5 min read10 mistakes to avoid during the eCommerce website development
1E Commerce Web Mistake

E-commerce businesses are gaining success at an accelerating pace. Most of the companies whether small, medium or large-scale have an e-commerce website these days. But every e-commerce website is not able to increase the lead conversion rate and brings more traffic. 

E-commerce websites are not just a place where you find scores of catalogs and product listings. The e-commerce platform must offer the visitors a comprehensive shopping experience which depends on the page design, payment options, etc. Developing an eCommerce website is just the first step, the actual work begins only once you have launched your online store. Below mentioned are the comprehensive list of some of the common mistakes which cause damage to your online reputation. 

2E Commerce Web Mistake

Choosing wrong platform

The most common mistake during ecommerce website development is choosing a wrong platform for website development. You need to select a platform which suits your business requirements and has all the elements which are needed to develop the web store. Most entrepreneurs select Shopify, 3dcart, Magento, and WordPress woocommerce which are the top platforms for eCommerce website development for building their online stores.

Non responsive web design

As the technology is advancing in numerous ways due to which the mobile users are growing at an alarming pace. It is a known fact that for the e-commerce websites most of the traffic comes from smartphones. Therefore, it is essential to make a mobile-friendly and responsive web design which offers an amazing user- experience to the users when they browse your website on their mobile phone.

No unique UX Design

Once you have built a website, then you need to establish its online presence with unique user experience. Most of the e-commerce websites will have a unique UX along for better visibility and brand recognition. A UX design creates an ever-lasting impression about your website in the visitors mind. Hence it is very important to create a logo for your website to attract more visitors for your website.

No proper product images

An ecommerce website with eye-pleasing and appealing images will attract the attention of the visitor. Everyone may not focus directly reading the lengthy blogs and descriptions that are included on your website. Rather than these, images, graphics work and video tutorials will work far better. Also you can incorporate the logos and brand names of the well known companies in your store after getting the copyright from those companies. This is a surefire way to grab the customer’s attention. 

3E Commerce Web Mistake

Incomplete contact information

According to most of the surveys,  the About us page is the most viewed page of any website. Almost all the visitors want to know about the geographic location of the company where the products are shipped from, even though the store is online. Also, rather than using a generic email address, it is better to create a separate email which includes your domain name and can be recognized instantly.

Having no SEO strategy

Even if your website is more professional and appealing, it depends on how well your website ranks in the search engine. If your website appears on the first page of the search results, then it will increase your chances of success. A good search engine optimization(SEO) plays a crucial role for the growth of your business. Also, SEO is not just about including keywords, it also includes what to post and when to publish the content so that it is seen by a maximum number of visitors. Hence it is important to have good digital marketing services for your ecommerce website.

Not having the native mobile apps 

More than 50% of the users access the internet on their mobile phones. So every e-commerce entrepreneur must have a website designed not only for the desktop users but also for the mobile users. The iOS and Android application is highly required for all the e-commerce stores. Lets build the mobile application and be engaged with customers regularly.

Not doing any A/B testing

A/B testing is the most essential tool for market research being used by most of the e-commerce websites. It assists entrepreneurs to have a better understanding about customer preferences and get to know what’s working and what’s not. In A/B testing, two versions of the web page are tested on two different groups of users. The feedback of both groups A and B is monitored and analyzed carefully. A/B testing improves the overall shopper experience. You can also use this to check the checkout process, website design, and other shopping options.

Slow loading speed

The slow loading speed of the website will be a turn- off for the customers which makes you lose the customers within seconds. The fast loading speed of the website can enhance the user experience and helps to drive more traffic to your website which increases the sales of your products. It is better to make sure that your website is loading at the good speed by optimizing the website code and also by investing into a better hosting server.

Complicated Checkout 

The checkout process should not be over complicated, as a complicated checkout process will make the user frustrated. So, always keep the checkout process as simple as possible and just gather the required details from the customer to carry out the transaction and to complete the checkout process. It is always required to keep the checkout process and payment gateway easy to be used by the customers.


Today the tech-savvy online shoppers are not just looking for profitable product deals but also expecting a convenient shopping experience. So while developing an eCommerce website you must have a little awareness to make your website more appealing to the visitors.  Hence you need to avoid making these simple eCommerce mistakes in order to expand your business globally and increase your website ranking. Nextbrain Technologies is the reputed web and mobile app development company in Toronto, Canada offering eCommerce web development services with amazing user experience to the visitors.



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