5 min readWhy developers prefer MEAN stack development for building web solutions for startups
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During the recent era, startup businesses are constantly emerging and being driven by unique ideas. The process of building a robust web solution is relevant for establishing a strong online presence and effectively engaging with the target audience. Mean stack development has become one of the significant developments in recent years administering startups with a potential instrument for building scalable and feature-rich web applications.                    

Mean stack development has simplified developers’ lives, boosting the development process at the time of ensuring that it is relevant and economically viable. With the help of effectively utilizing the technologies, developers promote Mean Stack development practices. This blogpost will discuss the major aspects of why mean stack development is effective for building web solutions. In this context, we will explore the contribution of the Mean stack web development. 

Why is the mean stack a popular framework for startups?

As an open-source Javascript framework Mean stack development is mostly suited for developing web applications and websites. The effective technology combination benefits the creation of effective IT solutions for startups rendering scalability, development speed, security, and robust architectures. By harnessing a single programming language, Javascript framework, Mean stack creates robust application stability and security. In order to obtain an all-inclusive understanding of Mean Stack, it is necessary to acknowledge the multifaceted reasons that make Mean Stack an ideal choice for developing web solutions. 

Reasons why mean stack is preferable by developers 

Reasons Why Mean Stack Is Preferable By Developers

Mean stack is considered an acronym for open-source tech stacks including AngularJs, MongoDB, Express.Js, and Node.Js. Therefore, it can give benefits of overall four technologies. Due to a number of factors, Mean stack has become one of the popular choices of the developer’s community. 

Easy development procedure

Mean stack enables developers to follow a smooth development process by allowing for seamless communication between client-side and server-side components. 

Code reusability  

Hire mean stack developers who are capable of reusing code snippets as well as modules across the entire application. For instance, the same Javascript code that is created for the server-side utilizing Node.Js can be reused on the client side with AngularJs.

Integrated tooling

Mean Stack administers diverse integrated tools and frameworks that streamline the development workflow. AngularJs offers a robust front-end framework that has built-in perks such as two-way data binding and dependency thereby making the interactive and dynamic user interfaces accessible. As a web app framework, ExpressJs provides pre-built features that simplify server-side development. Contrarily, NodeJs as a runtime environment, enables server-side Javascript execution enhancing the code-efficient approaches and performance. MongoDB enables a Flexible schema design, which in turn, simplifies data storage and retrieval operations. 

Compatible architecture

Mean stack amplifies a compatible architectural model in which distinct app sections are divided into separate modules. In this context, each module tackles a specific functionality or feature making the codebase simpler.

Prompt prototyping

By harnessing the potential of AngularJs, developers are capable of creating interactive user interfaces. Various business startups require ideating prototypes and validating them in the recent market. The simplicity of the Mean stack and compatible architecture allow startups to develop functional prototypes. Developers are capable of creating rapid setup of server-side APIs. The flexible schema design of MongoDB accommodates modifications in data structures enabling startups to iterate on their prototypes. 

Effective development & iteration

The simplified development practices of Mean stack as well as code reusability contribute to faster development cycles. The Mean stack developers can work effectively by utilizing unified technology stacks. It harnesses the existing libraries and frameworks administered by Mean Stack. The effectiveness becomes specifically crucial for startups that release advanced features to stay ahead of the competition. 


Mean stack development is considered an affordable choice for startups in building web solutions. Having all elements as open source, businesses can save on varied cost areas like licensing. The application of Javascript through the entire stack, simplifies development with efficient code reusability, diminishing development time and effort. The integrated tools and frameworks boost development and cloud compatibility provide cost-effective infrastructure options. The compatible architecture enables seamless support, maintenance and bug fixes.


Mean stack has popular scalable approaches to development. It facilitates developers in coding in Javascript for both the client side and the server. Having the potential to deploy the application on the server using Node.Js, there is no requirement for separate server deployment. The Mean stack is equipped with a complete range of libraries, reusable modules and frameworks. All these accelerate the development process. In addition to this, features like replication and auto-sharding contribute to the effortless scalability of the product.

Highly flexible approaches

As developers initially write code in Angular and then decide to switch to Node, Mean stack enables developers to make the transition without introducing any other complications. It contributes to accomplishing a greater process in establishing web solutions. Mean stack development makes it easier for developers to create world-class web solutions. 

If you are looking for a secure option in the realm of business, then it is relevant to make development with a secure web app framework. Mean stack is well-suited for cloud-based deployments offering scalability and flexibility.


Mean stack is considered a potential combination of technologies for startups for building web solutions for different business verticals. It has been capable of simplifying the development process scalability and renders powerful support, making it a relevant choice for developers. If you want to create a scalable, robust and world-class web application that enables you to obtain a competitive edge, Nextbrain is the top development company harnessing the major benefits of Mean stack development. The company comprises experienced app developers having many years of expertise in creating state-of-the-art solutions for distinct industry verticals.