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Nowadays e-commerce has completely changed its business scenario where the sellers showcase their products online and acquire new customers. Also, it is crucial to build custom eCommerce stores which reflect the functionalities and aesthetics of your business. Magento, PrestaShop, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, and OpenCart are a few well-known e-commerce platforms.

Additionally, Shopify is a most popular preference for most of the sellers who are looking for efficient, quality services with robust and user-friendly features. Shopify development service is an ultimate eCommerce platform present in the market to improve your business productivity. It offers a self-hosting service and secure business solutions. Additionally, it has various features and tools that further provide an amazing retail space for online businesses.

Top Benefits of Shopify for building an online store

Shopify website development will have many advantages as it is easy and quick to set up. Below is a list of some of the popular benefits of Shopify.

Easy and quick to set up

Shopify provides a simple way for launching an online store quickly with no disturbance on development costs and servers which may be caused by self-hosted platforms like Magento. The interface of admin is user-friendly, clean, as well as more intuitive as a wide variety of features have been logically structured. It is easy to find great documentation as well as video guides, especially on the Shopify website. All that is really required is a variety of products to sell. Any top Shopify company is specialized in creating custom and scalable online stores tailored to your specific business needs.

No need for technical expertise

An ultimate advantage of Shopify is that you don’t require more technical expertise for launching any basic Shopify store as various software as well as hosting is offered by Shopify. It always makes it simple to get up as well as running. It is more likely that Shopify’s hosting can be quicker and even more secure. Also, it is simple to have various spikes of traffic that you have received. Shopify is capable of taking care of various software updates. So it is easy to focus most of your time on selling and without any worry about major technical issues.

Secure and reliable

Nbcanada Secure And Reliable

By having a robust eCommerce store, it is simple to deal with any confidential data of the customers that include credit card information, impatient customers, etc. It means your Shopify website requires you to be more secure, quick, and always online. The major benefits of a hosted solution and services are the reliability and security it offers. Shopify usually takes care of the server upgrades and maintenance to keep the online store as well as the shopping cart available at various times ensuring the pages load very quickly.

24/7 customer support

Shopify offers great customer support as they will be available 24/7 hours and also provide response time that is very instant. It means your online business can never be on its own. You may contact them easily through email, phone, and online chat. Additionally, there are various community forums, amazing documentation available in the Shopify Help Centre and a variety of latest Shopify University guides.

Mobile responsive

Nbcanada Mobile Responsive

As the users visiting mobile are now more when compared to users visiting websites on desktop, it’s important to have a custom and unique mobile-optimized website for your business. Almost all Shopify’s themes are known to be mobile responsive and its platform has a free and robust built-in M-commerce shopping cart. It means your online store looks ultimate on all devices as well as your customers will shop easily wherever and whenever they want.


There are various themes to select from either free or paid from the Shopify Theme Store. Almost all are mobile responsive and hundreds are made available on websites like ThemeForest. Each and every theme is customizable as you can edit the code. So to build an appealing and secure online shop which suits your brand identity is very easy. Any professional eCommerce website development company is capable of providing all the custom and robust Shopify development services with the required features and functionalities at a reasonable price. 

Excellent loading speed

Nbcanada Excellent Loading Speed

As a hosted solution globally, Shopify is having a robust infrastructure as well as optimized software and hardware. This will provide the platform with an excellent loading speed. The e-commerce website which is created on it will load in just a fraction of seconds. The very basic version provides various SEO features as well as the latest e-commerce analytics. 

SEO and Marketing tools

It is a great thing to have a unique and appealing online shop but it is of no use if no users visit the store. Also, Shopify’s great selling point is to have robust Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) features which assist your website to rank high in search results which helps users easily find your business. You may get access to modern analytics to inform you of the location of your customers so that you can make your marketing and SEO strategies accordingly. You can also hire a top SEO company having expert SEO analysts and Shopify developers to assist you.

Abandoned cart recovery

Even if a customer visits your store and adds a product to their shopping cart but doesn’t purchase that product, it will be of no use. According to a recent study, around two-thirds of customers usually do this. Shopify provides a recovery service for the abandoned checkout cart that can automatically track as well as email all the potential customers for reminding them about the completion of their purchase. This is a simple way to potentially generate more ROI for your business.


Shopify is a secure and reliable platform that is easy to set up and use and improves your business efficiency. Looking for the top Shopify development company? Nextbrain Technologies is the best Shopify development company in Toronto, Canada providing flexible and custom Shopify website development services to improve your online sales and enhance your brand reputation.