5 min readTop hotel digital signage trends in 2023: Digital signage in hospitality
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Amidst digital evolution going across the entire globe, it is time to embrace newer technologies for improving guest experiences. As travellers enter a hotel, the first object that strikes your attention is the check-in desk. This is where you would like to go digital. With the installation of digital signage hospitality verticals can leverage its functionalities. With the usage of innovative concepts like cloud-based digital signage software hotels can easily engage with their guests and assist in creating memorable experiences. Hospitality industry verticals run on the same principle however they execute different actions. Digital signage can be a major turning point for hoteliers as it will be a big part of every hotel’s future.          

In this blog post, we are going to dive in and explore how digital signage has impacted the hospitality industry. Digital screens are creating drastic changes across hospitality industries.

Introduction to hotel digital signage

Hotel digital signage can be defined as the utilization and installation of digital signage displays including interactive kiosks, and dynamic screens, to promote services, and embellish the guest experience. The screens are effectively placed across hotel lobbies, elevators, corridors, restaurants, and many more.

With the implementation of digital signage, guests can easily display important information including event schedules, amenities, and promotions. Hotel digital reader boards and menu boards can facilitate interactivity. It engages guests at the time of delivering targeted messages displaying captivating visuals. 

Captivating hotel digital signage ideas that are trendy

Creative hotel lobby digital signage

Guest-facing digital signage displays stunning visuals including videos, live feeds, artwork, and immersive content. Hotels can leverage the power of great content to capture viewer’s attention. Multiple content formats can be displayed using hotel digital signage software. It helps in creating a sense of elegance and satisfaction among guests.      

Brilliant hotel wayfinding signage

Digital technologies can take the guest experience to the next level with the integration of brilliant digital signage systems. QSR chains can seamlessly use digital signage within the hotel premises to provide real-time directions highlighting points of interest and delivering personalized recommendations. Hotel wayfinding digital signage offers the flexibility to provide virtual tours that transport guests to distinct destinations within the hotel premises. Digital signage in hotels is capable of providing facilities to discover rooms and amenities through real-time live content play.                              

Real-time information integration

Real Time Information Integration

When it comes to hospitality industries and QSR, digital signage software can turn into a real game-changer. For instance, walking into the hotel lobby and instantly attention is grabbed by the enticing display showcasing popular city attractions, recent events and nearby parks have a lasting impact on guests. It helps to inform guests about information that they are unlikely to get easily.                 

Custom indoor entertainment for guests

With rising guest demand, it has become increasingly important to meet up to their expectations. To keep pace with this, one can provide indoor room entertainment with pre-installed apps on Smart LED TVs. It enables guests to have an engaging entertainment experience. Using in-room signage hotels can take the guest experience to another level by informing guests through digital displays about the amenities, services, and special promotions. 

Personalized messages displayed on digital screens for guests help create a sense of familiarity for guests. In the dine-in hall, hoteliers can grab guests’ attention by showcasing dining options, cuisine of the day, upcoming events, and many more. While displaying exclusive content, it is important to be creative and personalize messaging to reflect the hotel’s branding and designs.

Enhance the dine-in experience with digital menu boards

Digital menuboards have revolutionized the way guests’ experience can be improved in hotel restaurants. Having dynamic digital displays, restaurants, and hotels can display delicious cuisines and beverage offerings. Menuboards are considered as the convenient way to obtain complete information about offers and specialties of the day. Digital signage can be used for remote updates, content scheduling, updation, and ensuring guests have all the relevant information. 

QR-enabled check-in & exclusive advantages 

QR Enabled Check In Exclusive Advantages

Hotels can easily make use of digital signage technology to promote their suites, services, and others. One of the best applications of hotel signage is QR-based check-in options providing a seamless approach by eliminating queues and diminishing the hassle for guests. Digital kiosks can reduce guests’ hassles by simplifying check-ins and check-outs. These interactive kiosks help in streamlining the hotel ordering process and reduce the perceived times. 

Digital signage in hospitality: Engage target audiences easily

The advancement of technologies has significantly enhanced the dining experience in hotels. Right from real-time updates on wait times to showcasing the menu list, and daily specials, and simplifying the decision-making process, digital signage has encompassed major areas of hospitality. Digital signage for hotels can be used to display interactive content and educate guests regarding the hotel’s culinary offerings. With the implementation of visual appeal and leveraging technology, one can easily create an impactful impression among guests. Nextbrain offers effective hotel digital signage serving as a significant tool for hospitality verticals. Connect with our expert professionals to learn more about hotel digital signage.