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Today’s world has become extremely competitive when it comes to business, and this is true even on the internet. Most businesses of today that get revenue from the internet cannot continue to do so without having a custom website for their business. In this article, we will look at various ways in which one can have a website for their business, and why custom web design is the best when it comes to businesses. 

What are the various ways to create a business website? 

There are many different ways to get a business website up and running for your venture. Despite what you may think, you don’t need to control the code of the website. However, in custom website development you do work with someone with enough knowledge in web development services to design your website from scratch. Following are the various ways you can have a website

  • Using website structure platforms(Wix is one such platform)
  • Using open-source CMS(Joomla and WordPress are some popular content management systems)
  • Designing a website on your own
  • Working with a good web design company

Now, some of these methods are well suited for normal use, but we highly recommend working with a good web design company if you are looking for a business website. 

What exactly can web development companies Toronto offer? 

Custom web design involves designing every part of your website from scratch. Whether that be a secure transaction gateway or impressive animation for your user interface, everything should be considered. The custom web development companies Toronto can offer the following services in custom web design. 

  • Latest web design features 
  • performance analytics and improvements 
  • Web maintenance services 
  • Regular website updates 

Not to mention you will have complete control over the design of the website. It is totally worth it if you can find a company that can also offer UX and UI design services for your website. 

Benefits of custom web application development services 

Now that you know what custom web design entails, it is time to look at all the benefits it can bring you and your business. Following are the advantages of choosing custom web application development services for your business website. 

Unique features tailored to your needs 

A custom website is tailored to your needs. That means that you get what you want despite the standards of websites that may be popular. This cannot be achieved if you use a content management system like WordPress. It is even worse if you go for sites that have templates on them that you need to choose in order to build a website. If you build a custom website your navigation will be set up in the way the customer needs and you can even add third-party integrations if you plan on using them on the website successfully.

Faster performance and load times

2 Faster Performance And Load Times

Website speed is another important factor for modern businesses. Most website builder modules come with many functions that increase speed, however not all of them will be necessarily helpful to you. The ideal web page load time is 3 seconds, regardless of its functionality. Following are some statistics that a custom Web Development Services Toronto will help you tackle. 

  • Each second of delay amounts to 16% of visitors lost
  • 46% won’t visit or recommend sites that are slow
  • 25% of people will abandon a website if they think it loads slowly

Improved security 

Security is one of the primary concerns of a business website. If your website hosts transactions, you should definitely consider custom web design. Although website builders do offer some level of security, many hackers target security flaws of such sites. Even a small hack can result in a loss of trust, which can be a huge blow to a business. Custom web design then helps tackle this issue as security is set up from the ground up. Following are some techniques used to maintain the security of a website 

  • Advanced coding methods 
  • use of ssl security 
  • Proprietary source code wherever possible 
  • Website hosting decisions 
  • Custom access restrictions per user and integration of complex data encryption services.

Business automation 

The websites that are often built using website builders often have little to no automation capabilities. Custom websites can let you optimize many functions key to your business. Following are some things that can be termed as a result of such optimizations

  • Third-party software integration at certain parts of the website
  • Seamless lead capture and conversion capabilities 
  • Customer data management lets one look intricately at user engagement. 
  • Using customer data to help with business decisions that may include changes to the website.

Total control over the website 

There is at least some form of limitation even if you get the most open source CMS for your website. However custom web design always offers complete control of your website. Subtle things like UX design can bring you lots of popularity from your customers and such design changes can only be applied when you have a near-total degree of control over your website. Mobile-friendly web pages can be designed with accurate features very successfully for those websites that have a high degree of control. Thus you can get these benefits if you opt for custom web design for your business website.

Optimize customer journey 

3 Optimize Customer Journey

You should reduce the number of clicks the customer has to make to get to what they want if you want your website to become popular. This is also termed the customer journey of the website. A website builder will provide little functionality to optimize the customer journey as you want. Sometimes you may even end up with a convoluted route that either makes your customer annoyed at your web design or worse, leave them confused. A good web application development company knows exactly what to do and thus you will have the benefit of an optimized customer journey.

Search engine optimization

Digital marketing and search engine optimization (SEO) is also big things to take care of while building a website. Custom website development can help you in increasing SEO friendliness and can also help you launch various kinds of marketing campaigns on your website that will increase traffic to your website. This can especially be helpful at certain strategic times. constantly working on website SEO can increase your return of investment(ROI) of the website. 

Scalability and flexibility 

While you may be happy with the functionality of the website at the present, it is likely that your business will evolve over time. This is why your website needs to be scalable. Since in custom web development you own all of your code, you can easily add careful redesigning to it whenever needed. This flexible design helps regulate new customers, improve designs and reduce accidents. This scalability and flexibility can be achieved by using specialized languages and frameworks in web design and is done by experts from a custom web development company in Toronto.

Brand integration that is seamless

4 Brand Integration That Is Seamless

It’s critical to use custom web development services to ensure that all of your brands are flawlessly integrated on your website in a manner that looks out of place. This is not something that website builders or CMS solutions can easily accomplish, although with skill, one can come close. Brand here means anything that can promote your business, like video, image or other content. It can also represent your unique ideas related to the business that the public can instantly relate to.

Location based personalization 

Another important thing that you can benefit from is what is called location based optimization for your website. This is only possible when the custom web design is chosen. A custom design company can provide different types of content and website design based on the location of your audience. The portfolio is set up by studying the audience based on location in a well established manner. 

Images with High display resolution 

When you choose a custom website design, you get high-resolution photographs with a great amount of detail for its images. These high DPI images can cause performance issues on simpler websites. If you are using WordPress or similar services, the processing of images becomes an issue. If you however work with a Custom Web Designing Company, you can be confident that your photographs will be razor-sharp, and this is especially true for businesses where they need high-quality images on their website.

Custom back-end

5 Custom Back End

The back-end of websites is especially sensitive and should be designed in a manner that is most useful for the business. This opportunity is not available if you go for website builders. A custom back end can increase your level of control over the website and also can have additional benefits depending on the type of business. It becomes especially useful when swift action is required on the website for whatever reason. 

Easy to Maintain

Custom web designs may be harder to build and take a longer time to go live on the internet, but they are one of the easiest to maintain after they are life. Any issues with the website can easily be recognized and resolved. You can also prepare for overloads on the website at times when increased customers are expected on the site, such as festive occasion sales. Another issue that often crops up is the additional design that is done on the website to keep up with trends. This can also be easily carried out by custom web designs

Easy integration of new technologies

New technologies keep on evolving in the IT industry and your website will have to adapt accordingly. If your website is built using website builders or other similar services, you will have a very hard time adapting. Custom web design with its complete control over the site can easily change its code, integrate new content and simultaneously replace obsolete elements on the website when the time comes. 

Custom web design solutions by NextbraIn

Nextbrain offers dependable custom web development services to meet your company’s specific requirements. Our highly skilled design team guarantees that your new website is constructed in a way that fits your company model, allows for future growth and gives an excellent user experience. We’ve built websites for a variety of sectors and business types over the years. From the minute your new site goes up, our agility and skill will set you up for success. We can take care of almost any requirement you may have, including:

  • Developing custom UX and UI for your website 
  • Building successful eCommerce websites 
  • Creating a high performing website architecture 
  • Developing custom applications for your business website 

You will likely see the following benefits of our services 

  • Improved SEO results on your website 
  • High visitor engagement 
  • Gradual popularity of your brand image
  • Better conversion rates and sales 
  • Fewer issues with the website 
  • Better user experience 

As one of the top website development companies in 2022, we will be very happy to assist you with any kind of web design requirements.


As you can see, there are many benefits if you develop a custom website to help with your business. This is despite the fact that many alternatives exist to get a business website these days. However, if you really want to succeed you should partner up with a good web design company that knows its craft.

Nextbrain is one such custom web application development company based in Toronto, Canada and is well suited for developing any kind of custom software whether it is enterprise-grade or on a smaller level. We also have skills in developing mobile apps and employ many in-house UX/UI developers.

Our custom design team helps create an attractive and easy-to-use interface for the software we develop. Contact us with your requirements if you have any type of software that you need for Home automation technology.