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The rising usage of mobile applications has lead to an increasing number of app platforms launched during the recent few years. As per a recent study, it has been seen that nearly 2.6 million apps are available in the Google play store. In the Apple app store, the count goes to 2.2 million apps. In the 21st century, you not only need an exceptionally designed and efficient app, but you also prefer ways to promote your app. This will bring them to the top of the app lists and assist in generating increased downloads. One of the effective ways to boost the app market is through application install ads.

Introduction to App Install Campaigns

Mobile app install campaigns are created in a way so that they can be driven from various sources outside the app store. This kind of app ad shows up in social media feeds. The various app install campaigns help to increase the app’s ranking by means of pushing a bulk of downloads within a short period of time. The app ads comprise the description, app features, name, image, and the CTA button. This, in turn, helps to increase organic traffic. In this context, we are going to discuss the different mobile app install ad campaigns so that you can get a brief idea about how the app installs and works in distinct social media and places. 

Twitter App Install Campaigns

Though the number of users of Twitter doesn’t compete with that of Facebook or Instagram, yet it has a user base driven towards it. The install campaigns can target potential users and demographics. On Twitter, the install campaigns can also target existing users and retain them. With advanced targeting abilities,

Twitter mobile apps can prove influential during the recent era. The app campaigns on Twitter on a distinct pricing system. It works on per-app click costing which implies that you can only pay for those clicks that lead one to open the app or install it. As per the recent study, it has been seen that more than 82% of Twitter users are mobile users too. Thus, they look for apps that they can use on their smartphones. 

Now you might be wondering what app cards are. App cards on Twitter enable smartphone users to view app reviews, ratings, preview images, install apps, and open them from a Tweet that appears in their timelines. Apart from the other social media campaigns, Twitter has distinct potential app install campaigns such as finance apps, delivery management apps, workforce management apps, news apps, eCommerce website apps, productivity apps, educational apps, and many more.  

Facebook App Install Campaigns

Facebook is one of the leading social networking apps used by a large number of users all across the globe. More than half of the top apps are available on the play store and are used with Facebook mobile app install campaigns. The Facebook apps are considered dynamic owing to their targeting abilities. The usability of re-engagement ad campaigns is crucial. The process is conducted towards re-targeting users depending upon the actions they take inside your app. If they are caught doing an action such as viewing an item, then it always remains the motto of bringing back the users to apps. 

Another prospective ad campaign is custom audience targeting. With the help of this mode, Facebook enables you to extend to users on certain factors. The factors mainly include behaviors, demographics, and device types. Facebook is the key to user data, and similar audiences become the highest value as app install campaigns can be created onto their devices also. The install ads of Facebook can be circulated worldwide as the campaigns can be shown across Instagram, linked apps, and so forth. 

Google App Install Campaigns

Google, being the leading search engine network in the world, is regarded as the best way to reach a broad spectrum of the market base. To a number of platforms like display network, YouTube, Search network, and play store, Google install campaigns can be well-placed. It gives the flexibility to remove, add, create, or modify any authentic content to the app campaign at the time of the serving process depending upon the place of the ad campaigns. The universal app install campaigns give marketers the liability to drive installs sans hassle. Contrary to this, the standard app campaigns provide entire flexibility to advertisers to have complete control of it. 

One of the best aspects of Google app campaigns is it utilizes effective machine learning algorithms to optimize the ads. However, the entire process is depending upon the performance at the time of showing in search and display.

Pinterest App Install Campaign

The mobile app install campaigns on Pinterest are generally known by the name of promoted pins. With the help of promoted app pins, pinners can simply install mobile apps on Pinterest. It is a general notion that pinners spend money as well as their time to buy apps. Thus, on the Pinterest app, installs and downloads generate more significance. 

Promoted pins are accessible as well as available on both Android and iOS device platforms. While creating your Pinterest app install ads, you can select between two aims. The two aims are bringing traffic to the download page and completed app installs. For app installs, the advertiser needs to set the bid at your target CPI. The Pinterest algorithm adjusts CPC bids on a regular basis depending on the administered target CPI. In order to bring the app install traffic, advertisers run standard CPC campaigns by effective optimization techniques. 

Snapchat Install Campaigns

The Snapchat app campaigns comprise a feature that helps to direct users to the app in the Play store for download purposes. In addition to this, it has a benefit that allows users to stay on Snapchat for downloading the app. With the users’ engagement to the platform, the app starts downloading in the background. There is another option of reengaging the previous users by deep link attachment. The Snapchat users can find the apps installed on their device. As they swipe up they will reach a separate place inside the app. 

YouTube App Install Campaigns

Among the various video-sharing websites, YouTube is the most popular video-sharing platform. Having more than 1 billion active users, running mobile app campaigns or ads on YouTube is the prioritized option. Only a simple point makes the difference between YouTube ads and other ads: YouTube app campaigns are all videos.

The videos are added with CTA that directly links to your mobile app store listing of apps. Quite similar to the other social media platforms, potential targeting is affected by several factors such as interests, user demographics, interests, and the related device. As YouTube is completely linked to Google, one can easily connect the account with Google Play for monitoring the stats.  

Top 4 Best Mobile Apps Install Campaign Practices?

Nbcanada What Are The Four Best Mobile Apps Install Campaign Practices

After acknowledging the ways mentioned above of creating app install campaigns on distinct effective platforms, it is important to learn the best industry practices that are followed for many years. Herein lies the fundamental industry processes that people follow to engage users in their app campaigns. 

Effective Content Quality

By means of producing quality content of videos or images, you can engage users with their first impression. Advertisers must ensure that the contents of the ad campaigns are eye-catching as well as app-relevant. The app campaign should be produced in a way that draws the user’s attention and leads them to the ultimate installation of apps.

Potential & Custom Audiences

People who have used your app can become the potential target to make them reuse the app. If you want to get the best advertising budget, then you might perform running app campaigns targeting a custom audience that already knows your app and its features. The users who are familiar with your app must have used it and got engaged to your app. This is one of the dynamic strategies to build lookalike visitors and acquaint with new users. 

Analyze Effective Campaigns

With the launch of the campaign, there are top brands which function to measure the efficacy of the app campaigns. They check and monitor the app in the app store rankings on time. Few factors are responsible for the app store rankings such as ratings, reviews, uninstalls, active users, and many more. With the increase in app usage by users, the app starts to generate increased revenue. The app campaign strategies are devised in a way to attract users’ attention and engage them in the contents of the campaign leading to the installation of the app. Distinct videos, images, along ad copies are created to test the effectiveness of the app install campaigns.

Consider Last-Click Attribution in-App ad Campaigns

Do you know the full-funnel app campaign strategy? As per the industry best practices, the last-click attribution is considered as the efficient one in running the app campaigns. Amidst the funnel, the various touch-points matter the most as they play vital roles in the decision-making system.

There are times when users see ads on Snapchat, Twitter without installing and ultimately install it when they see it on Facebook. However, this does not imply that the previous two platforms are irrelevant, but they played major roles in determining the decision. They acted as primary touchpoints introducing the app and its usability. The third platform acted as a catalyst for installing the app.


The ultimate goal of every advertiser is to get the app visible and drive more installs. The app store such as Google Play Store or Apple app store is teeming with mobile applications. Thus, your app needs to stand out from the crowd. And this is essential to drive user’s attention towards your app. Mobile app install campaigns are effective ways to draw potential audience’s notice to the diverse app platforms. The 21st century evinced global digitization, rising usage of mobile apps, multiple digital platforms to pursue work operations, and many more revolutions in the technological industry.   



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