5 min readWhat are the advantages of using Flutter for mobile app development?
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  • Sep 17, 2021
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1Flutter Mobile App Development

Flutter has taken over the app industry recently, and many of the reasons for it happen to be its capabilities that are highly advantageous to the developer. Apps that are developed in flutter tend to be intuitive and easy to use to the users and some flutter features help make it one of the fastest tools for app development.

From its first stable release in December 2018, the features of Flutter have just increased, allowing more speed and ease of use in development. There are other technologies like Flutter in existence, but they cannot compete with the community support and features that Flutter comes with.

What is Flutter?

3Flutter Mobile App Development

Flutter is a software development kit(SDK) developed by the multinational company Google to help developers make mobile applications. It is now open-source and new features that developers are thus easily made available through collective effort. Flutter uses Dart as its programming language, and it is routinely used to develop cross-platform applications.

That is, both Android and iOS applications can be developed through the same source code that is written in Dart. A Flutter app development company helps its clients develop such cross-platform applications by gathering skilled developers proficient in the tool. Because of its features, many app makers now want their app made using Flutter.

Statistics surrounding Flutter

Flutter after its introduction has shown some incredible statistics. Following are some interesting facts about flutter

  • According to StackOverflow, over 68% of people who use flutter develop an interest in technology. Flutter SDK is one of the most popular mobile application development tools that exist today.
  • According to Google Trends, the interest in Flutter has been increasing over the last 12 months in the United States and for that matter, worldwide.
  • It is one of the top 50 repositories in GitHub
  • Dart was the fastest-growing language from 2018 to 2019. In fact, flutter app development grew over 532% in the last 2 years alone.
  • It has conquered a significant amount of the market. Over 100,000 Flutter apps are already available in the market.

Considering such statistics, it is easy to understand why app developers that know this tool are in demand around the world. 

Advantages of using flutter as your mobile application development tool

2Flutter Mobile App Development

In this blog, we shall go over the main reasons why we think flutter is the best tool for app development. We shall take a look at some of the interesting features of the software development kit and how it helps coders develop the application in a more efficient manner.

High performance

The Dart programming language is one of the easiest programming languages to develop any application, and the programming language can create apps that are comparable to native apps and other cross-platform technologies. Flutter remains one of the only tools that doesn’t use a bridge between the app and the platform. Other similar tools use Javascript or Webview to do the same task, and hence their performance decreases.


Flutter uses widgets, which can help the developer easily add certain features into the application that they are developing. It is essentially as easy as a drag and drop of source code that will help create a new feature in the app. Flutter uses two sets of design-specific widgets apart from those that help in development. Material design widgets implement Google’s design language and are used extensively to develop android applications. It also has Cupertino widgets that implement Apple iOS Human interface guidelines.

Efficient development process

The development process using Flutter is more efficient than other SDKs that are available for flutter app development. This is because of the “Hot reload” function, which instantly updates any changes in the source code to everyone, including all the designers and developers of the project. In this way, the errors in the code are reduced and precious time is saved. This also reduces the cost of development in the project.

Going beyond mobile apps

Although Flutter was developed for making cross-platform mobile applications through a single code base, it has evolved past that in recent times. Now it is possible to develop desktop, web, and even TV applications because of its extensive features. Many features that help make such things easy are in the development stages. However, with Google being the developer of Flutter, not many people are doubting such improvement in the SDK.

Easy accessibility and Internationalization

Internationalization is the term used when making different versions of the app possibly to help local people use the application. This language implementation in different parts of the application is made easy in Flutter when compared to other tools. Accessibility options are also supported by Flutter, allowing large fonts, enhanced contrast, and screen recorders. 

Compatibility and Faster time to market

Apps developed using Flutter are generally more compatible with different OS versions. This helps new applications to be run as easily on an old version of the OS. With its many unique features, it is easy to see why by using Flutter, it is easier for developers to make a product that has a faster market reach capability. This helps beat the competition that often occurs between companies when they are trying to develop a similar application. 


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