5 min readDigital signage in manufacturing industry: How it optimizes operational communication

As per the latest digital signage industry statistics, it has been seen that the digital signage market size was worth $21.49 billion during the year 2020. However, it is estimated to reach $31 billion by the end of 2025. Less than 25% of manufacturing industry employees among 100% are engaged in work. This low engagement report has resulted in a productivity decline. Contrarily, higher workplace engagement leads to increased work productivity, better employee retention, greater company profits, and lesser workplace accidents.   

For garnering a powerful sense of employee engagement, workplace digital signage is one of the best strategies that can accomplish efficient communication in the manufacturing industry. With the implementation of live digital dashboards, digital displays and digital screens, workplace digital signage can overcome communication barriers in manufacturing. In this blogpost, we are going to lay emphasis on the optimization of operational communication in manufacturing with digital signage solutions. 

How does the traditional employee communication system lack efficiency? 

Several office environments can easily rely on email, Intranet and face to face meetings for communication. SMS and emails cannot be the only point of communication in factories and industries where these methods are not always available. There are times when employees don’t carry their mobile phones. Therefore, more meaningful ways of communication were important for boosting the overall operational communication within the manufacturing industry. 

Effectiveness of digital signage in manufacturing industry

Effectiveness Of Digital Signage In Manufacturing Industry

Digital signage has major functionalities within a manufacturing ecosystem. Let’s take a look at the major uses for digital displays throughout a manufacturing facility.

Communication of internal facility messages           

Digital signs can be used for displaying several work declarations Digital signage solutions help to manage digital screens placed at different locations throughout a production facility at different times. 

Motivation of workforce

There are times when it becomes difficult to forecast actual production metrics, quality information and many more. Digital signage software solutions have made it possible to livestream company data visualization of healthy safety data, production metrics, quality data and several operational data. Digital signs have the potential to show in a factory the percentage of risk involved in a task and can encourage employees to work from a safer side. It can augment employee productivity and engagement too.

Alerts & notifications of emergency conditions

Alerts  Notifications Of Emergency Conditions

If organizations and manufacturing industries have live digital signage, it can alert employees of emergencies in addition to immediate steps to follow. In this scenario, digital dashboards can be very specific regarding emergency situations  so that employees can take the safest course of action. Dynamic digital signage systems can easily grab the attention of employees rather than static media. Digital signage can remind employees regarding the relevance of wearing PPE, demonstrate security procedures and highlight potential hazards in the workplace. 

Potential tool of communique

Digital signage is considered as the powerful way to communicate with a deskless workforce of the manufacturing industry. Digital screens can convey and broadcast significant information among employees within a manufacturing industry environment. In scenarios of security malfunctions and power outages, digital signage becomes one of the best tools for communication. Digital screens within the workplace can display urgent notifications, emergency contact information and evacuation routes. 

Employee engagement

Having employees that feel detached from their employer can have a drastic effect on their workline. With the implementation of cloud-based digital signage solution, manufacturing workplaces can effectively handle issues resulting from disengaged employees. Most employees will take assistance from advanced technology to fix communication issues. With Nextbrain’s digital signage solution, organizations can easily create a screen to celebrate employee achievements leading to a positive work environment. Recognitions, monthly awards, conference targets, and quality standards can also be displayed using digital signage. Therefore, it motivates employees to strive for excellence.

Skill development & training 

In addition to employee engagement, workers should get a chance to acquaint themselves with self skill development areas. They are in search of continuous learning opportunities and skill development. More than 47% of frontline workers are in favor of using technology to improve employee training. For instance, a digital signage screen closer to a manufacturing machine can show visual instructions on the ways to operate it efficiently. Various manufacturing companies are using digital signage for upskilling current workers, for providing in-depth training, advertising training workshops and many other purposes. 

Time to rebuild internal communications with Nextbrain

In the 21st century, Nextbrain’s digital signage has proved to be one of the powerful means of communication across various industry sectors. Nextbrain works with a broad spectrum of customers in distinct industries including manufacturing, education, corporate, fitness, retail, hospital, and many more.

Nextbrain digital signage offers :

  • Effective digital screen management platform   
  • Manage multiple screens across multiple locations
  • Potential content management system
  • Secure display of business-critical information
  • Creating a business case for demonstrating ROI of digital signage for organizations.


Digital signage has emerged as one of the game-changing technologies in operational communication specifically in manufacturing industries. Henceforth safety and efficiency are of immense importance. With the help of leveraging the power of real-time information, employee engagement, safety notifications and training, organizations are capable of unlocking the complete potential of the workforce. Right from displaying live KPI data to promoting a safety-first culture, from recognizing employee accomplishments to facilitating training experiences, digital signage solutions have covered most of the arenas enhancing communication cycle within an organization. Having a more informed and productive workforce will help in driving success to manufacturing companies. As the leading development company, Nextbrain adopts a proactive approach to building world-class digital signage solutions for manufacturing businesses. Having served clients globally Nextbrain have experienced developers with effective expertise in creating custom digital signage solutions catering to business requirements. Connect with our expert individuals to have a complete knowledge of the digital signage solution.