6 min readEmerging Mobile App Development Trends in 2022 and Beyond
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  • Nov 18, 2021
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Nowadays mobile apps are constantly changing our daily lives and showing a great impact on our living style. As they are increasingly popular and useful, they are known to be a great opportunity for enterprises as well as startups. Even many industry experts already stated that mobile app development is the fastest growing industry which will be trending in the future also.

With the modern technological advancements and latest inventions in our daily life, it is no way wrong to predict that 2022 is going to be the year of mobile applications for enterprises and many reputed companies. So it is always necessary to get updated with the modern app development trends for creating apps which can add great value to the life of your customers’. 

Popular Mobile App Development Trends in 2022 

There are many emerging trends in mobile app development trending today. Let’s find the most popular mobile app development trends that will set a new benchmark in mobile application development in 2022.

Augmented Reality (AR) 


AR has been used by various reputed organizations and industry leaders. Also, AR offers an interesting advantage to the sellers. The advanced mobile app development trends will include the implementation of AR to provide personalized experiences to the customers.

The sellers will showcase all their services and products in a more captivating and engaging way to attract their customers. Even customers can also analyze how a particular product will look before doing a purchase. AR always provides a win-win situation for buyers as well as sellers.


Due to the coronavirus pandemic many retail stores have undergone a great loss in business and sales. Most businesses are not aware of how to take their business online. Due to this, many businesses are looking for M-commerce as it enables customers to purchase products online from their mobile devices. Most of the app development companies provide custom iOS app development services to improve your online sales.

Voice search, one-click ordering, and omnichannel retail are some of the most common features that most businesses are integrating into their e-commerce portals and mobile apps. It assists them to provide an ultimate hassle-free online experience. If you are looking to integrate M-commerce into your app or to develop a new app, you need to approach a top mobile app development company with expert Android developers aware of the emerging trends in app development.

Mobile Wallets 

Digital wallets like PayPal, Google Pay, and Apple Pay are increasingly used nowadays. Customers are using these as it is a secure, simple, and convenient payment method for making online payments. Mobile users may link their cards and bank accounts to mobile wallets easily for performing various financial transactions like utility bill payments, online shopping, online payments, and more.

Hence, businesses and brands focus more on integrating mobile wallet features in their business apps. Many industry experts state that mobile wallets will be used rapidly when compared to traditional payment methods.

Biometric authentication and Facial recognition 


Biometric authentication and facial recognition in mobile app development mean identifying users of mobile apps by their facial recognition or biometric authentication. The mobile development trend is redefining mobile app security. There are many online payment solutions like Google Pay, Paypal, etc.

utilize biometric technology and facial recognition for identifying users to offer them next-level security and protection. Many users are implementing face or fingerprints to log safely into accounts or apps. This assists in providing an additional layer of protection and security to the users.


Beacons are wireless devices which broadcast any signal in the region of the person who is carrying it. If a user with the Beacon comes to a certain range, then the beacon will broadcast details about nearby public transport, shops or other areas that the customer has chosen for exploring.

There is an International Telecommunications Union which established certain standards to identify the radio frequency of beacon devices. Even phones and sensors that talk to each other in real-time are integrated in this concept.


There are many new innovations of wearable devices from industry leaders like Google and Samsung. Smartwatches, various smart devices, fitness bands, and other devices continue to get a lot of market share. But, watch manufacturers need to invest a lot in display technologies for retaining users’ attention.

In 2022, smartwatches are going to evolve from fitness and health devices to all-purpose products. Next-gen smartwatches are having a great range of abilities that may reach beyond monitoring heart rate and tracking steps.

5G Technology 


5G mobile connectivity is a next-gen wireless technology which certainly improves along with virtual reality and augmented reality applications. The 5G mobile networks will support the 5G wireless speed and offer fiber-optic internet connectivity that allows augmented reality and virtual reality content to be easily viewed on any device.

Some of the popular smartphones with 5G support are already launched and widely used by many people. These are even more customizable and powerful. Almost all users nowadays are willing to have robust 5G connectivity to have an ultimate user experience.

Folding Screens

Folding screens is the important mobile app development trend that is transforming the mobile app industry presently. There are many mobile phones with foldable displays which are trending in the market. So mobile app developers need to adopt the latest trend to build robust apps which can work ultimately even on folding displays.

The emergence of app development with a folding screen feature has given rise to many changes in the interface of mobile apps every time the user opens or folds the mobile device. It is necessary to optimize the mobile apps for folding screens to assist brands in improving their business efficiency. 


Due to the technological advancements in mobile apps, the app development industry is evolving constantly and coming up with advanced development approaches and the latest trends. Nextbrain Technologies is the most reputed mobile app development company in Toronto, Canada adopting advanced trends and implementing emerging technologies to build high-quality and scalable mobile applications.