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In today’s world software has seeped into every industry and that includes the automotive industry. In older days the automotive industry had to rely on humans for most of the work. The process of automotive parts manufacturing was long and required very skilled workers. Most parts were handcrafted and frequent errors were common.

The shift has been today into various software development services that are available for auto manufacturing companies. We will see how these services have transformed the automotive industry into an ever more growing industry. The automotive software industry has made the cars of today safer, more fuel-efficient, lighter and faster.

There are a number of software development services that are useful for the automotive industry. Some of the few include software that can do high precision design and analysis, simulation software, software that control manufacturing equipment, power control and handling software for automotive companies.

The automotive industry is now integrating sensors that track movements in the vicinity of the vehicle, and all these sensors need the latest software to function. Advanced driver assistance systems(ADAS), in-vehicle infotainment(IVI), and Driverless capability of the automotive industry require some serious software development services. 

The work in automotive manufacturing companies involves the complete process of creation of a concept, designing, manufacturing, quality testing and maintenance of the said automotive. This article will discuss the number of automotive software services that are trending in the automotive news and the automotive industry. One by one, the focus will be given to the most in-demand automotive software and the functions of such software. Here is a list of software development services that prove very helpful to automotive manufacturing companies.

NBCanada List Of Software Development Services

Automotive software used in the design

The old days used to involve a lot of trial and error before the design was accepted for mass production. Precious hardware and time was lost in the faulty design processes. This has all changed since automotive software has come up with design solutions. Today many companies like Autodesk, Siemens and General Electric provide their separate automotive software for design. Experienced automotive industry professionals then skillfully get creative with the software and develop automotive designs that are cheaper, more efficient and powerful than before. AI-powered design software has also reached the post-research stages. This can mean more efficiency in the automotive manufacturing industry. 

Automotive software for analysis

The automotive industry has to be cost-effective since a lot of raw material processing is involved. The analysis of finished products in such a case must be determined beforehand for reducing failures. Again, ANSYS, Siemens international, Autodesk and Dassault Software Systems have come up with separate automotive software for analysis. They are used by seasoned professionals in the manufacturing industry to calculate the effective stresses on the individual parts of the automotive. This leads to increased efficiency and saving a lot of money that would be otherwise spent on creating faulty designs in the automotive industry.

Automotive software for design simulation

The companies like Ferrari, Volkswagen and BMW own simulation software to test the efficiency of their sports and passenger automobiles in the real world. The companies like Autodesk, simulationX, siemens etc provide the software for simulation. Often times this type of automotive software is tested on sports automobiles for taking the performance to the maximum. Wind testing, stress testing, temperature control tests can be simulated onto the automotive for this reason. This saves time, money and dangerous design flaws for the automotive industry leaders that make use of such automotive software. 

Automotive software for manufacturing process

With the introduction of additive manufacturing processes like  3D printing technology, the intricacies of the manufacturing process in the automotive industry have increased without compromising for time. The reductive processes like turning and milling which are used for the manufacture of parts in the industry also have a long history with automotive software. Separate manufacturing software exists inside each equipment, provided for by the equipment company. The primary contributions of automotive software for manufacturing processes come from Siemens, Rolls Royce, General Electric etc. The manufacturing software uses accurate measurement and smart temperature control systems to speed up the manufacturing process. 

Automotive software for comfort and security

Some software exist in the automotive industry to provide comfort to the user who is using the automobile. They integrate GPS, music systems, in-vehicle infotainment(IVI), power control and on-the-board monitoring of the automotive while it is functioning. Also, some software is necessary for the security of the user. These include automotive software that controls emergency systems like airbags and limits the internal parts from going beyond their limits. The sensors that come with the automotive are susceptible to hacking attacks and from 2021, all OEM(Original Equipment Manufacturers) are to follow cybersecurity management systems(CSMS) and software update management systems(SUMS). These have solutions that come from the very best in the automotive software industry. 

Automotive software for driverless solutions

The rise of AI has given rise to the development of sensors that can detect objects that are around the automobile. With the integration of such technology, the automotive industry is looking to advance into the driverless mode. This is currently being funded by companies like Google and Uber. Automotive industry leaders like BMW and Volkswagen have already used automotive software that enables keeping a safe distance between vehicles, to prevent drivers from falling asleep behind the wheel, and to assist parking. AI hopes to advance this even further by eliminating the risk of accidents. The same technology is also being applied to heavy-duty vehicles like trucks in Europe who want to create a revolution in the logistics industry.


The automotive software services that are in the industry today have become an inherent part of the automotive industry. They include intelligent design, high-performance analysis and software tools like deep learning and artificial intelligence to make the future of the automotive industry smarter and safer. Nextbrain technologies is one of the best Canadian companies based in Toronto, Canada that makes mobile applications that can work as an efficient tool for automotive manufacturing companies.



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