5 min readImportant ways to enhance an engagement of deskless workers using digital signage
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In frontline services and operations, the deskless workforce serves a major role that has been hugely accounted for by digital transformation. It has always been essential to look out for strategies to communicate with successful workers. Organizations and enterprises looking out for deskless employee retention rates should look for workplace digital signage solutions that offer better support and establish seamless engagement among deskless employees.   

Considering the deskless workforce comprises more than 85% of workers on a global basis, it is important to adopt more effective digital transformation strategies that support deskless workers in multiple ways. By using digital signage in the deskless workforce, employers can efficiently support deskless workers. In this blog post, we are going to emphasize the varied facets of how digital signage has enhanced the engagement cycle within a deskless working environment. 

Within a frontline working culture, there is very little engagement and opportunity for interaction between a deskless workforce and leadership. This can potentially lead to decreased productivity and work efficiency. Solutions may involve digital workplace stations, digital signage systems, mobile technologies and so forth. 

Digital Signage: Introducing a diversified digital transformation solution

A digital signage software is a communication system that comprises multiple screens for showcasing visual and text-based messaging. Workplace digital signage can be harnessed for boosting high-end communications across a company. Herein one can utilize digital signage systems to embellish the engagement of deskless workers. 

Connecting better with the deskless workforce

Connecting Better With The Deskless Workforce

Staying over significant company announcements and updates can be terrifying if organizations utilize sticky-note methods to notify employees. These methods can be easily overlooked by deskless workers who are always on the go. For deskless employees on the job, the common concern most companies face is a lack of connected communication. This can potentially lead to employee dissatisfaction at work and hamper productivity. 

Digital signage used for deskless workspaces easily fills the gap between businesses and their deskless employees. It serves as an important tool to share relevant information and notify employees of news updates, event announcements, and company recognitions. Acting as a cultural tool, digital signage can connect workers across diverse geographics. 

Encourage learning prospects

Workers choose their skills and engage in task-related operations in a more complicated decision-making process. Companies can take the initiative to share information and stimulate discourse by displaying digital content through digital signage. This gives opportunities for employees to learn more and acknowledge internal possibilities.

Strengthen health and safety compliances

Strengthen Health And Safety Compliances

When it comes to businesses and enterprises that are operating in frontline industries such as distribution and manufacturing, employee safety can be of the utmost importance. With the integration of workplace digital signage, employees can acquire consistent messages associated with significant safety protocols that should be followed. Digital screens powered with digital signage systems will display different content before beginning a task. Digital screens can notify them of the various safety measures they need to take before beginning the task.  

Make your workers feel valued 

Low retention rates of deskless employees often complain of not having access to proper software which might place deskless workers at a disadvantage of not having proper communication within a deskless organization. Internal communications through digital signage solutions can gear up worker’s productivity within an organization. As workers begin to feel valued, their interest in company operations will lead to increased work efficiency.

Herein let’s take a look at the ways of implementing digital signage to disseminate information regarding recent company news updates, notifications and many more.  

Implementing digital signage to expand information relating to the company

Digital signage can be used for different functionalities such as disseminating recent corporate events and updates, promoting future events and administering information relating to company events. The utilization of digital signage in place of other time-consuming means like memos and printed leaflets is more effective. Effective communication within a deskless environment is necessary for maintaining a healthy atmosphere in the organization. 

During the last few years, there has been a relevant shift in the ways people communicate in the workplace. As digital signage has become more commonplace, companies now have access to digital signage to boost communication and engagement levels of deskless workers within an organization. 

Inspire staff with targeted information

Inspire Staff With Targeted Information

With advancements in technology, digital transformation has spread over major areas in frontline working culture. This has enforced the majority of usage of digital signage in deskless working environments. For instance, a short message addressed towards workers “Good morning, have a wonderful day” has a positive impact on your company’s team. One can organize better connections with the workforce in this way. By offering periodic recognition to workers for their hard work towards the organization, companies can retain employees.      

Final takeaway 

As companies continue to flourish holding hands with digital transformation, it became relevant for frontline companies to embrace and leverage digital signage solutions. Looking for a digital signage system for your business? Nextbrain is the leading Software Development company having expertise in creating cloud-based digital signage software solutions for clients. Our developers have expert technical knowledge and expertise in crafting effective digital signage for deskless workers. The software assists in reaching and maximizing engagement with the deskless workforce with ease. Connect with our professionals to learn more about digital signage.