5 min read9 Common Mistakes to Avoid During Mobile App Development
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Nowadays mobile apps are widely used technology but not every app is appreciated by the customers. There may be many reasons. It is a known fact that mobile app development is a disruptive process which involves understanding app ideas, and applying the correct innovation in technology. Altogether, there are 5 million total apps in major app stores but only around 32K apps gain success of getting 1M downloads. Apart from developing an intuitive, user-friendly and interactive mobile application, it is necessary to avoid some common mistakes during mobile app development.

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Not doing proper research

Even if the business owners have a great app idea, they must do proper research before going to develop a mobile app. For this you need to consider a number of factors like objective of the app, target audience, nature of your business, market demand, conducting surveys, etc. If you develop a mobile app for your business after doing thorough research it saves a lot of money.

Setting the unrealistic budget

Before going to start the app development process, ensure that you have a detailed knowledge about the budget and resources. It includes analyzing the number of development hours, material, overheads, space, operation team, marketing, etc. For all these you need to invest a considerable amount. So estimating the overall budget in advance will make the whole app development process error-free and smooth.

Ignoring to create an MVP 

Minimum Viable Product helps to test the app and evaluate the  performance of the app. During the MVP, the mobile app consists of only the essential features. Hence, creating an MVP before going to the next level of app development saves a lot of money and time.  MVP allows you to get the initial feedback from the customers, modify the app if required and launch the app finally with proper developments.

Building a poor UI

You need to pay much attention to the User Interface (UI) of your app as it is responsible for creating a first impression to the end-users. As everyday there will be thousands of mobile apps uploaded on the AppStore, UI helps in attracting the user’s attention. For this you need to follow a few important UI strategies:

  • Always start with an app flowchart.
  • Avoid low resolution images.
  • Try to avoid animations within the app as it increases load time.
  • Add UI elements which attract and engage the end-users.
  • Avoid using much information on the app as too much information confuses the end-users.

Adding too many features

One of the common mobile app development mistakes is adding too many features to the app which even slows down the app as the load time will increase. Hence you need not waste your efforts and money adding too many features. It will be much more useful and easy to understand to have fewer and targeted features which serve the main objective of your app.

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Not doing enough mobile app testing

An app which is free from bugs is all you need to make your users get satisfied. This will be possible only when you do enough mobile app testing and app analysis. Ensure to test your app without fail before going to launch the app finally to the AppStore, which helps in delivering the best performance. It is also crucial to test the app on multiple devices to make sure it works perfectly in any device.

Not considering feedback

Feedbacks play a key role in the success of a mobile application. So, while developing an app you need to pay much attention to the feedback and reviews of your customers. This helps a lot in understanding their preferences and requirements clearly. By knowing this, you can make all the required changes in the app based on priorities of the end-users.

Building an app for too many platforms

Adding too many platforms can be highly counter productive for your business. This may increase your app development cost. So do proper market research before going to develop an app. You need to decide clearly whether it is beneficial to build native app or cross-platform app depending on your business requirements. Proper feedback from the customers will help you to choose the correct platform for your app. You must plan the development of an app on another platform, only if you are absolutely sure about the success of your app on one platform (iOS, Android, or Windows).

Not paying attention to updates

The app development process will not end with its launch. The regular app updates after the app launch are crucial to attract new users and retain the existing users. So you should always keep an eye on feedback and reviews. This helps you to get a clarity of the drawbacks and make necessary improvements to the app. Depending on the feedback of the users, you can also introduce new features, and fix any bugs.


Mobile app development mistakes can be a great barrier to the success of mobile app. Hance, you need to pay much attention to features such as requirement analysis, app testing, customer validation, app launch, in-depth customer survey, etc. The feedback which you get will give a clear idea of how your app gets success in no time. Nextbrain Technologies is a top mobile app development company in Toronto, Canada offering unique and flawless mobile apps that boosts your business.



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