React or Vue frameworks are also good picks if you want to create a good NFT-based game. Although Angular is a front-end framework, it is far too sophisticated and hefty for a small web application.

  • Choose a wallet type

A cryptocurrency wallet is a digital version of a physical wallet that stores various currencies and tokens. People use various wallets for different purposes since different wallets offer different services. a non-custodial wallet, for example, means that someone using the wallet is responsible for their own keys and not a third party. You need to partner up with a good company that provides good NFT services to attach a good wallet to your game. 

  • Incorporate smart contracts

The next step is to incorporate a smart contract that connects to your game. The front end will then transfer the user’s address via the crypto wallet to the said smart contract, which will retrieve the URL of the NFTs associated with the address from the blockchain. Solidity, Vyper, and Yul are some of the most popular languages for developing smart contracts for NFT Games on the Ethereum Network.

  • Create a secure backend

Creating a secure backend is one of the essential and final tasks of developing a NFT-based game. The smart contract is only responsible for putting the address of the NFT into the blockchain. NFT itself would be too big to store in the blockchain. However a secure back-end technology will prevent you from storing the NFT on a centralized space, which would negate the advantages of the blockchain. Thus a secure backend is required to protect the characteristics of NFTs.

Test your game

Before releasing your NFT Game, spend sufficient time testing it and verifying security risks. The Rinkeby or Ropsten Testnet, which are used for NFT game testing, can be used for a variety of purposes. A/B testing is basically the gateway to a successful game and the game must be tested on usability, performance, uniqueness, and should also be checked for any improvements that can be added in it before going to the deployment stage.

Deploy successfully

After testing the game, you should put some effort into marketing the application when you are about to deploy it. Create a discord server and invite like-minded individuals that may be interested in the NFT game first, so that you gain extra footing in the competitive market gaming is.


As you can see, games with NFTs in them, or NFT games are set to become popular in the future. That is why it is good for developers to invest in these kinds of games early on. However, to do that in a manner that will attract and grow a solid player base you should find a good NFT development company. The best NFT development companies work with the latest technologies fast and deliver high-quality results by virtue of their experience.

Nextbrain is one such company that has had lots of experience in NFTs and blockchain in general. The company has headquarters in Canada and has served globally. Being very experienced in the app development industry, They also have in-house UI/UX teams that help with the app development if you want to make an app with them. So your game will likely become successful if you work with them.