3 min readWhy Should Use nopCommerce for eCommerce Website Development?

nopCommerce for ecommerce website development

nopCommerce is the best open source e-commerce solution which is free, fully customized with rich architecture and user-friendly features. It has a delicate framework and design because of which it is regarded as the classic work of .NET shop system. It is totally based on Microsoft’s ASP.NET Core framework and MS SQL Server 2012 backend Database. For those who are beginning a new online ecommerce business, or even the experienced e-commerce business persons and those who want to develop their current business can use nopCommerce which can entirely meet their requirements.

Advantages of using nopCommerce

nopCommerce is a free system which has a customized architecture and you can find out the features including mobile commerce, product catalogs, multi-vender, payment methods, multi-store, shipping and which are easily accessible for the customers. Apart from its products features like stock management, rental products, etc, can make it easier for you to manage your ecommerce businesses. Except for these features, there is more functionality being developed based on the newest technology.

The most important thing is that nopCommerce is also focusing on SEO so that your nopCommerce store can get into all search engines and always have high rankings. The SEO effects will work on not only the friendly URLs, but also the website pages and content structure; you can expect that your visitors will get in touch into the store with minimum efforts.

Features of nopCommerce

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User Interface

NopCommerce developers are having various options to provide high quality user interface. There are many other facilities for the customers like the Exchange Rate System which supports multi-currency and is based on real time prices.

Mobile Commerce

Nowadays as the mobile stores are increasing, mobile commerce is also getting much popular. The main reason for the success of mobile commerce is the shoppers habit towards the convenience of shopping through their tablets and smartphones. By using NopCommerce, developers can easily develop such mobile stores.

Front-end and Back-end

The Ecommerce solution will be completely written in ASP.NET 4.0 and the backend of it is written in SQL 2005, which is one of the most powerful database management platforms.

Multistore management

The experienced developers will recommend that they have multiple store aids in building more salience for the brand.  It is easy to manage all the stores with a single installation of NopCommerce.

Multi Vendor management

By using NopCommerce, it is easy to develop a single catalogue by bringing the products of different suppliers together. All the suppliers will get access to the Admin Panel.

Simple product management

It is very simple to manage your product configuration using this Ecommerce solution. Just keep your online store updated continuously, and NopCommerce will help you do that without any trouble. It is also important to realise that you can add new product variables, customize the product attributes, cross-sell, add different alternatives for checkout, and even have different images for a single product. It lets you specify interlinking of products, back-order, and pre-order.

Search engine friendly

The solution will be developed by keeping the Search Engine Optimization strategies in mind. The user-friendly URLs, well-structured content and products are the various ways in which search engine optimization provides the solution.


Nowadays ecommerce has become more popular and ecommerce developers most commonly use Zencart, Magento, Ubercart, Prestashop, and NopCommerce. Among all these solutions, the majority of downloads are for NopCommerce because of its flexibility and secured system. Beginners can go with the packaged solutions like Volusion and Shopify. Those who require greater customization options can surely try  the nopCommerce.



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