5 min readUsing generative AI in eCommerce: A comprehensive use case guide
Using Generative AI In ECommerce A Comprehensive Use Case Guide

The year 2024 is set to maintain the upward trend of the much-talked technology. While many IT companies are experimenting with GenAI having straightforward use cases. Generative AI models can easily deliver hyper-personalization, intelligence, and innovation across several business areas. 

Table of contents 

  • Introduction
  • Importance of generative AI in ecommerce
  • A comprehensive roadmap to Generative AI use cases in ecommerce
  • Conclusion

Importance of Generative AI in eCommerce

Importance Of Generative AI In Ecommerce 1

A several number of customer-facing Gen AI use cases are set forth in this context. It administers effective business value today. In this context, we will focus on the benefits of Gen AI to ecommerce companies.

Differentiation against competitors: Companies can easily adopt world-class technologies like Gen AI that build customer loyalty.

Improved product search & discovery: Generative AI enables consumers to search using natural language. It offers effective context, embellished product search and seamless discovery.

Streamline operations: Gen AI automates repetitive tasks and frees up merchandisers’ time for more strategic activities. It helps streamline operations in ecommerce.           

Increased on-site engagement: Harnessing the technology for ecommerce verticals enables increased on-site engagement with more targeted and valuable experiences.              

Boosting productivity 

AI is capable of boosting productivity by improving worker’s productivity. The actual impact of GenAI is to make employees more effective and help marketers create marketing copy faster. It helps developers in writing, and reviewing code, allowing faster data analysis. 

As a leading Generative AI Development Company, Nextbrain focuses on the major functionalities of Gen AI in applications such as code generation, debugging, content creation and simplifying integrations.

Content creation

Gen AI technology helps generate and refine product descriptions, social media posts and others. As GenAI frees up human resources, it can help curate accurate data for brands.

AI-enabled code generation & debugging

Generating code with AI reduces human labour and time. From creating a landscape of possibilities, Gen AI has been influential in ecommerce verticals. It provides an AutoGPT plugin and real-time sync capabilities where LLMs are trained on data for intuitive engagement and user-prompt responses. 

Product descriptions

For every brand, customers rely on accurate product descriptions. From generating product information to product listing pages, Gen AI automates product descriptions with open architecture and APIs powered by composable commerce. 

Augmenting customer engagement

Within a B2C ecommerce solution, chat is GenAI’s most common customer-facing application. Additionally, chatbots use conversational AI techniques like NLP to comprehend user’s questions and automate responses in real time.  

Supply chain optimization

One of the main functionalities of AI technology involves generating predictive insights. It can surface impacted orders with effective identification of external factors. It enforces inventory forecasting by automating inventory management. 

Interactive in-store experiences

AI-powered image recognition can be utilized in businesses to provide interactive try-on experiences for products like clothing, furniture and cosmetics. Several companies provide Gen AI services and it is better to choose the suitable service for your company. By analyzing customer choices and preferences, Gen AI can administer style suggestions, product recommendations, and virtual fitting sessions in-store. With Nextbrain’s Generative AI services, one can unveil the power of data in real-time making in-store experiences more valuable.

Customer-generated features

When it comes to boosting ecommerce loyalty, Gen AI has major applications. Features can be integrated into advertising campaigns and promotions. For example, Wayfair launched a GenAI-based tool for creating photorealistic images to enable consumers to visualize their products. 

Analyzing data for instant insights

By analyzing insights from different sources and unlocking unstructured data efficiently, Gen AI technology enables companies to generate insights. It can adapt strategies and tactics in response to data. For businesses, data scattered across different systems can pose a challenge for business users. With precise engineering and advanced search engines, the technology can unveil signals and patterns.     

Price optimization strategies

Ecommerce companies can implement dynamic pricing that, in turn, maximizes revenue. It can analyze competitor pricing, forecast demand, identify market trends and segment customers. A/B testing can assist alternative pricing scenarios and analyze the impact on relevant performance metrics. 

Inventory management   

Gen AI models help in seamless integration with existing supply chain management systems. The existing systems may include ERP systems, inventory management solutions and many more. This integration is beneficial for streamlining forecasting processes and assisting in data sharing. By effectively harnessing advanced algorithms and data-driven insights Gen AI models can be easily trained on trends data, historical sales, and seasonality. 

Improving product development & innovation

Having a robust eCommerce website development solution may not be sufficient if your ecommerce business is lacking to retain customer’s interest. Leveraging the Gen AI technology innovative product concepts can be created for customers in addition to personalized offerings based on customer preferences. It attracts new customers and retains existing ones.


Looking forward to learning more about Generative AI? Nextbrain can introduce you to a wide plethora of emerging technologies. Generative AI has opened more ways to make the most of artificial intelligence. From improving the shopping experience to creating efficiencies in operational processes, technology has been influential in the tech world. Actionable data insights play a major role in the ecommerce business. To know more about Generative AI services and website development, let’s get started with our experts.