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Every customer wants to know how much it will cost to develop a mobile application and expects relatively low prices and high quality when going to hire an app agency. The app development cost depends on the requirement and platform on which you want the app to be developed. The mobile apps can be built on platforms like Native or a Hybrid app. All the queries need to be answered to arrive at a perfect cost estimate. The factors that mainly influence the app development cost are given below.

Develop A Mobile Application

Requirement analysis

Before telling how much your mobile or web application will cost we will gather your business goals and requirements and make an analysis of your product to be developed which should provide you with a solution to your business. Then, depending on the app architecture, we prepare possible use cases and also gather technologies for implementing the app. 

UX design

Depending on your project requirements and complexity of your application, we create attractive and engaging user experience design for your mobile or web application. Based on the tools and technologies we have used to develop your app and the number of hours spent on designing the app the cost of the app will be estimated.

Please check the sample flow diagram of wallet base application.

iOS and Android app development

The development cost of a mobile or web application also depends on the platform on which the app is to be developed. The mobile applications can be developed on various platforms like  Android, iOS or Windows, Native or a Hybrid app. As iOS and Android have different interfaces and systems, the applications developed for these platforms will also be different. Hence, it is required to consider which platform the app is going to be built before going to estimate the app cost.

Front-end and Backend development

Inorder to develop a dynamic app for large customer base to exchange a large amount of data in real time requires data to be synchronized across platforms and get stored in the cloud. In such a case, there is a need for a backend which can withstand huge loads and work seamlessly under any condition. To create an app’s frontend and backend you may require multiple programming languages and tools which means you require to pay for a varied team of professionals. 

Third party integrations

There are a huge variety of third-party integrations which can easily boost your app development speed. However, third-party integrations sometimes provide complicated and inconsistent documentation. This may lead to additional time in integrating them into your app. In addition to this you will have to pay a fee in order to use these services. 

Supported browsers, devices and OS

While developing a web app, ensure that it supports all the latest versions of the browsers like Microsoft Edge, Chrome, Safari and Mozilla Firefox. If it is not done there is a risk that you may get only a few customers for your web application.

QA, Support and Maintenance

The app development cost also depends on the rigorous quality tests that are performed to build a flawless app to ensure its functionality and make it easy to operate. We also provide support for managing updates, user profiles and data, APIs and also to monitor user’s is the key role of app functionality. With every new update and additional features, the cost of the app will be increased.

Post release expenses

Even the post release support of the app is more important. For every business an app needs updates, backend server maintenance, customer support, even legal support, cloud hosting, and promotion which helps in the product’s success. The cost of post release is not included in the app development by most of the companies as it will be the additional service.

How much does a mobile application cost?

The cost of developing a mobile app is mostly based on the number of hours the project takes, the required functionalities, the platform on which the app is developed, technologies used, and how long it takes to implement. After having clarity about the project requirements and features, the detailed project estimate to develop the mobile applications will be given. 

Time and complexity

The cost of developing a mobile or a web app depends on the number of hours the project may take. It is also based on the app functionalities and how long it takes to implement. Usually the apps are divided into three categories: simple, middling complexity, and highly complex. The average cost of developing an app is $50 per hour rate.

Simple apps include only some basic functionality and require integration with any third-party APIs as well as a backend infrastructure. It requires features which include simple filters, standard UI components, and map markers. To develop a simple app takes about 12 weeks and the cost is around $30,000. 

To build mobile or web apps of middling complexity may include UI features, payment functionality, real-time chat, integration with APIs, and a simple backend server. It may take around 16 weeks to develop such an app, and the cost will be a minimum of $50,000.

To develop highly complex apps some advanced functionalities are needed which may include real-time synchronization, audio or video processing, custom animations, third-party integrations, complex backends, and more. The time period for developing such complex apps may take more than 24 weeks and the minimum cost will be $80,000. 

Cost estimation

We provide our feedback and try to specify any other features or recommendations for your project. Then we provide you an offer, which includes hours of work, an application architecture, a technology stack, and a set of product features.  

Finally after the negotiation is done and once you approve the rough estimate, then we provide you with a detailed estimate where we mention all the requirements for your project, wire frames to make you understand exactly what your iOS, Android or web application will look like, and offer you complete documentation for your project. 

Requirement analysis + Design + Development + QA Testing + Deployment + Support

We offer full-cycle development services for web and mobile apps which means that an app’s price will cover each and every service related to product development and project management. We perform various iterations until the product becomes completely successful.


Never expect any agency to tell you the price of your product just blindly. There’s no fixed price list which helps you to calculate the mobile app development cost, and there are some price calculators which you may come across on the internet that cannot be completely trusted. Companies usually charge per hour for the mobile app, but the rates can be negotiable.

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