4 min readExploring the Role of AI in Video Data Analytics for Smart City
Exploring The Role Of AI In Video Data Analytics For Smart City 1

When the entire tech world is undergoing a revolution, so why not the smart cities too? Leveraging intelligence in cities implies increasing the quality of life of its residents. It completely digitalizes the operations in a public city, making the entire landscape smart. In the changing scenario of modern urban development, the integration of AI into the data analytics framework is remodelling the way smart cities operate. Among the multiple applications of AI, footfall analytics and people counting software are the major applications. 

In this article, we are going to delve into the significance of AI-powered data analytics in smart cities. Henceforth, we will focus on the significant components including tenant management, people counting sensors, and retail traffic analysis. AI video analytics are playing a major role as smart cameras can do more than just record and deliver video footage. At Nextbrain, we focus on effective data analytics and AI technology for revolutionizing people counting solutions in a smart city.

Leveraging people counting sensors for embellished insights

People counting software have major data-driven decision-making in smart cities. The sensors use AI algorithms to keep track of the total count of individuals passing through different urban areas. By strategically deploying people-counting technology, smart cities implement invaluable insights into congestion patterns, pedestrian flows, and conversion rates.

Unlocking the potential of footfall analytics for enhanced insights      

Unlocking The Potential Of Footfall Analytics For Enhanced Insights

AI-powered footfall analytics provide deep insights into visitor counting and customer flow dynamics. The data collected from people counting sensors in smart cities can easily discern peak footfall hours. It can get data relating to visitor demographics and popular routes. All these functionalities help in optimizing resource allocation, tailoring marketing strategies, and enhancing infrastructure planning. 

Video surveillance systems are enriching cities to become smart. Henceforth, smart city surveillance areas are not only expanding but going through a major revolution. Advanced video data analysis as part of security has become a major benefit in cities. It helps in preventing assault, theft, and damage to streets. It can benefit the surveillance of pedestrian crossings, help alert emergency services, and identify dangerous situations. 

Apart from offering security,  AI video analytics software helps in mobility by monitoring in real time. At Nextbrain, we have experienced professionals with many years of expertise in creating powerful video analytics software for different sectors. It can help traffic fluidity by monitoring road flows and diminishing congestion. 

Queue management has always been a challenging task for public services. With the installation of video surveillance systems, managing transport queues has become easier, improves the layout of cycle paths, helps maintain compliance and so forth.

Smart building management

With technological innovations, cities are embracing the power of AI to make public spaces smarter. It enables automated crowd counting, occupancy monitoring, heat mapping for crowds and crossline detection. The video data gathered from security surveillance cameras can be analyzed to improve operations and generate actionable insights.  

The effectiveness of AI Video analytics software has reached different corners of the city. With the implementation of smart video technology, one can detect the emergence of fire/smoke coming out from a building or public area. It can trigger alarms quickly by sending emergency alerts to security personnel. This can prevent potential dangers from taking shape.

Behavioral analysis in public places

There are times when it becomes difficult to analyze the behavior of suspicious individuals in public places. This is the scenario when smart video technology comes into play. It analyzes video data in real time by detecting activity patterns and triggering alerts on any suspicious actions. 

Access control can be monitored by utilizing facial recognition to restrict certain site zones. Smart security cameras integrated with AI video analytics for smart cities help in improving public place safety. 

Smart traffic monitoring & parking management

All across the globe, traffic operators are finding it challenging to manage crowds during rush hours. A huge number of people are wasting important time every day in traffic jams and slow-moving traffic. Outdoor cameras equipped with AI video analytics assist continuously in monitoring traffic and detecting other issues. 

With smart parking management of AI applications, it has become easier to reduce queue times by identifying occupancy and available space. The technology implementation can lead to improved parking area management.  Additionally, it helps in data-driven planning and automated control of traffic lights and digital speed limits.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

The Future of Camera Surveillance Systems

The digital era is progressively demonstrating more security cameras in our cities today. From the outset, they were installed for security purposes and now they are associated with data analysis tools. Surveillance can be found across different areas in a smart city for different purposes such as citizen comfort, accident prevention, and environmental purposes. 


With each passing time, smart cities are continuously evolving. Right from optimizing congestion flow to revolutionizing retail strategies, Footfall analytics powered by AI has major functionalities. As the leading video analytics software development company, Nextbrain harnesses the power of footfall analytics to unveil new levels of sustainability. AI-powered data analytics have empowered organizations with improved decision-making and real-time control. Data analytics from servers to cameras diminishes infrastructure and data volume transferred.