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For a very long time Augmented reality is a powerful technology that has been gaining significance owing to its usable functionality. Having multiple industries such as automotive, retail, healthcare, education, and many others struggling to implement AR, it has seen a greater demand for AR app development services than it is today. In order to understand the importance of Augmented Reality, we have created an extensive guide to the AR app development tactics. In this blog, we have given a complete textual analysis of the nitty-gritty of Augmented reality app development.

What is Augmented Reality?

Augmented reality can be defined as the link between virtual data as well as the real world. It has several features such as combining the virtual data and the real world in real-time. It helps to remain interactive in real-time and view the world in 3D. AR technology is becoming popular as with the help of AR, 2D and 3D objects can be easily projected into real-life environments.

Selecting The Right Platform: Mobile AR Development

Are you an Augmented reality mobile developer? It can be tougher to select between developing AR apps for Android, iOS, and many more. Android and iOS have both useful SDKs or software development kits and selecting a good operating system. One can select a platform that enables you to develop a cross-platform AR mobile app development, offering higher depth and reaching a larger audience.

  • Cross-Platform AR Development

The third-party SDKs support iOS and Android AR application development at the same time. It is relevant to select the right technology stack for your application. For this, Unity, Wikitude, and ViroReact are the potential choices as a priority. 

  • Ways To Create Augmented Reality For Android

If you are an Android AR developer, ARcore is considered the fundamental reality framework that assists in building AR applications for your android devices. Mobile app platforms that are developed on ARcore work on both Android and iOS devices.

  • Ways To Make AR App For iOS

One can create your iOS AR app using ARkit. It is considered a powerful framework that assists in integrating motion tracking, light, camera scene capture, advanced scene processing, and even more for establishing a comprehensive AR experience with iOS App Development for your iOS device. A comprehensive ecosystem makes it seamless for developing Augmented Reality for its devices.

  • Selecting The Right Augmented Reality Stack For Your App

When it comes to selecting the right AR tech stacks for the development timeline, you need to focus on the different essential features and supporting plugins that you require to build a quality mobile application from scratch. 

  • Using Unity For AR App

Unity is regarded as one of the popular cross-platform AR app development SDK and the factor that makes it the best for AR development is the cross-platform compatibility in addition to the large app size support and interactive user interface. With the help of the Vuforia plugin in Unity, developers can create effective AR development solutions for better tracking and recognition of 3D objects in real-time. 

Important Ways To Select The Ideal SDK

Selecting the ideal SDK is crucial if you are trying to develop an AR app across single and multiple platforms. In this context, we have given a complete cluster of points that you should remind yourself of while selecting the right platform.

  • The right SDK will assist in supporting multiple operating systems such as iOS and Android. If it supports multiple platforms, then it is of more functionality to users.
  • Selecting between the paid and free version of the product, however, a paid rendition will have enhanced features.
  • The ideal SDK should support Unity and it will become the most advanced SDK for great graphics in your AR app.
  • For real-time triggers, 3D tracking and recognition are important.
  • It can support cloud recognition that, in turn, ensures that the mobile application identifies markers without ample space. 

Different Types of Augmented Reality Apps

Augmented reality app development can be useful in many forms based on the business objectives and goals. The main types of AR solutions include :

  • Location-based Augmented Reality
  • Marker-based Augmented reality
  • Superimposition based augmented reality
  • Projection-based augmented reality 

Best Augmented Reality SDK For Mobile Apps

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After acknowledging the different features that are required for an SDK for creating AR applications, you need to acquaint the popular tools that are relevant depending on the complete set of features they administer and the value of money.

  • ARToolkit

It is an open-source tool for creating augmented reality apps comprising different features like:

  • Unity3D & Automatic camera calibration
  • OpenSceneGraph support 
  • GPS and compass support for creating location-based AR applications.
  • Supporting the dual and single camera
  • Creation of real-time applications
  • Supports multiple languages 
  • Vuforia

Vuforia is one of the best Augmented reality applications development portals that comprises a complete set of features such as:

  • Supporting text recognition of 100,000 words and having a custom library
  • Enables creating a 3D geometric map of any environment 
  • Identifies multiple objects comprising cylinders, boxes, and toys. 
  • Enables the creation of customized Vumarks 
  • Offers dynamic Unity plugin
  • Supports cloud and local storage 
  • Helps in converting static images into full-motion video played directly on a target surface.     
  • Google ARCore

 Having two million Android active users, developers get the opportunity to create Augmented reality apps on OS. The toolkit works majorly with Unity, Unreal and Java. It comprises features such as environmental understanding, motion tracking, and light estimation.

  • MaxST

Two types of SDK are available such as a 2D SDK for image tracking and a 3D SDK for environment recognition. MaxST can be used for tracking and mapping environments. Saving files are created with Visual simultaneous localization and mapping offers 3D objects. It offers QR and barcode scanning in addition to extended image tracking and multi-target tracking. One can track the target when it comes to tracking and placing digital objects correlating with the plane. Additionally, it offers Unity plugin integration.

  • Wikitude 

With the latest inclusion of SDK7 comprising support for localization and mapping, the tool offers the distinct features are as follows:

  • 3D recognition and tracking
  • Location-based services
  • Image recognition and tracking
  • Cloud recognition 
  • Smart glass integration
  • Unity plugin integration.

Wikitude has recently introduced its SDK7 comprising support for simultaneous localization and integration.


Kudan is considered a universal augmented reality SDK and mentioned below are the main features comprising:

  • Visual SLAM
  • 2D and 3D image recognition
  • Location and tracking requirements with or without markers
  • Flexible integration
  • A fusion sensor detects white light sources
  • Universal setting
  • Unity SDK.

The Effective Usage of Augmented Reality in Industry

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AR technology has diverse functionality that offers interesting business solutions. The usage in the industry, as well as enterprises, is coming down for years. In this context, we will delineate the different industrial applications of Augmented Reality in industry.


The effective usage of artificial intelligence in Healthcare Software Development and medicine has different implementations. Nowadays, AR tools for education and healthcare are actively prepared for student training and other surgical procedures.


AR technology is heavily active in ecommerce and retail. The effective utilization of augmented reality in ecommerce is showing the power of its technology as it improves the overall shopping experience. After the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, the technology gained more relevance owing to the real-like displays and ecommerce development that it offers to customers.

Games & Entertainment 

One of the most promising industries for AR app development is games and entertainment. It enables users to interact with virtual objects in the real world. Among the several examples, PokemonGo is the best instance of augmented reality game development in the industry.


Are you wondering about the ways to make an AR app that will make a unique position in the educational industry? Different AR-powered solutions enable students to view virtual objects in the educational learning environment. Additionally, it has positive benefits in the travel and tourism industry. It creates robust Travel and Tourism app Development for tourism agencies to offer a superior customer experience.

Architecture & Real Estate

Real estate and architecture have evinced many functionalities and applications of AR technology. Professionals like interior designers and architect specialists will blend in the environment and they can have a proper outlook of the project and display them to clients.


Augmented reality has its applications in military affairs. Nowadays, special Goggles are used to offer military data to assist them with ground navigation. 

How To Make Augmented Reality Applications

An augmented reality application has its own benefits. This is the reason why most industries and businesses are beginning to utilize augmented reality in different ways.

  • Searching A Niche And Creating USP

Understanding the niche is the primary step to AR app development. The stage mainly includes market research, competitors analysis, TA research and creating USP.

  • Creating Business Plan

As you recognize the ways to make an AR app that can meet user expectations and lay before a comprehensive business plan. Subsequently, one can consider some models including advertising, subscription, and freemium.

  • Searching Ideal App Development Vendor

Finding the right mobile app development company is the key to accomplishing goals accordingly. Nextbrain is the leading Augmented Reality App Development Company in Toronto, Canada that offers premium augmented reality app solutions catering to business requirements. The developers use the latest technologies and tools to create robust platforms. 

  • Selecting App Functionality

By means of selecting the app functionality, it enables you to develop an AR app as per your business requirements. Apart from selecting platforms and SDKs you can include functionalities like payments, push notifications, navigation, social media and others.

  • UI & UX Design

Design creation is a relevant part of the augmented reality app development process. The expert designers work on the designs, user flows, branding, and unique lifestyle of your application at this stage. 

  • AR App Development

This is considered the central part of the development process that will create the augmented reality app. The front-end and back-end parts of the solution are created during this stage and tested to eliminate scalability, app performance, and reliability.

  • App Marketing & Promotion 

As the development process is ongoing, one can concentrate on marketing strategies. The various marketing strategies involve social media marketing, paid ads, content marketing, search engine optimization, influencer marketing, events, and partnerships. 

  • Growth Planning

As the AR app is released to the market, you can keep track of the different customer feedback. This will give them proper insights to learn how the app can be improved and take their side of their story for implementation with future updates. 

Final Thought

Are you looking forward to developing your augmented reality app? Nextbrain is the leading AR Application Development Company that offers premium AR app development and has many years of expertise in the IT industry. The proficiency of AR app development extends to different sectors and solution types. Connect with the top professionals at our company and get the best solution for your business.