4 min readHow to Build a Successful Ecommerce Website for Your Business
Ecommerce Website

Many entrepreneurs are launching new websites as the demand for ecommerce is growing more rapidly. Previously, launching your business can be a bit difficult but the modern ecommerce platforms are user-friendly and economical which allows you to create a customised ecommerce  website for your business. Almost all the ecommerce platforms offer key features like secure payments, shipping, promoting your website on a plug-and-play basis, where you don’t require any coding experience to set up a professional ecommerce website. 

Steps to setup an e-commerce website

Ecommerce Website Design

Choose & register your domain name

To choose a good domain name is necessary to both your promotion and overall growth of your business. It is better to choose a domain name that is closely connected to what you are selling. By using key phrases into your domain name and business customers will get to know about what you are selling and it also helps you to rank high in the search engines, which is a crucial SEO strategy.

Build your ecommerce website

To develop an ecommerce website, you need to select an ecommerce platform. Ecommerce platforms are where your website exists online and you have free ecommerce platforms with limited features and almost all the free ecommerce stores are developed on WordPress. It will be possible to add ecommerce features to the most popular website builders, or you can select a dedicated ecommerce platform having unlimited features. For any startup, it will be more convenient to select a budget-friendly CMS and customize that depending on your business requirements.

Add products

Create a simple logo, or you can also create your own logo by using free logo templates. It will be more effective to use your own branded images to tell about your products and business. You can also add your product photos, product videos, product descriptions, price of the products, size and weight of the item, and inventory. The ecommerce platform will also track the inventory when the product sells down.

Setup payment & shipping

Almost all the ecommerce platforms let you connect to your own payment gateway and merchant account. But for the startups, the plug-and-play and built-in  payment services are the much simpler and economical options. You must integrate shipping software with your ecommerce platform which helps in streamlining all the order fulfillment processes. This helps in connecting orders to shipping software so that you can automatically update the customers when their orders ship. WooCommerce, BigCommerce and Shopify offer built-in shipping which means the integration is already done and setup takes just a few minutes.

Ecommerce Website Development

Test and backup

Even if it is a small feature you need to test before going to launch online.  You can do A/B testing and also split-test everything. It will be simple to make the changes required when you know the things which work for your brand. Then the most important step is to take care of the back up. Always make sure to backup your website once a week. In case of a startup company, do the backup twice a week and make the process of backup automatic.

Promote your ecommerce store 

After launching your ecommerce website, then you need to promote your website. You can increase the traffic to your ecommerce website by using the best SEO strategies like local SEO, keywords, google analytics, video promotions, on-page activities, infographic promotions, blog promotions, link building, Quora, social media promotions, etc. This helps in getting more customers to your website which inturn increases your sales and revenue.


Previously, it required several integrations and some technical knowledge to set up an ecommerce store. Nowadays it is very easy to build an ecommerce website as the modern ecommerce platforms made the process easy and seamless. Nextbrain Technologies is the top mobile app development company in Toronto, Canada which builds customised ecommerce websites and helps in increasing your business revenue.



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