5 min readHow people counting can influence libraries and museums– Detailed analysis
How People Counting Can Transform Libraries And Museums

Physical libraries are designed to accommodate a certain number of people within a timeframe. It has become extremely relevant for libraries to embrace the digital age. With technological advancement, libraries can act as a tool to enable the community to grow with technology. It can provide technology to those who cannot afford to access it on their own. In this scenario, people counters can assist libraries in comprehending how many people are utilizing the space at any given time. By analyzing the data gathered from people counters, libraries can adjust space utilization to better serve patrons and optimize staffing. 

In this article, we have set forth several reasons why people counters can transform libraries and museums creating a digital way to look at things. People counting solutions record the number of people visiting your library and museum. 

Table of contents

  • Introduction
  • What is the People counting system for museums & libraries? 
  • How do people counting systems for libraries & museums work?
  • Why do libraries need a people-counting system?
  • Why Choose Nextbrain’s People Counting Solution?
  • Final thought

What is the People counting system for museums & libraries?

A people counting system is an AI-supported reporting software that enables users to collect visiting statistics, assess marketing activities’ effectiveness and compare historical data with the actual count of visitors in a library or museum. With people going digital these days, libraries ought to seek digital counting systems to streamline their daily operations. Knowing the number of visitors entering and exiting the library premises enables the library authority to automate counting without errors.     

Having data gathered from people counters about people entering and exiting premises, libraries can optimize resources. It can comprehend the hotspots, popular areas, usable resources, and many more. To get a complete overview of the statistics of foot traffic, it is important to install people counting software.

How do people counting systems for libraries & museums work?

Installed at the entrance of the library, AI-enabled are capable of gathering information and delivering statistical data to a server having network access. Door counters enable libraries to learn which entrances are used most in addition to the departments. It can be installed above each room, seating area, and facility. 

Why do libraries need a people-counting system?

Different types of statistics are available for the number of people visiting libraries. As many library resources are digital now, it becomes quite challenging to determine the exact number of people visiting the library. The intervention of people counters gives your library a way to track whoever enters and exits the premises. Therefore, it helps in keeping a record of the count.

Here’s an overview of the reasons why AI video analytics is becoming increasingly popular among a varied range of industries. 

Make informed business decisions

Footfall counters are capable of tracking which entrances and rooms people are using mostly for improved allocation of resources. It helps in making informed decisions on time. Door counters enable library management to identify areas of light traffic, heavy traffic and peak hours. Comparing these traffic numbers of distinct areas lets users understand the most accessed areas during the day. 

Measuring the results of library programs

With the process of analyzing data from people counters, library management can keep track of the impact of events, programs, and outreach efforts. In the scenario of events, a people counter can track the total number of people attending the event and analyze how it impacted library usage. It can administer libraries with essential data that can assist them manage resources, understanding space utilization, planning for expansion, as well as measure the impact of library programs. 

Keep in compliance

At the end of the day, month or year, maintaining a proper statistics report is necessary for the reporting board of a library or an organization. In addition to providing accurate information regarding the usage of facilities and resources, people-counting software can be a game-changer for libraries. Traffic reports generated from a people-counting system enable libraries to administer exact data. With people counting data, libraries find it easier to share foot traffic data reports with the officials. 

Comprehending space utilization

A library should be designed in a way to accommodate a certain number of people. Footfall counters enable library facility managers to calculate space utilization seamlessly. With valuable metrics, AI-enabled people-counting systems provide realistic data that can be analyzed to recognize inefficiencies in operations. 

Keeping track of traffic trends and person-to-space occupancy ratios is one of the biggest functionalities of a footfall counter. It assists in managing authorities to improve business performance, secure funding and optimize labor by making better-informed decisions. 

Getting insightful data requires an exact measurement of what people are doing within a specific space. The common metrics include overall square footage, overall staff occupancy, overall visitor traffic, average peak usage, average peak frequency, visit ratio to staff, and many more.

Why Choose Nextbrain’s People Counting Solution?

Why Choose Nextbrain’s People Counting Solution 1

With potential cost savings across staff optimization, footfall tracking automation, and identification of new opportunities, people counters can do wonders leveraging Artificial Intelligence rather than just counting patrons.

  • Understand visitor’s journey: Visitor counting data assists you in identifying the high-performing areas and areas for improvement depending on visitor dwell times.
  • Optimize staff scheduling: Utilize historical data of visitor numbers to smartly deploy staff allowing cost-savings improvements.  
  • Maximize opportunities: One can easily analyze visitor movement to identify the best location opportunities for the library.                
  • Improve visitor experience: It enables effective visitor experience administering a vital boost to revenue that should be maximized.       
  • Schedule maintenance: The advanced technology helps in scheduling maintenance even outside of official hours.

Final thought

Libraries are evolving day by day and digital advancements can transform them significantly. Nextbrain’s people counting software for libraries is a great solution for museums and libraries. In a competitive scene, it is relevant to keep updated with the latest technologies. Ready to get started? Connect with our professionals to know more about AI-enabled people counting solutions.