4 min readHow Telemedicine Software Benefits Doctors and Hospitals?
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Telemedicine software, a great technological advancement is changing the way the healthcare industry works. Both the healthcare service professionals and the patients are getting benefited from the usage of telemedicine software. It benefits a lot for the patients living in rural areas or for patients not in a condition to travel to the specialist of their choice.

Telemedicine software

The telemedicine software mainly offers clinical services to the patient from any remote location. Even the patients located in rural areas having limited access to healthcare can get the treatment from the specialists of their choice through secure telemedicine software. Telemedicine software helps doctors, clinics and hospitals to conduct live video chats with patients to diagnose their health issues, offer suggestions and answer any queries. It includes applications which allow healthcare providers to connect with the patients located in rural localities or unable to travel. This doctor appointment software also supports researchers and pharma companies to conduct clinical studies, and offer quick and convenient testing on various subjects.

Telemedicine software is used for medication management, disaster relief, pediatric treatment, ambulance treatment, chronic disease management, virtual treatment, ICU and other medical emergency situations. Telemedicine software is mainly used by physicians, clinical nurse specialists, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, clinical social workers, clinical psychologists, dieticians, etc. Also, telemedicine supports medical departments including dermatology, pediatric, radiology, mental health and any chronic diseases.

Key features of telemedicine software

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Online appointment booking – Facilitates in maintaining an online appointment calendar for your patients, so that it will be easy to make appointments.

Live video consulting – Allows you to make unlimited online video sessions so that you can offer the best patient experiences.

Technical support – Technical support which  helps you to resolve any queries, in case you face any trouble using telemedicine software.

Dashboard – Must have an intuitive dashboard which is simple to use offering the data you need at a glance.

Secure sharing of documents – As there are many medical reports which are confidential and need to be shared with the patients, telemedicine software helps you to share documents securely.

Maintain good video quality – Should offer high definition video quality for offering an excellent patient experience.

Online payment gateway integration – Assists you in accepting payments online helping the patients to pay through their convenient mode of choice.

HIPAA Compliant – Must be HIPAA compliant which allows you to store patient information with high confidentiality. 

Data analytics and reporting – For the growth of your healthcare organisation, detailed analytics and reporting are required to analyze situations to make proper decisions.

How does telemedicine app work?

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Registration- Patients can get registered on the telemedicine app with their name, mobile number, email id and other details  needed.

Select expert doctors- Patients can select their disease or illness and reach out to the expert doctors based on the availability. Doctors can offer their suggestions via chat, video or call and get instant payments.

Modes of consultation- Patients can connect with expert doctors via Text consultation, voice consultation or video consultation and can get the queries answered.

Instant payment- Now you can easily set the consultation fee as per your convenience and make payment through multiple payment gateways by integrating your telemedicine app.

Track your analytics – This medical appointment scheduling software helps you to track all your daily transactions and revenue collected over a particular time by consulting online.

Doctor profile – This doctor appointment software assists your patients to make their choice by offering the list of different consultants or doctors on your telemedicine app. Update any data at any time through the web back-end.

Patient appointments – This medical appointment scheduling software helps patients to get automated reminders and saves time. It assists in managing the appointments through the web scheduler or mobile app.

Push notifications – Send notifications to your patients to remind them about appointments, updates, care plan reviews, and more. You can send these notifications through email and SMS.

Future of telemedicine

Telemedicine is considered as the most essential technology as it supports in providing effective treatment to patients at a low cost. In the coming future, telemedicine software will be commonly used by all the physicians and healthcare professionals.

According to Statista, telemedicine is expected to be valued at more than $41 billion by 2021. Telemedicine has already grown to a great extent and in the future also it is going to evolve to meet all the healthcare demands of the future generations.


Telemedicine software assists medical professionals to remain virtually present at the patient’s bedside or in the ambulance in case of any emergency. As telemedicine software is an effective solution for people living in rural areas and also during emergency conditions, a flawless and up-to-date telemedicine software is essential to resolve these issues and also to run healthcare business successfully resulting in more profits. 



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