6 min readWhy Hiring a Web Design Agency Instead of a Freelancer Is The Best Option in Business
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  • Mar 30, 2021
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Are you looking for effective professionals for your website design project? Nowadays, the global network has made it possible for businesses to choose website design agencies from many options. There are situations when you need to choose the right web designer or agency and it can be a challenging task.

Prior to selecting the best web designing company you need to consider certain factors such as project specifications, timeframe, ability to meet the requirements, and many others. For a business entrepreneur, website design can be a financial investment. It has the capability to promote business development and generate more revenue over time. 

On one hand, some businesses prefer to select a well-established web designing company, whereas, others opt for freelance web designers. The agency comprises a pool of seasoned professionals, developers and designers that can carry out the brisk development and design up to deployment. Both of the cases have their exclusive differences. In this blog, we will learn the different benefits and cons of hiring web design agencies and freelance web designers for business projects.

NBCanada Why Hiring A Web Design Agency Instead Of A Freelancer Is The Best Option In Business

The Usefulness of Working with Web Design Company

A web design agency has already made a niche for itself in the designing industry. As renowned web design agencies, they have existing clients and projects for which they have received online reviews. Our web design agency comprises a team of expert designers who have many years of experience in designing websites for top brands. Thus, they have hands-on experience in project management, web design, and so forth. 

Diverse Experience

Big organizations and design agencies have a complete team of SEO experts, web developers and designers, and project managers to focus on different projects. This is not the scenario in the case of freelancers. Our website design firm in Canada has creative web designers and experts who form a reliable network of working for diverse clients all around the world. Thus, clients can get all services under one roof. The designing team executes agile techniques and advanced technologies to proffer custom quality solutions to clients.

Improved Web Support and Resources

A web designing company can give businesses major benefits such as project management, prototyping tools, and wireframing to clients. These things are not available in the case of freelancers as they will not be able to afford them. In addition to this, web design companies may also offer website hosting services based on a dedicated server. Thus, it helps to retain the security and safety of your website. Website support is another significant field and thus is the preferred one over freelance designing. There are a number of organizations that have complete web support services even after deployment. As clients are adding valuable resources to the web design task, they will expect to receive web support even after deployment. 

Disadvantages of Working with Web Design Company

Costly and Expensive

The cost of website design from an agency may vary between agencies. There can be multiple people and professionals involved in your website design project. The dedicated team engaged in the project may incur higher costs as they are administering a full-service approach and incorporating dedicated resources on the project. However, our Website Design Agency offers cost-effective designing services so that clients can find budget-friendly services and boost their website with responsive design. 

Bureaucratic Nature

Regardless of the multifold advantages of partnering with a web design agency, you cannot avoid the cons of them too. While working closely with a freelancer, there is only a single point of contact throughout the whole time. Thus, you grow personal connections with the freelancer and get a close approach to the website creation. When it comes to a web design agency, you have to go through layers of requests before you reach approval.  

Benefits of Working with Freelance Web Designers

Cost-Effective Services

In terms of budget negotiation and cost-effectiveness, freelance web designers are the preferred rendition. Cost can become the biggest factor when it comes to selecting the designing professional for your project. A freelance web designer can be taken to negotiation as they have fixed their rates on an hourly basis or daily basis. Thus, if you select a freelancer it will cost you way cheaper than a web designing agency. Are you having a business startup? Then a small web firm or freelancer would be a great choice. The project cost diminishes as you hire an individual web designer for designing your website. 

Project Engagement

When an individual web designer is working on your project, he or she can manage their entire schedule as per your project requirements. The designer will dedicate his entire timeline to your project as he is not involved in multiple projects. Contrary to this, if you have partnered with a web design agency, they will have multiple projects and thus, unable to dedicate enough time to your web design job. They are supposed to manage many projects within a given timeline. The freelance web designer is the single contact throughout the project and thus a personal approach can be achieved to create the project. 

Drawbacks of Working with a Freelance Web Designer

Bounded Design Skills

A relevant disadvantage of working with a professional freelancer is that all skills are bounded and limited to a specific skill set or mind. The process of developing and designing a website requires effective expertise and proficiency while having diverse skills. A lot of different activities are involved in a web design and development task. An individual web designer cannot be an expert in UX designing, web development, web strategy, and project management. This implies that the businesses need to employ different freelance professionals for different skills. 

A web design company has a project manager who is responsible for communicating with the various departments and tackles all communications related to the web design project. On the other hand, if you have a freelancer, then you will be responsible for accounting for the communication of different professionals. 

Reason Why Businesses Opt for Web Design Agency     

Owing to the challenges and complexities involved in a project, many businesses and enterprises select web design companies for their website design works. A well-reputed company has all the resources and assets to work on a full-fledged project or website design and development. Nextbrain Technologies is a leading Web Design Company in Toronto that proffers end-to-end project completion from scratch to deployment. They have a complete team of designers, developers, and project managers that have hands-on experience with industry-standard practices. The absence of creative project management and seamless operations is often missing while you work with individual freelance web designers. 


Are you searching for the top web design agency for your business? You have come to the apt platform where experts will lead you through custom website design and industry best practices. Nextbrain Technologies is a renowned website design company in Toronto, Canada, that offers a complete range of web development and design services by adopting advanced technologies and tools. Do you want to learn more about the web design solutions? Connect with experienced professionals and delve deep into the world of web design.



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