6 min readHow To Determine The Cost to Build a Website for a Small Business?
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  • Nov 19, 2021
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The website of a company or brand is the online forefront where you operate online or even offline. However, when it comes to website building, you need to consider investing in website design. As online store websites are becoming popular, many businesses have opted for online websites. The online platforms have the potentiality to be successful and reach out to a prospective market base.

Have you ever wondered why the online website strategy is adopted by most business marketers? Looking forward to creating a website for your small business prospect? In this context, we have given a detailed analysis of the different factors that will impact the cost of building a website.      

The way of building a website and performing a website design from scratch is not everyone’s cup of tea. Subsequent to conducting the analysis, several different processes are followed such as planning, researching, expert designers, advanced technology, tools and improved techniques. This blog will delineate the factors to build a website for small businesses. 

The Average Cost To Create Website for Small Business

Certain factors affect the ultimate cost of building a website for a small business such as features, functionality, add ons, hosting, domain and many more. The ultimate cost of creating a website for a small business is $2000 to $12000. This cost budget is set by looking into the design aspects, website hosting, and building your website as per size, features, and complexity.

Searching for the top designing company for creating your website design? Nextbrain is the top web design company in Toronto, Canada that offers effective web design services to customers with cutting-edge technologies and strategies. The team comprises web designers who have worked on different types of projects and have many years of expertise in creating business-centric websites with unique designs that are user-friendly and mobile-friendly.   

Important Factors Influencing Web Design Costs 

A significant section of aspects stands responsible for determining the cost of creating website design. In this context, we have laid out a list of factors affecting the designing cost of a website for a small business such as domain name, website hosting, add ons, SSL certificates, web designing, number of pages, functionality and CMS (content management system).

Domain name

Nbcanada Domain Name

The domain name plays an integral role in setting your brand identity. A domain name is planned as per the business name or close to the company. For instance, Microsoft resides at microsoft.com. There are other options in which you can purchase a domain name that is similar to your business name.       

Web Hosting

Hosting is a basic requisite for creating websites to represent your business’s web address on the internet. In the case of self-hosted websites, one can have ample freedom to create web designs in their own way. From creating a user-friendly design to grabbing unlimited sales, payment gateway integration and sales, your web hosting assists in many ways.

Web hosting may range from $24 to $24000 each year. However, for a small business, you can use shared hosting that can cost around $24 to $140 per year. Shared hosting may cost less but it comes with limited server resources. You can upgrade your plan for more resources.

SSL Certificate

Nbcanada Ssl Certificate

SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer certificate that assists in protecting your website and the visitor’s data. This is an optional step however businesses should have that for security and encryption. SSL certificates are capable of protecting customer data from hackers that help in protecting your brand and business. There are times when an SSL certificate comes with a subscription. As per your requirements, you can purchase an SSL certificate that can cost from $0 to $1500 each year. 

Website Designs  

It is relevant to give your business website the top design that will lead it to the important competition in the business scenario. There are options for business owners to opt for purchasing premium templates. As a renowned website development company, Nextbrain offers complete website development and web design services to help in growing your business online.

Coming to small business website design costs, design can vary greatly as required. From creating a sleek look to a high-end layout, our designers have hands-on experience in creating distinctive designs and templates for the homepage, landing pages, product and service page, and contact page. Our company provides a realistic budget after determining the requirements of the business website. It may range from $2000 to $16000 and that too after considering the features, it highly varies. 

Number of Pages

Business websites may range in size and may feature over 100 pages. While small businesses may have fewer pages and from that perspective, it may cost less. A website design and development is a work of proficiency and therefore requires effective expertise of designers to design and develop the web pages.

For websites comprising 1 to 50 pages, it may cost the website to design from $1000 to $5000 and this is the average number of pages for a small business website. The website design team creates a mobile-friendly and user-friendly design by uploading videos, images, pages, and completing by testing the page. 

Functionality of Designs

If you are planning to design a website, the first thing that comes to your mind is the functionality of the features and the website. If it’s your focus on an eCommerce business website, then you need to integrate more capabilities such as online payment gateways, online orders, and functional plans for small businesses. Web design with functional features can range from $2000 to $25000. However, for smaller businesses, it may cost less as the system doesn’t require robust platform systems.

Content Management System

Nbcanada Content Management System

Considering the administrative portal of the website, CMS is the control system with the help of which you can manage the content of the pages, manage the orders, product catalog page, and many others. It is a kind of software that assists businesses to manage, creating, as well as updating website content from time to time. It helps organizations edit and update websites with ease. 

Final Conclusion

Searching for the top website design company for creating a unique website for your small business? Nextbrain is the leading web development and web design company in Canada that has worked with top brands and offered superior quality services and designs to customers.

From robust web solutions to scalable websites, unlimited project scaling to developmental strategies, our experienced web developers are well-skilled to meet new challenges. Our designers implement the top practices and latest technologies for creating robust websites for clients all across the globe.