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  • Jul 8, 2022
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Nowadays, with the major technological advancements and technological upgrades, the latest designs are coming up in the web design industry. Advanced types of web designs are appearing every day. Web design plays a major role in shaping an opinion among web visitors and therefore various modern web design trends are coming up to allure the visitors to visit your site. The process of holding people’s attention to diminishing bounce rates is a challenging task. Thereby, some big brands and companies are embracing website trends that help to increase engagement and conversions.                

In this blog, we have discussed the distinct modern website design trends that have been adopted by major brands all across the world. A responsive website stands on the very design created by experienced designers. Today, we are going to examine some of the most successful websites for discovering the way they have designed their websites for maximum engagement and conversions.



Tesla is the largest vehicle manufacturing company and it generally focuses on diminishing the pollution caused by utilizing fossil fuels in cars by selling completely electric cars. Tesla has designed their website in an innovative way for customers to buy what they require. This, in turn, assists in driving up sales.  

Tesla’s website design is product-focused by creating vivid product images that have the potential to grab your attention. The photo background contrasts go well with product colours. Tesla uses ample tricks to keep you focused on its product/services.                             

On the Tesla website, as you click on the ‘custom order’, you will be led to a page where you can acquire a customized experience of the product details. The website is designed in a way that helps customers to customize their cars as per choice. As a top web designing company, our designers are well-versed with the distinct designing trends that are prevalent nowadays.


Amazon is among the various giants that have revolutionized the online shopping experience. Amazon has many items to sell and this is the reason why Amazon’s website remains cluttered. 

Amazon’s website is easily accessible as it has an open layout that assists in keeping things organized. The brand uses a card layout to section products with CTA directing to a product page. The website is entirely streamlined so that customers can easily find the one they are looking for and gets converted into purchasing customers.

  • Uses of Imagery

Amazon uses colour contrasts with bright-colored images so that visitors can easily stick their attention to it. Having vivid product images that they are marketing on the site, one can easily assess the product that is required. Amazon suffers very rare bounce rates as most visitors get converted to real customers. 

  • Excellent Buying Experience

Amazon’s website is designed in a way where it takes a few clicks to shift from product viewing to placing an order. Having a short buying journey boosts sales and increases profits. Amazon is integrated with AI which makes it possible to analyze customers’ buying behaviours and searching history. As a customer ends up purchasing more than one item from the site due to the customized recommendations the platform makes.  



As a worldwide company, Netflix is considered to be a revolutionized movie watching into a movie theatre. Netflix’s website comprises a dark background that makes it accessible for users to watch stuff continuously without issues. The dark mode assists in saving the battery.        

  • Use of Whitespace & Easy Navigation 

The site has a value proposition and CTA to front & centre for drawing users’ attention to it. The value proposition and CTA is the relevant content on the homepage. Having a homepage background as a photo collage of the movies is a valuable trick to attract users’ attention.   

Using a minimalist design approach with two menu buttons on the homepage through ‘Language’ and ‘Sign in’, a website visitor can stay concentrated on the attention-grabbing value proposition. The website takes minimalism to another level by one sentence contents delineating all important aspects relating to membership plans. This makes visitors remain objective and focused.

  • Effective Typography Skills

Netflix site platform utilizes large and bold letters to focus on the most important content & assists users in quickly scanning through them for buying decisions. 

  • Excellent Use of Vivid imagery

The website comprises precise, crystal clear animations and videos to assist users to understand clearly what they will get as they sign up for the first time. The animations and videos are in complete contrast to the background which keeps users stay focused on it.



As an American transnational company, Cisco has always been a highly experienced giant in the business industry. The website of Cisco implies an appeal for future development and interest in strong technologies. The home page of the site comprises motion blocks having news from blogs and a menu button which eases out the navigation and has a great combination of informational resources and products.  



As the leading web design and Development Company in Toronto, Canada, Nextbrain has a minimalist and well-defined modern website design that not only attracts web visitors’ attention but also offers critical insights into its well-defined services. It has a minimalist web design created by experienced web designers who have many years of knowledge in producing responsive designs for professional websites and businesses.



Nike offers an excellent example of modern website design. Since the time they have become trendsetters, their implementation of business strategies are exquisite and unique. The website of the brand comprises a combination of conviction, conciseness, and fashion.        

Final Thought

Do you want a modern website design for your business? Nextbrain is the top website design company in Canada rendering exclusive website designs and web development to businesses, startups and enterprises. A website that has a responsive and modern design with an attention-grabbing layout and typography in addition to relevant content is supposed to attract more visitors. A website stands on the design it has and therefore creating it mindfully is essential. Our company offers effective website design services to distinct business jargon.