4 min read8 Common Mistakes Web Developers Make During Website Development
1Web App Mistake

Websites act as a best channel of communication between the companies and customers. A lot of information can be shared with the end-users through the website. Websites can even turn the visitors into customers if done properly. Apart from developing a customised, scalable, and highly responsive website, it is essential to avoid some common mistakes during website development. Most of the developers who are unaware of these mistakes may spend most of their time identifying and fixing. 

2Web App Mistake

Cross-browser incompatibility 

As every application needs to be released quickly, web developers are much focused on delivering functionality over web design. Almost all web developers will have Chrome, IE, Firefox installed but most of them use only one all the time. During the website development, it is a common practice to use one browser while testing their website and detest other web browsers. Never use browser-specific code and keep using a different browser for every couple of days, and you will find the major problems in the phase of development. 

Outdated HTML techniques 

Some of the commonly observed practices that ruin the development process are when developers are using <div> or <span> elements, <table> elements for layout even if when are other alternate options available or making use of outdated elements such as <font> or <center> or spacing elements with a lot of “ ” entities which are not compatible with the latest HTML standards as for all these there are replacement elements. Keep more focus on utilizing HTML to describe what content it is rather than how it is being displayed.

3outdated Html Techniques

Not doing proper testing

As a web developer, everyone will test and confirm that the JavaScript or code is functioning properly on the server which makes you confirm that the app will work once deployed too. There might be chances that execute the code without error trapping as it worked while you tested it. If there occurs any error due to the failure in server-side code, it is recommended to have friendly-error pages without revealing more technical details to the customers. 

Page bloat

Most of the web developers will create web pages filled with a number of high-quality graphics and images using the element <img> with its width and height attributes. Also, it is least recommended when a large number of files on the page are linked via JavaScript and CSS. The source HTML Markup will appear attractive when kept less extensive and simple.

Not developing for different screen sizes

Web developers usually commit a common mistake of testing the website across the same monitor size on which they are developing the product. Responsive design for websites is very important as the number of smartphones with different resolutions, tablets are growing everyday. By using Twitter Bootstrap which is an open-source HTML, CSS, and Javascript framework you can develop a responsive web application without any trouble.

Not planning for portability

Many times there will be some problems in website development like database connection strings, hardcoded file paths, or assumptions like certain libraries will be available on the server, etc. Always ensure to have an ideal application setup which is maintenance-free and runs on a load-balanced multiple server environment.

Missing SEO

Most of the time SEO developers postpone the activity of SEO to the end which is a big drawback. SEO is not just about creating good content, keywords, tags, meta-data, site maps, etc. It also plays a major role in web development as it includes efficient load times, eliminating duplicate content,  intelligent back linking, having crawlable site architecture, etc. So it is highly recommended to have digital marketing services from the moment you start developing the web application.

Avoid stacks of code 

Web developers are much focused on aligning a perfect code structure which makes the app responsive across multiple browsers or platforms. While doing this process, developers write more code with heaps of “if” statements. It becomes difficult to manage the code files that occupy much space. This code stacking can be avoided by applying a feature detection in code versus platform or browser detection.


By having in-depth knowledge about these web-related common mistakes, it is easy to eliminate the errors while you are developing a website. This helps you in reducing the bugs and to effectively utilize your time in doing something productive. Nextbrain Technologies is the best web design and development company in Toronto, Canada offering robust and highly responsive websites to strengthen your business.



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