6 min readWhat are the Popular Social Media Marketing Trends in 2022?
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Social media is a great marketing channel. Even businesses have realized the importance of implementing social media marketing services to connect with customers easily and make their business more productive. Methods to capture the attention of online customers continue to grow in 2022. Many companies are taking benefit of the emerging social media marketing trends and promoting their services on various social channels to reach prospective customers and make new audiences aware of their services.

It is very important to evaluate the upcoming social media trends and strategies to progress well in your business.  In the year 2022, social media firms are investing more in audio content, Livestream shopping,  Social commerce, and many more.

Popular Social Media Marketing Trends in 2022

There are various social media marketing trends and strategies that are showing a great impact in attracting customers and improving sales. Let’s discuss the most popular social media trends to consider in 2022.

Social Commerce

Social commerce is a popular trend that will be dominating social media in the coming years. Customers are looking to have amazing experiences in the sites where they have been spending time. Many reputed brands and businesses are testing effective shoppable functionality on almost all platforms. From shopping buttons to live streams to influencers to ads, social sales are going to be at the top of smart social strategies.

  • According to a prediction, social commerce is going to grow more in the coming few years. 
  • In the year 2022, it has been estimated that there will be around 97.2 million social commerce customers in the US, which is around 38.2% of the users on the internet.

Use Social channels for customer service

Social media marketing is getting back to the fundamentals of building relationships with customers and having effective customer service. Marketers are required to get back to making use of social channels for better communication and interaction with consumers. Organic engagement may be tough, even by using paid content. In 2022, brands will be going back to using social channels to offer better customer services and strengthen their relationship with consumers.

AR and VR based Social media campaigns

2 Ar And Vr Based Social Media Campaigns

AR and VR are the most advanced technologies in 2022 mainly in the consumer market. Hence, marketers need to think about implementing these emerging technologies for creating effective and interactive social media campaigns. It offers customers a virtual picture of what the product they want will look like exactly in the physical environment and thereby, enhancing customer engagement and overall shopping experience.

Interactive elements in selling

Businesses are making use of computer vision applications by using augmented reality and virtual reality. This is clearly seen in social media marketing. Users are eagerly looking to have an immersive experience and are willing to spend time on social media for long-form content than short-form content. Businesses can offer social selling with self-guided assessments, interactive tours, and instantaneous demos of products and services they provide.

  • Livestream shopping is attracting many customers because it is having a personalized environment of the user live-streaming along with the easy shopping conveniently from home.
  • The revenue of live commerce revenue is estimated to triple and reach around 35 billion dollars by the year 2024.

Using Live videos to interact with users

3 Using Live Videos To Interact With Users

Brands are showing more interest in live video as the latest way of communicating easily with their customers. Previously, brands have been using social media as a medium to share images and posts. But, this strategy has been considered not useful as it attracted very less customers. Many marketing companies are taking advantage of these Live videos by offering customers a more engaging experience and improving overall communication.

Ensure information is trustworthy

In the year 2022, customers have been looking for the community as well as connections on social media. But while looking for health and wellness areas, they give more priority to trusting the information they have received that will decide whether they are going to spend their time or not. Marketers need to respond to the consumers by broadening their network to ceratin communities to communicate with users across various social media platforms.

User-generated TikTok videos

4 User Generated Titok Videos

User-generated videos on the TikTok platform are making the companies consider it a great outlet for various campaigns to enhance their brand visibility. Also, these videos are the major outlet for sharing a business environment and social commitments.

  • Users on the TikTok spend an average time of 89 minutes per day on this app.
  • According to the statistics, around 90% of people use TikTok every day and also 69% of teens in the US are using TikTok.
  • A recent study states that 47% of customers have made purchases by seeing something on TikTok. Also, 67% of users say that TikTok has influenced them to make shopping even when they are not actually looking for it.

Brand accountability

Many customers are looking for companies and brands offering customer service, the latest products, as well as promises they have done with receipts through various social media platforms. Keeping an eye on the conversation going on about your brand and offering an authentic and honest response plan will certainly assist in maintaining accountability and validity.

Use Social media for talent acquisition

In the present economy, it’s a well-known fact that finding a person with the required skills and talent is not at all challenging. In 2022, a trend has been observed towards making use of social media for talent acquisition like promoting the company’s values, culture, and mission and making use of employees as great brand ambassadors for amplifying the recruitment details across their own social media networks.


It is important to get awareness about the various social media marketing trends and strategies that are becoming popular this year. In the year 2022, various trends like social commerce, virtual shopping, AR and VR-based campaigns, and a lot more social media trends are booming and being implemented by many companies. Nextbrain Technologies is the top Digital marketing agency in Toronto, Canada offering cost-effective and custom SEO services by implementing the latest SEO trends and strategies.