6 min readAI video analytics: Unveil ways AI video analytics boosts brick-and-mortars

Many customers are choosing to shop online nowadays owing to the increasing demand to sit in the comfort of their homes and buy stuff. The advancement of technology, helps retailers motivate buyers to select physical stores over shopping online. Therefore retailers who are working offline need to adopt technologies that provide relevant information regarding customers’ behavior in the store environment to embellish the experience. Retail analytics implies the process of gathering and analyzing retail data analytics associated with sales, inventory, and customers. Several advanced technologies including machine learning, AI video analytics and Artificial intelligence assist in boosting business operations for brick-and-mortar stores. 

As a result of automation and the potential to process large volumes of data, intelligent AI video analytics in terms of retail analysis can be highly effective. In this article, we are going to explore the varied opportunities AI video analytics can offer to retailers.       

Introducing AI video analytics

AI video analytics is computer vision enabled by machine learning algorithms. AI-enabled video analytics can easily analyze and monitor visual data from security cameras to advanced business processes.

How retailers can leverage AI video analytics?

In different ways, AI video analytics can assist brick-and-mortar stores by giving consumers a complete personalized experience. It provides information relating to advancing stocking levels. AI video analytics streamline inventory operations and recognize repeat customers for special promotions and services. AI video analytics have major potential to deliver real-time information so that stores can better serve their customers. For a better view of the multiple facets of AI video surveillance software in retail, we need to have a complete understanding of the varied benefits of AI video analytics in the retail industry.

Optimization of product placement

When it comes to product placement, it serves as a significant part of the customer experience. With the implementation of AI video analytics, retailers are capable of monitoring product levels dynamically. They can take prompt action by sending notifications to staff so that they can restock accordingly. There are times when a retailer has branches located nationwide in multiple locations. Data depending on real-world video gives retailers the opportunity to streamline overall retail operations, saving valuable time and resources that need to be spent on relevant areas of the store.

Creating an effective retail customer experience 

Creating An Effective Retail Customer Experience

AI video analytics can administer real-time data on shopper’s behavior and the data can acknowledge store layouts and easily anticipate customer requirements. When retail stores have access to AI video analytics, it can monitor retail operations significantly reducing loss, and theft and overall advancing event response time for a better shopping environment. For a better and smoother experience, many retailers have already begun to implement the concept of AI analytics for enhanced retail solutions.

Personalized shopping experiences

In the recent era, retailers are capable of combining AI-driven data insights and AI-enabled facial recognition for administering personalized shopping experiences. AI video data can assist in increasing overall traffic flow and sales conversions too. It has several applications across retail verticals. 

The AI-driven video data can be connected to store maps and shopping apps to assist customers in mapping out their visits ahead of time and sending alerts and promotions during events. AI-powered applications can make the physical shopping experience feel connected to online convenience. 

AI video surveillance can revolutionize the in-store shopping experience

AI Video Surveillance Can Revolutionize The In Store Shopping Experience 1

AI video analytics offer a complete plethora of ways for brick-and-mortar stores. Retailers can engage with consumers by rendering differentiated shopping experiences that can compete in many ways. With increasing competition going across the retail verticals, it became increasingly important for retailers to stay ahead of the competitive curve. 

Advanced technologies such as AI video analytics are one of the potential tools available for online retailers. It helps in redefining the way retail stores can compete with online businesses moving forward.  

Streamlined marketing

Effective analytics software makes it easier to understand, measure and streamline marketing solutions. With the help of smart software, it is relevant to understand trends, decide on repeat and new visitors, measure the number of visits and evaluate the effectiveness of ad methods. 

Depending on the critical insights obtained through insights, retailers can advance their marketing programs and ad campaigns by making decisions on locations and creating better advertising effects on hit rate and average purchases. AI-driven analytics software offers real-time analytics that renders an additional advantage to retailers enabling them to perform performance-making relevant modifications in strategies. 

Optimizing checkout line

Optimizing Checkout Line

At the time of checkout, the in-person shopping experience is of important concern. Many customers with full carts can often face difficulty while checking out. AI video surveillance systems can count the number of people in a queue and analyze dwell times/traffic patterns. Significantly, it will drive optimal staff response at the checkout line. This gives flair to retailers to take action by sending additional staff members into the queue and opening new lines to improve the checkout experience. 

How do AI video analytics help retailers optimize store operations?

At Nextbrain, we create an effective AI video analytics surveillance system that has the potential to gather data associated with customer motion across all linked cameras. Data acquired from traffic flow analysis assists in-store efficiency, boosts productivity and embellishes customer experience. 

  • Heat mapping
  • Pathway analysis
  • Real-time people counting
  • Line crossing
  • Dwell time analysis
  • Effective monitoring
  • Surveillance control
  • Statistical analytics         

Final verdict 

Since last year AI-driven data video analytics have become one of the significant tools for retailers to optimize business processes, satisfy customer demands and build marketing strategies. It can effectively monitor retail processes effectively contributing to increasing the work efficiency of retail employees. Are you looking for the best AI video analytics? Nextbrain is the leading AI development company creating world-class AI Security Video Analytics Software for different industry verticals. The company comprises expert developers having years of experience in leveraging modern technologies and trends in curating end-to-end solutions for businesses. Connect with expert professionals of Nextbrain and acknowledge the techs involved in AI video analytics.