6 min readWhat is SEO and How Does It Really Work?
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  • Dec 28, 2020
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Search engine optimization or SEO comprises all the methods that help your business website to rank higher on search engines, especially Google. It is an important step to be considered when you are planning to develop a website for your dream company. The market trends are fluctuating therefore the Google algorithm.

There are no specific ways to control Google, but proper SEO methods such as targeting certain keywords, improving site speed; building responsive and mobile-friendly websites, etc. help you to enhance search engine rankings. Improving both the on-page and off-page factors boost the website rankings for the chosen keywords that are relevant to the niche.

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Importance of an SEO

The users have a tendency to click through barely one page or a maximum of three. So, what if your website is not there on the first three pages? Of course, the traffic of the website reduces, and the chances of generating new leads diminish. As per the 2014 study from Advanced Web Rankings, more than 67% of the clicks on the search engine pages go to the top five listings.

Thus it is important to push your company website to the top of search engine rankings. For this, SEO is the best solution that is incredibly effective, reliable, and affordable. According to the statistics, 90% of users do not go past the first page, and 50% don’t even go past the first three results. Through the best SEO tactics, and techniques, a good SEO company can enhance the website ranking, website traffic and revenue.

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How does SEO actually work?

The market trends are changing and the search engine optimization techniques must evolve along with the ever-changing algorithms set up to get the best results. Develop good SEO tactics matching the parameters that Google prefers utmost and the Google guidelines for ranking higher. Doing incorrect SEO practices will never enhance the rankings, thus care must be taken to adopt current and efficient SEO optimization techniques. This improves the website traffic, generates more leads, and eventually, turns your company into a unique brand identity.

Choose the right SEO company that can build a precise SEO strategy to help you with the rankings. Time and patience are necessary to get the best results. Rather than just improving the website traffic, the quality of the traffic matters. Comparing the 1.7% of outbound leads, SEO leads have a 14.6% close rate which is higher. Considering this fact, you should adopt efficient SEO tactics for SEO services.

Major SEO mistakes that derail websites

Some common mistakes lead to the plummeting of website rankings, and later on, the website will be completely removed from the search results. This action harms your website and the wrong SEO techniques waste your time and money. Initially, leave all the outdated SEO campaigns and SEO services. Follow recent SEO techniques that are suitable. The major mistakes are:

Buying links instead of earning them

People used to buy links since search engines favor sites with many backlinks. But links received from spam websites cause harm to your websites. It even reduces website ranking or even receives a manual action, penalty, or removal of the website from the SERPs. So, instead of buying links, you must focus on earning quality backlinks from authoritative websites. Websites having quality and relevant content related to your niches helps a lot.

Lack of original, quality, and relevant content

In past times, the quantity of the website content mattered more than its quality. The website rankings were enhanced by simply creating a lot of website content pages. But this manipulation technique doesn’t work now. To enhance customer engagements, you must create unique contents that are enticing, honest, and relevant.

The website content should be capable of removing visitor’s doubts, give answers to their queries, and provide innovative ideas that are most probable to convert. Understand that the major goal of search engines is to help people find a quality, original, and relevant content quickly. Avoid duplicate content which is bad for SEO. Thus in the filtering process, the poor and duplicate content will be excluded from search results entirely. Invest some time, money and focus on providing entertaining content.

4keyword Stuffing

Keyword stuffing

‘Keyword stuffing’ is a practice of placing a high number of keywords in blog content, meta content, URLs, page titles, and links. This practice was effective once but no longer works. Google now considers it as an ineffective SEO technique. Always focus on using the optimum number of keywords that are specific and relevant.

5black Hat Seo

Consequences of black hat SEO methods

There are many individuals and companies who deliberately engage in dishonest SEO practices like black hat SEO. These SEO methods are extremely dangerous and create dire consequences. Initially, they never understand its negative effects until they receive manual penalties from Google. Sometimes, the site will be kept out of search engine results. There are several black Hat SEO practices that violate search engine guidelines. These include keyword stuffing, link exchanges or known as farming, purchased links, embedded text and links, blog comment spam, etc. Initially, you might receive rapid gains from these practices, but it is much riskier than you actually think.

Google constantly monitors, penalize, and even ban websites when someone tries to use methods that violate Google guidelines. Instead of bad black hat techniques, you can follow white hat methods which are respectable and effective as well. But, it involves some in-depth research and analysis which is a perfect search engine optimization technique.


SEO is a good marketing tool and focussing on current SEO practices helps you to optimize your website. Develop the right SEO strategy, and stay ahead of new innovative methods that drive more website traffic. A good SEO company can help you to identify the issues, and rectify them with the best SEO methods to rank higher on the search engine results page. Nextbrain Technologies is a leading SEO company offering the best SEO services to develop a good customer base and generate relevant leads.



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